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Autumn Mabon

23 SEPT 2019

Ode to Autumn


She makes a moist entrance

Still feeling the Summer green of herself

with blooms filling her senses 

And harvest already giving to be received


She is a little care-less, a little nonchalant 

in the how soon of spicing us up in russets 

And golds, in the heart of her fire reds

and the becoming orange of green not

yet ready.


She will become a stellar show of her season 

of radiant bliss in the ever ongoing cycle 

of her presenting vivid aliveness

She returns unattended 

She is a follower after all.


Sister Summer begs her to stay 

in the green and blooms

Asking for her to wait a little

longer in the predictability of her

coming around again dressed to kill


The renegade in her thinks to hold

the season at bay from the request

of her beloved SisterGreen and Light

Letting the heat and rains linger

In the verdancy and lusciousness


And then…the inevitable rises in her

She asks the Sun to take his distance

And the trees to make way for quietude

in their letting go of summer days

She invites in the glory of the harvest 


The sweet crunch of apples.

The rake of Summer’s release

The cool winds rising from the north

And the hungry want of Winter’s breath

Nipping at wings to to fly south


Falling into the  quietude of regeneration 

to rise again in the inevitable cycle of 

Birth, Death, Life in patterns repeat

Calling you to surrender, let go, release

Deepen into the peace of silence



copyright jeanne adwani

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21 sept 2011    >  16/7   >  Tower/chariot


How do you secure the foundation upon which you rest?

What keeps you focused and grounded in this world?

What ‘calls’ you to take action for betterment of your community?


The first full day of Autumn will lay herself to the land Thursday.  Can you feel her ride on the wind?  Can you feel the smell of her on the Earth?  The leaves are changing rapidly, and the chill in the air has been pushing in for a couple of weeks.  With all the rain, I hope we get a beautiful  Indian Summer.


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Summer meets her Autumn

Verdant meets her spice

Harvest meets her plow


Persephone hears the call of her lover

Hades welcomes Spring for his keeping

Demeter weeps.


A day of equality and honoring

of leaving and becoming

A pattern, a circle, a revolution


The season welcomes the call

Gives her gifts of abundance

prepares for rest in the winter white.


Seasons cycle again and again

The greening, the flowering,

the fruit gathered, the silence.


What have you harvested?

What needs doing to give you rest?

What will hold you safe in Winter’s chill?


What seed will you give Persephone, Goddess of Spring, to take beneath the earth to germinate and come to your greening?







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