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DAY 10… NaPoWriMo.


heart n pink hand N FLAMESlittle

There is no mistaking the way energy radiates

from everything and everyone laying trails

of Spike and tidal wave, of sooth, and grace.


There is no telling how your vulnerable self

will make guard or open to the incoming

and how the ripples of other, quakes your sea


There is no saying when the roll of it might hit

lay you flat to a false wall left standing

or give rise to the pull and want of more


There is no knowing except in that intuitive sense

when that cone of protection imagined

holds you sealed, contained from the distraction


There is little wonder how we make it through

a day, an hour, the occasional minute

with so much seething vibration around us.


All of us here in the flurry and chaos

All of us here in the gentle and peaceful

All of us here getting by, wondering why

Dissolving in the bombardment of the endless

dynamic of energy, ever present, ever Being


There is no escaping It

We are It.

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I trace her lips with my fingers

The sky of her meets the earth of me

Then the soft drift of her stare

brings on the night


And my earth let the tremble rise up

with the soft conjunction of skin to skin

Of finger tips to wanting lips


A slow, ease of motion in one  heart shaped line

That needs, wants to feel lips to lips


We kiss


The tenderness finds the race of the heart

In slow persistence we find our way

of how the tongue scribes the hunger

and the body yields as one


Desire’s moments pulsing flesh to flesh

Melting the two to one as lips become fingers

That trace the curves and shallows.


Making moist the place of want

How  together sets us free


We  kiss


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The Scent of You

Day 8 of NaPoWriMo. 




It doesn’t matter where you come from.

It’s that you come and waft over me

A caress across my face I find my breath

A breeze over the back of my neck

A spiral around and in front of me

Filling me up with the scent of you


The unexpected intoxication

I dare not move but to inhale deeply

Closing my eyes as I take you in

Floral musk, an ambrosia of a time ago

Sure it is you cloaked in invisibility

A dimensional rift, a crack opened


For a moments longing in a heady swirl

All to do is to give into the swooning high

Allow it to find the sweet settle of mystery

That reminds me that we are never separate

In these quantum layers of Being

You passing me by in the meadow of your life

Me, sitting here in this chair at the rise of my day


I hope you inhale all me in our passing

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day 7.. napowrimo..

woman on butterfly

Come slide into me

Ease your presence all over me

Quicken heart’s hunger


Quicken heart’s hunger

In want of naked longing

Lips tracing moist curves


Lips tracing moist curves

Hidden places open wide

Be my greatest dive


Be my greatest dive

Long gone are the shallows keep

Come slide into me

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The Hard and EAse of Flow

adams mouth hurrican2


Flow is not working

Paradox of opposites

Oxymoron sky


And then some


There is sense to a flow

that gives to a natural ease

When going with the flow

finds calm in each moment


Till the application of Hard comes

And what was finding ease

Finds velocity by disruption


or maybe worse


Stagnation pools at your feet

wrapped in a morbid stench

of passivity going no-where

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