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Centered in your breathing

imagine breath filling 

all the places and spaces within


Centered in your body

imagine bone, muscle, and flesh

ready, Strong and steady


Centered in  heart

imagine love flowing

from within going out


Centered in inspiration

imagine taking action

in the passion of creativity


Centered in Spirit

imagine The Infinite

the Wisdom of Source 

your Divine Destiny



6 feb 2012    >  4/13/0   >  Emperor/Death/Fool

 Today’s invitation or your birthday’s yearly out look might  be consider in this way… Endings and new beginnings; the consideration of how you will build your ‘castle’, its form and structure, its rules and security.  It will also be a year/day to remember to find the joy and pleasure in foolishness and to let ‘acting the fool’ bring you to a deeper understanding of letting go and letting life fill you in the moment, unburdened by ‘stuff’ and thoughts’ to know pure joy.

How might you give yourself to letting go of what doesn’t serve your life and create what does?

Is it time to rearrange the physical aspects of your life and what does that mean to you?

What is one playful experience that you’d really like to have?



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I made A dish for my people

Luck in a pot for the taking

Butterfly wings of pasta

Transformation for the belly

Olives off the branch of peace

Sweet corn for the tribes sustenance

Roasted French green beans

for the ‘just because’ I can

I rolled and chopped the Tomatoes

for the giving of hearts to share

Leaves of spicy arugula and basil

Bits of green onion for our flare

Balsamic from the mother lode

Agave for the healing

I stirred and mixed it up

for All the luck I would be giving

in this Pot of sharing.


5 feb 2012    >   3/12/21   >  Empress/HangedOne/Universe


Today is your birthday or a day to be enjoying.  The Empress invites you to her feast of Creativity, The HangedOne speaks to considering life from a new perspective, the Universe is the portal you stand at deciding how you will step into your life.

Sit quiet if you may… What does your creative self have to tell you?

What might you consider looking at from a new perspective?

As you sit in this quiet place,  What in your life invites you to take a chance and trust it will all be well?

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Sippy the coffee… The morning rituals nearly done then off for a shower and to work.  I light a candle for my loved ones, and for peace on Earth. I let what needs saying wander around and through me as I prepare to share here this morning.  I really didn’t want to ‘go here’ and yet, here it is….I give myself to the pondering of what motivates someone to bring closure to their life.  I love life and living.  I get that living isn’t for everyone for a many reasons.   Perhaps, life feels like it’s a Stalker, an invasive, obsessive force that seeks control without joy, rather than a life that feels like a joyous chase of possibilities.  I dedicate this morning to John and his loved ones.


Life was a Stalker

A crush of  joyless living

Spring will green again


Find peace in death’s want

Despair released in closure

You are love Divine


Choice to consequence

Endings bring new beginnings

Birth, life, death, again


Was she calling you?

Did your arms ache without her?

Do you hold her now?




4 feb  2012    >    11/2/20  >   Lust/Strenth/Priestess/Aeon/Judgement


If this day is your birthday or  you seek to deepen your today with some questions.. here’s an invite to you into how you might better engage and exchange with others, and how you have your own inner dialog and exchange.  It is a day/year to explore your accountability in your life, and to consider your own counsel; your own deep wisdom.

How do you experience and hold to your accountability?

What feels hidden, just beyond your vision and reach that you’d like to explore, or feel compelled to know?

What old habits have taken the shine away from your life and how will you polish that up?


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~~~~~~~~~~~  11  ~~~~~~~~~~~


It’s on the corner of out there in the country

Old buildings burned down to brick

Rust is hungry for the left overs

Bent and draped over the what use to be

The rotted out house dead to neglect

Still hides it bones from passer-bys’

Hoping the unattended creep of field

Will shield it’s slow melt to naked

Cause there ain’t no fence to keep

Out the curious just the invasion

of ticks, chiggers and nettle

for your annoyance in the trespass.


It’s the old white Thunderbird

A Siren on that corner out there

Resting within the creep of Natures hunger

She tries to take back her own

Only it’s slow going with that Bird

Of metal n’ rust and oil and parts

All settled in going no where, shedding

Saying “come to me now and touch me

Touch my spoil cause once I was Hot

These roads were mine and I flew them

fast and riotous, a white sparkle of

feather and chrome; I was one of a kind”


Katie and me, we had to pull over

We had to pull over and touch it

Take pictures of it vulnerability

We had to witness the ruin and flake

Ache for what it use to be in its fly days

Long gone and held to the over grown

Corner on this old country road

Going no where in the lonely want

Of what use to be when full flight

Was this Thunderbirds way of the roads

And it sparkled with feather and chrome





3 jan 2012  >  11/2/20   >  Lust/Courage/Priestess/Judgement


This birthday year/day, invites the mix of all the above.  The courage to lust for life, trust your instincts and intuition.  The opportunity to ‘priestess’, find counsel within your own wisdom or the help of other.  Judgement is the call to accountability, to notice and pay attention to how you do what you say and say what you do.  In the number ‘2’ is the idea that one on one, exchange with other, or the finding yourself in other, is an opportunity to go beyond the limited self to find more meaning in life.

What do you ‘lust’ for that calls you to find more courage in your life?

What do your instincts tell you?  What does your intuition have to say?

It’s not all about you.  How does the exchange with other expand your self knowledge?


happy birthday  Jean…

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Will the ground hog see his/her shadow today?   And what will it all mean when already the weather is kinda crazy?  eek.  CAuse I know you wanna know everything about that there ground hog… here is the Wikipedia site.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groundhog_Day  For you pleasure… I’m giving out a big grin here. 

~~~~~~~~~      9         ~~~~~~~~~ 

When you see what is

Through the shadow, fog, and smoke

Always Sun rises


Cycles, patterns, seen

The circle is unbroken

Spring follows winter


Light will seek you out

There is no hiding radiance

YOu deserve to shine




2 feb  2012    >   9/18   >   Hermit/Moon

Ground Hog’s Day

This birthday year or thoughts for this day might be something like this…:  The Hermit shares his/her wisdom.  He holds a beacon of light that sways in the faraway or maybe the foggy night letting you know that wisdom is not so faraway and that the fog can be lifted with a thought and action.

Even in the shadows of the Moon, light isn’t but a step out where what was hidden can be seen or found.  And the Moon shares her cycles, her pattern in the night sky.  Cycles and patterns of light, seen, hidden, calling.

What cycle/pattern works best for you in life?

What do the shadows of your life have to share with you?

How do you share your wisdom and shine your light? 

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There’s no keeping up 

Thinking you can in the ‘so much’

Amidst the distractions and 

The busy whip of the daily to the bone

Exhaustion past the creeping in slow

Laying you out drained for ‘real’ life


The ‘too much’ is a killer dis-ease

The new way of the no way out

A dark cloud of have too’s

Cause if you don’t you’re fucked

The line is long to take your job

And who’s gonna pay your bills?


Serenade the 24/7  a big hello

There is no goodbye to the all day


Cause someone else is starving

24/7 of nothing makes for a craving

When that kind of bone is showing


It’s never been fair and equal

The dark and light of this and that

Makes that so even in the good intention

Duality can’t exist in any otherwise

It’s the nature of the physical world

Sooner or later your life drains out


There’s no keeping up

The ‘so much’ wants you

In the everyday of living

maybe the best you got in the unequal

is to lay a layer of laughter around

your bones before they’re striped dry


The first of February seems to have found its way here realllllly fast.  Don’t ya think?  NO slowing it all down, just going with the flow.  And… of course sippy the coffee as the Sun rises.  Should there be a day that my coffee consumption must dribble to an end, I will be most sad.  eeek.. NO projection, shake it off.  Be Here Now.



1 feb 2012     > 8/17  >    Balance/adjustment/The Star


If it’s your birthday on this 1st day of Feb.  Happy Birthday and here are some things to ponder as this ‘new year’ unfolds.   Adjusting and Balancing the flow of life.  REaching for the Heavens, while feeling the vulnerability of being human with the limitation that come with that… and.. still allowing for the reach and the feel of the vulnerability.  Letting the experience of making the connection between what is here and what is out there.  Seeking that balance.  Well being is a part of the experience of The Star: self care, positive attitude, feeling out what is right for your body, your mind, your spirit.

How might you define, body, mind, and spirit in the context of your life?

How will you keep balance with what goes on within you and that which goes on around you?

What will you reach for?



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           ****    ~~~~    ****



I cried for the whole world today

The entirety of all it filling me

Every ocean, every sea, every lake

every river, every pond, every puddle

I drank it all in and spilled it out

Sobs of sorrow and grief

Wails for poverty and loss

Howls for war and death

I wept for the dead kitten

I wept for my sick brother

I wept for a friend in need

I wept for me and you and them

I shook with the violence of

all those tears released

The magnitude of it all 


I cried for the whole world

I was the oceans and seas

and lakes and rivers and ponds.

For awhile, I let myself puddle

and then I prayed for peace

and love and kindness

healing and gratitude

I sniveled out hope

I gave a whimper of forgiveness

I moaned out a I’m sorry

When the tidal wave of it ceased

and the whole world had my heart

I forgave myself 





30 jan 2012    >  9/18   >   Hermit/Moon


If this be your birthday or just another wonderful day, here are some thoughts and questions to consider.

The Hermit shares his/her wisdom.  He holds a beacon of light that sways in the faraway or maybe the foggy night letting you know that wisdom is not so faraway and that the fog can be lifted with a thought and action.

Even in the shadows of the Moon, light isn’t but a step out where what was hidden can be seen or found.

How will you step out of your shadows?

What light do see just over there that calls to you to take action?

How do you bring the ‘faraway’ within reach?


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Winter is being very friendly this year.   Or so it seems, not laying inches and inches of snow on us.  It is the inches and inches of snow that protects the hibernating life, the seeds and plants that rise again in the Spring.  It feels odd, a little wrong and disturbing.  Solar Flares, Global Warming, The Earth having her time as she see fit.  What do we know, really?  A little of all of this and that… Nature Wins.


EArth finds her balance

She adjusts herself 

Shaking, blowing, trembling,

Storming, flowing, giving, taking,

Finding herself Be all of

What she can be in the Galactic

Scheme of things.


Finding your balance

adjusting yourself

shaking, trembling, laughing,

storming, flowing, taking

giving yourself to the discovery

that you are, As Above so below


Consider how you will

shine in the NIght sky

How you will give to your days

And how you will evolve

on an evolving planet that

really doesn’t need you 

to thrive and survive.


EArth wins, we’re lucky

to BE on the this Galactic ride




29 jan  2012   >  17/8   >  The STar/Balance/Adjustment


For your consideration if this is your birthday year or a day that feels like it needs more thoughtfulness: The Star is he/she who, in her vulnerability stands touching the Earth and reaching for the Heavens.  She is a conduit to bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to the Heavens, finding Balance and a way to adjust herself  appropriately.

How do you stand between Heaven and Earth?

What needs adjusting and Balancing?

Can you find safety in your vulnerability?


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I finished my contest story and I’m readying it for sending it out.  It’s A strange one tho’ I gotta say I find pleasure in it’s odd poetics.  I’m thinking that it will probably appeal to a minority,  which in a contest like this with a few hundred peeps, I might get dismissed right away.  The best part of this is having been given some parameters in writing and then having a week to write it.  I feel stretched in my writing.  A very good thing.If you want to read it, just ask and I’ll send it to you. Here is a little slice of it (not the beginning)  for todays poetic entry…


There was a time when there was pleasure in the ache of the Bite.  When it came like a crystal sway of sparkle and glitter taking us beyond our limited selves to a greater self for to find the treasures of the Frigid Sea. Its need to drive the Great White to the South Away expansion seemed less urgent and it’s drive into our bodies a gentle pain.

I could feel its tremble urgency as it staked it’s claim on my body.  Maybe it knew I was the Sacrifice, the Gift, and was bound to go beyond the Great White to end my days.  I wanted the ache of it, for the last time, to sear me from the inside out.  Make my body scream strong for my giving to the final Great Lonely.



28  jan  2012   >   16/7  >   Tower/Charioteer


If this is your birthday than you might consider these thoughts and questions for the year, or… perhaps today is enough.   The Tower invites you to consider how you build your life.  How you  might gather to you what is important, and what will be sustainable, as well as how you will do this creatively with out going to far away from the foundation/base of you.  The Charioteer asks that you keep your focus, your ‘eyes on the prize’ as you prepare and gather information for what it is that feels important to you. There maybe a time when your shear will will be needed to take action on behalf of you life.   

What do you wish to give your focus to and how will you do that?

Have you filled your tower with too much of what and is it working for you?

What inspires you that you would like to give more of yourself to 


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Blessed be the morning sippy

So what if too much makes me flippy

I get things done in a jiffy

When I have my morning sippy


Grind those beans up just enough

Scoop in the filter that strong stuff 

Pour in the water to 4 cups

Brew that coffee right on up


Sippy that coffee black as the night

No milk or sugar cuz that ain’t right

Wakes up my senses while I write

Sippy the coffee gets my mood alright


I don’t know about your ritual

Somethings are just habitual

My morning brew is unbeatable

Need it bad or I’m ill reputable 


Blessed be the morning sippy

So what if too much makes me flippy

I get things done in a jiffy

When I have my morning sippy





27 jan 2012     >  15/6   >  Devil/Lovers


If this is your birthday year or you want to consider this day from my point of questioning you to your own answers… Here we go.  The DEvil/Lovers combo speaks to how we negotiate and have our relationships, not only with other; with ourself.  The Devil challenges, and tricks, and tosses situations out to you that urge you to truly face yourself and how you give and receive in relationship/s.  The Lovers, also give out these challenges.  Their difference lies, ( if indeed there is a difference), in how the heart listen and how invested your heart is in discovering the best of yourself by giving the best of yourself.

How will you hold sacred your Love?

How might you make that Devilish part of yourself a learning/playful journey, rather than destructive?

How might the opening of your heart make room for healthy, positive relationships?


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