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The Hard and EAse of Flow

adams mouth hurrican2


Flow is not working

Paradox of opposites

Oxymoron sky


And then some


There is sense to a flow

that gives to a natural ease

When going with the flow

finds calm in each moment


Till the application of Hard comes

And what was finding ease

Finds velocity by disruption


or maybe worse


Stagnation pools at your feet

wrapped in a morbid stench

of passivity going no-where

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GIVING PAUSE… a pantoum

This pantoum poem is from a prompt from Christine, The Abbess of  www.Abbeyofthearts.com .  The prompt is: A reflective question:  Where do you find space for silence and solitude so that you can listen to whisperings within?

Those of  you that visit my poetry blog have probably noticed I have a ‘thing’ for pantoums.  There is this magic that happens for me when I write them.  I don’t know where each line will pull me in the repeat, and then I get to return to where I started from in the end.  I don’t edit much, if at all.  They are kinda what just happens for me in the journey of them.  Again, that’s how I find some magic and revealing of something a little deeper for myself.

Anyway… I hope you enjoy this one.




Silent whispers pause yearning to be heard

In the Down beat, in the up beat, in the heart beat

Wrapped in quietude there is wait for the soft voice

Settling, slowing, allowing the deep listening


In the down beat, in the up beat, in the heart beat

That silence  between beat and pause glistens

Settling, slowing, allowing the deep listening

The now in the forever after always waits


That silence between beat and pause glistens

There is radiance in the soft voice of the heart

The now in the forever after always waits

You continue to be the One Spirit is waiting for


There is radiance in the soft voice of the heart

A pause for breath’s chance to deepen the attention

You continue to be the One Spirit is waiting for

What better time can there ever be than right now


A pause for breath’s chance to deepen the attention

Wrapped in quietude there is wait for the soft voice

What better time can there ever be than right now

Silent whispers pause, yearning to be heard


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Yes against all Odds

Heart hand n mouth

A futile No rises to all that is Yes

When the battered down starves

The slow climb back to the good self


Such thirst for that dried cracked tongue

That has let silence erode life’s sweetness

Drained the landscape of the self, desert dry


If only the clouds could burst from

Eyes that lost their tears long ago

Despair took all the wet hope of Yes away


The river is not that far of a crawl

Let that last stir of Yes stand you tall

And run naked from the barren hostile


Of your doubt and terror that holds you

Hostage, make the relent a heart’s truth

Lay your Yes against fear’s hard No


Rises to the Yes that has always marked

The Champions highest quest

To the Grail that’s never been


Further away than right here

Close to the soul’s truth and

The promise of every moment

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In the cave dark and deep

Cold gives lies to what is thought lost

The heat of the heart was pulled

to the North where winter held her

Hostage to the frigid deceit


A flickered shiver of a flame

on a breath of a whisper of green

Takes in the inhale of Spring

remembering the call of the Sun


Pushing up from the dark and deep

On hands and knees crawling

on ancient bed rock out reaching

for the light.  Pulled to the east

with morning’s waking yawn


And you stand up tired of sleep

Tired of of the dark cold cave

Raising open arms like buds

unfolding to the Sun’s illumination

In the quick blind, on the first

inhale of life’s arousal back to yourself

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Haiku for these Days.

Wholy Grail.

Wholy Grail.

Make all your days Good

Each moment a resurrection

The Full moon rises

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This a summer of…

Wholy Grail.

Wholy Grail.

This is a summer of gathering

letting go, remembering,

moving, finding a new groove


This is summer of fear found

fear release, surrendering.

making space for new possibilities


This is a summer of edges

pushed, hanging on for dear life.

standing in the Center.


This is a summer of startled resistance

Deepening into the forever after of

when Oneness calls to the let it all go


This is a summer when angst

outgrew herself for peaceful resolution

On fresh pages freed for a new story


This is a summer when what needed 

to get together got to together in the 

seamless love given by others.


This is a summer of gratitudes fruition

When to give is to receive and to

receive fills the giving cup


This is a summer when the heart prism 

finds the clarity in the crystal

Catching all light in her opening


This is a summer still happening

in the calm of moments accepted 

In the trust of how the Infinite unfolds




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drink freely from life’s giving

I ‘stole’ this line from from Abbey of the Arts, Christine Valters Paintner.  www.abbeyofthearts.com

The original sentence is this;  “Drink freely from the life you have been given.”  I made it ‘mine’ by changing it a bit.  If you have time, give her website a visit.  There is something very special about Christine.




Drink freely from life’s giving

Fill up on sweetness that is not hiding

Listen to the breeze give her story

Air is every where with her knowing


Drink freely from life’s giving

Ease slow into the receiving

Feel vast the heart’s voice

Oneness is not wandering


Drink freely from life’s giving

Expand into The Way flowing

Know duality will find it’s Oneness

The Earth joins in the evolving


Drink freely from life’s giving

Belief will bring the seeing

Release what holds too hard

Light the way for us searching.




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I was asked by one of my online teachers, Christine, from Abbey of the Arts, to consider a word to dedicate to this year.  A word that might embrace a feeling I have, or need to deepen in.  A word that might challenge me, or call me out to me to pay attention to.  A word that gives play and intention to my daily practice of breathing and Being Here Now.

For me, it was about what calls to me, to ‘own’ in my daily journey, to remind me of what will bring me ‘home’.  Tho’ I do believe I am already ‘home’ at the deepest heart of myself, I don’t always have a sense of that in the busy of the world around and within me.  Living is such a distraction and all of you are so interesting.

I chose the word,  ‘Stillness’.  Maybe it chose me.  What I can tell you about the feeling that rises for me when I think of stillness, is how hard it feels to embrace it.  I have lots of wonderful idea about what ‘stillness’ is and how important it feels to be in my life.   I can think myself in and out of stillness very adeptly.

Winter stillness goes like this….  It looks like an entire forest ladened with snowy branches and hardly a track on the snow covered carpet.   It tastes like a lick laid down on the heavy snow that bears down a pine branch.   It feels like me laying down on that carpet of a gagillion snowflakes and making an angel in slow motion.  All of it rests in my thinking about it, imagining what that quiet ‘stillness’ might be.

Can I be still, undisturbed, calm, tranquil?  Good Lord, why did I pick ‘stillness’?  Choice can be changed.  I tried, sort of.     Some stubborn, tenacious part of me refused to make another choice.  Stick with that word, ‘stillness’, see where it lead you. See what comes up for 365 days of absorbing what it is or isn’t.  Maybe, find the stillness that connects me deeper to my spiritual journey.  Ok Ok… Alright already.  Stillness it is.

snow angel


Stillness calls for my stewardship

Tells of times once remembered

In the ever beat of my heart’s desire

Longing to live in peaceful countenance

Listening deep beyond the idle chatter

Nearing my quest for home remembering

Ever present when I give myself to quietude

Simple in the ever presence of breathing

Stillness gives it watch over me


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contemplative haiku

Hiya… I’m back from the north, where there is more snow here than there.  mmmm.   Just plain freezing cold without the beauty and wonder of a snowy landscape.  Kinda weird.

Last night when I settled into being home I went to one of the Websites I visit, Abbey of the Arts.  www.abbeyofthearts.com.  Christine has a way of sharing herself and her spirituality that touches me.  Her God is an inclusive God. She has a tender way of expressing herself that touches my heart and her Path is very inviting to me.  She practices the ‘contemplative arts’.    This week she sent out a poem by Hafiz, a 14th century Persian mystic.  I share it with you.

Just sit here

Right Now

Don’t do a thing

Just rest

For your separation

from God

is the hardest work

in the world




It has only been in the last year or so that I can feel any comfort in using ‘God’ in my conversations about my spirituality.  God for me has always been very patriarchal and Christian exclusive.  Not very inclusive of what, for me, is the Oneness of All things.   I like to use, Source, Oneness, Goddess, Spirit, and now I can include God and not feel the restriction I have felt most of my life.  It’s a good thing.  I feel more inclusive myself now that I don’t shudder hearing and using God within a conversation.

Her classes our lovely and I hope to take another in the near future.  I DO wish to find a more contemplative life.




Centered, still, quiet

Rest in the silence of heart

Spirit awaits you


Hear snowflakes falling

Quiet is the greet to Earth

Soft blanket to land


Yield to silence call

Make way for heart to hear deep

Listen as God speaks


Include it All ways

Choose the lightness of living

Be at peace with you







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