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12/12/2012  = 11.

Strength, integration of what you feel, intuit, to what you know or perceive to be.  The courage to take action on behalf of ‘right action’.  Stepping into your fear.  Doing it scared.

The picture depicts the lay out I have choosing, set to a spiral with the Center card, ‘Strength’, the final card represents Me, as the Star card.

Here is the story as I choose to tell it on this day of heightened energy, and an opportunity to collectively gather to bring Light and Love deeper into the Earth and those of us who share and steward Her.


Heave to Earth

Heave to Earth

It is with courage and Strength I enter this day.  Allowing my fears to rise and be what they are, knowing at some core level they are meaningless and self sabotaging.  That at the center of me; my heart, my Soul, I am fearless and willing to follow this spiral to my highest self as a conduit of Light and Love, to know and bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven. (The Star)

I allow the wise voice of my inner Priestess to remind me that I already know what ‘lays beyond the veil’.  It is a mystery that I have I always known and now realize..  I Emerge with my eyes wide open, awakening to what I now know is my true connection to ‘The tree of Life’, which I have been waiting patiently and sometime impatiently on, as I journey deeper into my spiritual core that is of and within the Infinite Universe.

I remember my deep connection to Earth and all creation, and that I am One with it All.  I am a co-creator in manifesting, communicating, in a passionate, heart felt exchange on this journey to understanding my spiritual purpose in this life.

That I am willing to be vulnerable; a holder of Light as I support the magnificence of the evolving and unfolding of how I imagine and pray for the highest good of Earth, and us all during these times that Love is the breath and depth of my highest good.

In the ‘no matter what’ of it All.  I am now and here.

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This is a day of sharing questions.  Maybe not so poetic, and yet there is poetry in the beauty of finding an answer that settles into your heart and soul.  Finding an answer that expands the Light  and Lightness of deep wisdom, maybe even ancient wisdom that resides in all of us.  There is no necessary in answering these questions.  A little provocation in stirring the inner pot of you that might desire a little stir.  One thing I feel and know at some very core level, really, a very heart and soul level, is that huge change is upon us.  Can you feel it?  Take a minute, if you so wish, and let yourself notice that feeling.

I notice a quickening of time.  I notice shifts in the air, the earth, the smell of things.  A sort of trembling that goes up my feet from the land, nature, it shimmies ever so minutely. 

 path in the clouds

When you sit quietly with yourself, what does your body tell you is ‘right action’ for you?

Do you embrace the possibility that Love is the healing answer to all negativity?

What might that feel/look like for you?

What if Global warming is what the Earth needs to shift/evolve? 

Do you imagine that the Earth, as a living sentient Being, shifts and evolves?

What might that mean in your perspective?

How do you shift/evolve?

In what ways can you bring more peace into your days?

How will you love yourself a little bit more today?

What one small thing might you do to expand the love in your heart?

Do you listen to what the love in your heart has to say?

What is your truth?


Thanks for visiting.  Thanks for listening.  Thanks for going in just a little deeper

Love and light Always.



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I want the Earth to change.  To have  her re-birthing in transformational expansion of tranquility and peace

I want to re-story her glory to be the giant sphere of Green and shimmering sea and rapturously blue sky.

Earthscaped like she looks  from out in space, all glorious and floating and swirling.

Suspended perfectly in alignment with her orbital galactic brothers and sisters tilting in and out.

Swinging around the Fiery Sun in perfect harmony of elemental bliss and sustainability.


I want Harmony and Peace, and the clean air that gives to clear thinking and fresh inhales and warm exhales

Where the duality of dark and light has no fight in the re-union of each others shared moments.

A ecstatic way of Being within perfect alignment of Enlightened hearts and minds Unified.

On the green mossy grass of a forest floor where we lay our love down under the canopy of trees and blue.

And let the pulse of us beat and tremble in the enchantment of Love everlasting.


I hold sacred to the Ab-soul-lute Divine essence that abides within you and me beyond understanding

As the Earth makes her Shift in the agreements laid before time was declared to the yes we made lifetimes ago.

In the here and now  transforming each moment forgotten to be remembered as you choose it.  You choose.

With your awakening purpose and power to sustain Light and Love.  To sustain Light and Love.

We are the Ones.  We are One under the Sun and Moon on Earth ascending and remembering.








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A contemplative morning.  Holding the awareness of letting the busy mind not take over too much of my peace.  Gathering to my highest good, the joy of noticing without judgement or correction.   I have my fingers crossed.

Time chants illusion

yesterdays and tomorrows

Gone, not here, Be now

Gaia gives rumble

Tidal waves of sweat and tears

She births a new Way

The the nature of you

Joyful, volatile, seasoned

Is being natural

You are all ready

Here, there, and now

You forgot yourself

In stillness you know

Beyond the inner mind noise

Peace is Loves way home

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