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It’s all good till it isn’t and then it is.

30th Day… NaPoWriMo.

There is never a conclusion to writing poetry, tho’ this is the last day of NaPoWriMo. I like to participate in this cause it pushes my edges. I can’t say I like everything I wrote, and then again it doesn’t matter. The journey, the process, the doing, the discipline of it feels right and good. If I want, I can pull out the poems that I want to edit and play around with. It’s all good.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to read them and took the time to value and enjoy poetry. More to come. I can’t help myself.



It’s All good till it isn’t
In the choosing of opposites
The bad can go away
In the attitude of choice
once the embrace of bad
takes and shakes the foundation,
tosses and batters, hits and slams
Sobs and writhes.
It has you till it doesn’t
and sometime the crawl to
Goodness scrapes and scares.

It’s all good till it isn’t
till the ready to shift attitude
knows to go on like this much longer
is likely to bury the loss of feel good
somewhere between hell and death.
There is no dismissing the pain
It’s here like a vise grip’s angry clench
It needs to have it way till the going
through it is enough and when is
enough enough?

It’s All good till it isn’t
The answer is all in the journey waiting
For positive choice and a shift in attitude
The Highest good maybe a mystery
And it waits for discovery in every moment
Every moment. Every moment
Like right now, you get to choose
Is it all good, or bad, neutral?
What will you make it?
What will you choose?

It’s all good


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The Wholy Grail of Wellness

day 29…NapoWriMo

Wholy Grail.

art by.. Georgina-Gibson

Too quick to critique what didn’t happen

To what found it’s way in words here

Out in the minutes given for possibilities

In being exactly enough in that hard rough

voice that thinks it knows so well


The well that feels the dis-ease of not enough

Not so well in the being of that harsh critic

Oh well is that deep hole in the ground

tossing the bucket down on a thin string

to the water unseen from up here


The splash feels good as it vibrates up

the string in hands that wants to hold the drink

to pour it in the parched mouth filling up

in this desert made of old history and lies

on a string that can hardly hold the weight


In the pull up slowly of that water’s oasis

Cool and pure  for the taking and filling

Such a long time in that arid desert

On a quest for that Wholy Holy Grail

with that thin string that holds the gift

Stronger made of will and an open heart


Surrendering up what didn’t happen to

Embrace what did in the long deep drink

From the search to that Well of Wholeness

When the entire world becomes an oasis

And just now you made that discovery








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29 days to a Limerick or two.

29th day… napowrimo  One more day of Poetry month.  as life is these day… zooooooomm

Gonna make up a limerick or two.  Why not?  Right?


botanical gardenspire1

There’s this gal from Ann Arbor

She’s a hairdresser not a barber

She snips n’ clips on your head,

shampoos away demons from dreams bed

Count on this gal to be a salve

When you’re needing


Who says there are no extra-terrestials?

Living here, way up there in the celestial

Look to your neighbor for one

With 4 fingers and one thumb

Don’t be fooled to think

They’ve not come


Me thinks that words are for playin’

Across pages maybe not sayin’

All the pooh inside you

with nothing else but to do

Spill your guts it’s a must

I’m just sayin’


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