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Find Me

15 June 2019,  Saturday.

self expression

Find Me


Let all the self of you be known

Be seen as the oracle of your soul

Make your wander into the Grail 

  that is your heart filling  

Celebrate your sovereignty


Find me


In-Flame my heart

Clear all thoughts away 

   with your body

Pour all your self into my womb

Celebrate my sovereignty


Find me


Wholly Holy Whole are we

Born of the same breath

Filled with the living waters

  of the heart

Bone to muscle, to skin on skin

Flames that fire the force of Spirit

Sovereign Being’s searching


Find Me


jeanne adwani.. cc. 

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30 April 2019



This last Poem for the month of NaPoWriMo (30 poems in 30 days, of which I completed) is inspired by a Jill Badonsky prompt.  

“ What impossible magnificence do you wish to grow up to be?”


Magnificences is the healing calm of my breath

With the sure swift shift of fear to peace with my smile

I grow into that knowing, more like a remembrance

Of an ancient time when breath and smiles were the sooth

The gentle balm that floats and flows over us all in joy

A sweet exhale and the glisten of those pearly whites give ease

Give a shivering giggle that is caught on the wind

And is carried on the breath of everyone.

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white pine forest

Day 3… NaPoWriMo.net


A cry, a call, a want?

There is easy in blocking out

    the smells and sounds of surroundings

In the sensorial complexity of Awareness

Missing the small voice, the delicate whisper,

    the hushed wail of hungry yearning

So quiet that only in silence might

    our senses notice


And maybe there is no sound to the human

    ear, but a aching wisp of breeze that surrenders

    the cry, the call, the want to a tender caress

    only recognized for our own need to be heard,

To be touched

To be noticed

Because the voice of you fails in your lack of trust

Your forgotten sovereignty,

Your forgotten wholeness.

You forgot yourself connected


And Yet there you are

Standing serene and tall, budding out

     in Spring’s early show, willing in the repeat

The roots of you reaching, reaching

     in the quiet cool underground of life force

Seeking in the cool dark earth for others

     in the weave of this capillary life of remembrance

      in this rooted stability of ancient knowing


I witness you

I see you, 

I feel the tender roots of you

Your budding excites me

Your Courage is mine

Your call, your cry, your want

is of us all

I hear you

I am You

I am that.




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Love, A Full Moon, and Alchemy

A Full Moon and a Happy Love Fest day to you.  Really, let’s make everyday a Love Fest day.

The number for this day is ’14’ and for the numerology purists, it’s a ‘5’ day.  I’m holding to the ’14’ with the influence of that ‘5’ because as a Tarot Card enthusiast, I like to be able to include all the Major Arcana cards when they give their call to be heard.

’14’, in the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite deck  is called Temperance while some other decks call this card ‘Art’, ‘Alchemy’.  Whatever you choose, what I feel and know of this card, among the many stories that live in it, is that it is an invitation into the magic of mixing the unlikely with the impossible and making something amazing.  Finding out that what you didn’t think would work works or that what you thought might work doesn’t and you try again.  There is beauty and information in the creation of mistakes.  There is beauty and magic in the information of experimentation.

On this Full Moon, Valentines day, I invite you to open your heart and feel the flow of Love enter your day/week/life  to the possibility that what you thought/believe was impossible, really is an opportunity to mix it up and find the wonder and creative beauty in the unlikely.  Love may be right there waiting for you to notice.


full moon on the Dease

full moon on the Dease




Mix the unlikely in the pot of love

Let the impossible find the heart’s center

Give temper to the knelling in the heat of it

Passion calls and will you listen to the deep


Let the impossible find the heart’s center

There is not a time that love is not waiting for you

Passion calls and will you listen to the Deep

Fire and water will find their match


There is not a time that love is not waiting for you

All corners of the Universe seek Love’s light

Fire and water will find their match

Burn and flow with the improbable


All corners of the Universe seek Love’s light

Give temper to the knelling in the heat of it

Burn and flow with the improbable

Mix the unlikely in the pot of love.






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Magic.  Alchemy.  My morning fills up with thoughts of it.

Tingles that ripple like feathered wind

over skin with an of inhale of wet moss on

a forest floor with a hint of rose and puppy paw


Trees gather my heart beat as I take

the long path home through the woods land

Drumming the beat of my life in your soles


The lake begs for the cast of a pebble to make

a vortex pulse up and out for a wrinkle of story time

that splashes cool on my feet spiraling heart-ward


In the dive to deep where breath has no hold

and my slick body quivers for the longing

swim where waves of gossip bubble their giggle


And by blood is of all the fluid flow of dirt

and wind, rock and skin, death and life

molten earth and New moon night’s starlight


When the call of crow and hawk shape-shift me

to fill my vision with what is seen in the far away

as I glide serene in the soar through the big blue


Where Heaven’s song calls her celestial enchantment

of harmony and bliss as I wing my way to her chant.

An open vessel. For the Holy Grail has found me at last




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