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Alphabet get away

19 April 2019

NaPoWriMo.net has invite us poets to a prompt that is a stylized one.  An abecedarian poem.  What is that, right?  Well, what it is is using the entire alphabet , where A-Z is what starts each line.   And here it goes.

One way in.. or out

Avoiding the chatter of ‘who’s got it right’

Basically preferring to not get involved

Choosing words carefully can be exhausting

Deciding to remove any chance of that possibility

Even when the pull to let it have me is strong

Feeling into the timing, when not being noticed

Gives me the opportunity to exit without a dive in

Honestly, I haven’t the energy to make good this banter

Joining in has yet to prove itself a worthwhile decision

“Keep it real’ is my inner dialogue repeat

Likely my ‘real’ will not be welcome in the messy 

Mix of whose Righteous shit is the best righteous shit

Nobody wins in the this kind of back n’ forth

Oblivious to each other’s opinion the rants escalate 

Power hungry for the last word drags them all on

Quietly, I let myself grow small and unseen

Relaxing into the wall like I’m the wall itself

Slip out the back door into the flickering night sky

Taking in the fresh clean darkness in silence

Urgency slides into the shadowed light

Vision becomes clear with each step into the night

While I feel the tug of my own rightness dissipate

‘X’  marked in glitter nail polish marks the top of the gate

Youth has a way of finding a way out of places

Zeroing in on the ‘x’, I make my final get away.


Ownership, jeanne adwani


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