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Sippy the Coffee… Change … 

A turn of the head in another direction

The noticing of a shadow laid by the Sun

The waft of new mown grass

The touch of a wood fence in passing

Pulling over for a rainbow

Stopping to remove an animal hit

Letting the tears come in pray

Feeling the heart stake claim to love

Corn chip puppy paws with toy demands

Wind in the hair on the beach

The stalk of death on the body of a loved one

A lovers hand and lips on your body

Bills to pay, work to do, conflicts to embrace


Each moment making room for the next

Choices to that lead to variable consequences

Consequence inevitable in decisions

Exchange with another’s agenda 

Your pages flutter in the wind of change

Out the window and down the street

Chasing only scatters them further away

Changes come.  They come again

In caresses. In grief, in deceit, in love

Resistance is futile and there in lies the blessing

When change is your friend, your ally, 

even when it says it isn’t so, So Be it.


Maybe life is a rodeo of broncin’ beasties

And you ride one after the other

To see how long you can stay on

Or… maybe… you notice shadows laid by the Sun

on the Path of least resistance deliberate in the

touching of old wood and filling with the smell

of fresh mowed grass while you remember

the wind in your hair, the joy of a happy puppy

and the sensorial pleasure of loves lips on your body.



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26 august 2011    >   20/11/2   >  Judgement/strength/ priestess


How can you be more accountable?

What is the difference between your intuition and your instincts?

How would you counsel your inner critic?


Up ridiculously early..  Stupid early. ssshhhheeeez.  sippy the caf-fiend.  There is beauty in being awake at the sunrise.  The birds hit their first chirp with a crack of light.  Noisy for a few minutes and then quiet.  Autumn is in the air.  The sky is soft coral, shifting with the rising sun.  It’s peaceful.  sippy more of the fiend.


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Change wins

it’s like gravity

it pulls you into it

pulls you down to it

It will happen


resistance is futile


Change wins

it’s like magic 

it’s everywhere

in everything

it will happen


resistance is futile


Change wins

you can fight it

you can ignore it

you can flow with it

it will happen


resistance is futile


Change wins

be the change you wish to see

Change wins

be the change you wish to be





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