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Dias de los Muertos… In the never ever no end

Dias de los Muertos.


In honor of who held your heart full

as the years and days passed in the timeless

And bodies of flesh and bone leave us

In their death we find our lonely loss


These days of ash and grief in prayer

of who has come and gone for our aching

Did fill our days with love and joy

Gone now into the forever after


Remember them in stillness laughter

of body, bone and love in filling

Days that now are empty in their pass away

Celebrate them true to be seen and held again


Days of Dead in our still living

Never ending eternity’s welcome

Birth to life to death again

In repeat we meet no end

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HALLOWMAS… in honor of our ancestors

All Souls day, Day of the Dead,  Hallowmas, Samhain … Tonight, I ‘priestess’ a ritual at the Interfaith Center in honor of this time of year and with the intent of;

‘Release, let go, surrender, what does not serve your life, and take in the ‘seeds’ of what you wish to keep and plant, nurture to growth for the Spring.

In my spiritual tradition, this is time when ‘the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thin’ and there is opportunity to reflect on the wisdom of our ancestors and to honor those that have gone before us.  To release what doesn’t serve the joy and goodness of life and to imagine in this letting go what might give space to something new; a seed to plant and nurture during the winter time of reflection and darkness.

As I prepare for my day: I listen to my ancestors, I listened to my own wisdom, I plant the seeds of Love, joy, and kindness.  I reap what I sow.


MY MOMMA… 1916-2005

I let go of what isn’t so there is space for what IS

I surrender to my best and highest self

I already know all that I need to know

I trust I am enough exactly as I am


Each moment provides me with everything

I am Everything unfolding moment to moment

I am in each moment pure Love

I am loved unconditionally


I am the roots, the tree, the branches the leaves.

Earth holds me to her sacred roots

Fire feeds my passion and lights my way

Air is my breath and the wind that carries me

Water is my heart open and flowing


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HAPPY SAMHAIN…  as well as Dia De Los Muertos, (the day of the dead). My favorite time of year and my favorite day.  I like to take the ‘Hallmark’ out of it cause this is truly a sacred day for me.   Not about ghosts and witches, or ghouls and pumpkins, (maybe pumpkins).  This is a time when the veil between the worlds is thin.  Some refer to that world as the spirit world, or the world of those that transition before us, for me it is the ‘unseen’ world, certainly the spirit world.  It is time to remember our ancestors.  A time to release old stuff, to give space for something new and more expansive.

 There is a certain kind of ‘death’ when we let go of what no longer serves our life, especially when we have held on to a way of thinking or being that has, maybe never, been a positive, loving experience for ourselves.

It is a time to plant a seed within ourselves.  A seed that is maybe something we thought we could never do, or a creative opportunity we put on the ‘back burner’, or any number of ‘seeds’ to nurture over the long winter that may come to a greening in the Spring.

 What might you need to release to give space and expansion in your life?  

What seed/s might you plant to be nurtured and come to push through the  soil of you life?




Jump to the big Boo

It’s a ghostly dark night haunt

Fear no deathly call


Honor what has gone

Endings find new beginnings

Rejoice the let go


Death is the new life

Making way for renewal

See beyond yourself


Release the old ways

Give expansion to your life

Plant a seed of love 


I see all of you

Thin is the veil between worlds

Nothing is unseen


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