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25 Dec 2019


In the rising breath of the still dark morning

Geese and swans give their constant call

On the lake that moves under the crystalline freeze

To the call of winter’s longing to know silence

Longing to deepen, to let rest that which needs

These cold quiet times to sleep in


Sitting here in the comfort of warmth

In the sparkle of lights scattered around the lake

Listening, feeling, seeing the thin line of coral sky

Break open the day as the languid Sun ascends

Waking the Christmas morning


This declared Holy day gives celebration

To a consciousness born from the Womb of

The Divine feminine, Mary, mother of Christ

Birthing compassion, care, tenderness, kindness.

Birthing a Light to awaken Love, only Love


From the humble heart that speaks softly

An ever present voice that calls you to remember

This Christ consciousness is birthed in you

From the Great Mother’s deep dark womb

It is a gift of magic. An innocent, pure gift of love


The breath of this still morning brings it’s light

Geese and swans continue their morning ritual

The crystalline lake opens a water way

And Winter takes slow to settle into the land

And in my longing, I rest in the knowing

That love, compassion, tenderness and kindness

Make Life a sacrament to living


cc jeanne adwani

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21 April 2019

Eyes closed in the deep darkness

Shiver off the fear of alone

Breathe into the pulsing heart space

Let this space be a w-holy place


Fear can brand with fork and tongue

All of that story line gets ill defined

Breathe into the pulsing heart space

Let this space be a Wholy place


What is it to give reverence to your cathedral

The land of blood, bones, heart and skin

Wholy, Holy, Whole are we in the dark

Holy, wholy, Whole are we in great Light


Rise, awaken, sprout green from winter’s cave

Shimmer in the Sun’s radiant beam

Reverent remembrance of renewal

Be this moment in perfect harmony


Eyes wide open in the silent light

Quivering with love’s life renewal

Breathe into your pulsing heart space

Let this blessed space be your W-Holy place



cc… jeanne adwani

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