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5% of hard.

Because it seems the New Year ‘should’ start off with positive vibes and the joy of embracing what comes next, this poem,  maybe a bit unsettling, and it still holds to the possibility that there is 95% of joy waiting to be released.

The day/year did start hard.  For me, this welcomes the possibility of finding the soft, joyful edges, the willingness to notices insensitivities and the letting go of righteous surety.

In the dedication of this poem, I give it to the elements:  Fire to burn away what doesn’t serve,  Air to bring in a breeze of clarity and goodness, Earth to ground and center,  and Water, to sooth and wash away the old debilitating hurts of long ago.  Spirit comes to give the loving prayer.IMG_2870


5% of hard lays a weary sigh
draped in grey judgments on
the passing of how morning
gave rupture to the new day
of a new year in an elongated
moment of fearfulness longing
to be held to heart and loved .

There is wonder in how the 95%
of pleasure and goodness
shuffles to the back of the heart
guarding the opening.
Of how self forgiveness trembles
in a fetal flop against old bones
cradling the sorrows repeat,
against the slow drip of
self inquiry’s harshness

Self defense gives no protection
When there is nothing ever to
defend in that self righteous
agrimony fueling insecurity.
Maybe not quite sensitive enough
to let the way of how she blows
and shivers out those fears
in awkward self suspension.

Of a damage so long ago
given and held in those cells
echoing a call to how you’re never
enough in the no matter what.
Struggling to be whole
To be more than 5% of something
hard that crawls over the 95% of something
soft and good to a lay a win on what is
so much less than the total of wonderful,
mighty, courageously full of joy.

May the new year heal
the hard hurt
May the new year unravel
the fearful heart
May the new year reveal
that you are enough
and loved


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It comes right from their bellies

that call to life on these dog days

When Summer gives all of herself

to the hot damp of evenings

and the just enough breeze that

gives cool moist on to your surfaces


Their tymbal drum

 and drum

and drum 

right from the gut of them 

that place of feeling that sings

the days and nights to love

in their awaking from dirt

and bark on to the sea of grass

and leaves


Of the return to their song 

in that drum



feel into the blue to midnight 

Into the in-between of how

the vital brilliance of corals

purples, violets, and oranges 

celebrate on the horizons edge

in the cadence of time 

for the Earth’s roll 

around the



Expanding and contracting

their bellies for the long hot days

for us to know their song

in the short of summer heat

and the longing for 

love to be found

in the 




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The end of New Year’s Resolutions in the BE HERE NOW…

winter morning, at The Dease

The New Year approaches, in the traditional sense, on this coming eve of 31 Dec. Contemplation of resolutions, imaginings of the coming year, hopes and dreams, shifts and changes, the maybe’s and the might bes;  Lots of pondering is given to how ‘Resolution’ might feel/look/be experienced in the coming year.

RE-Solution.  A solution that is started again.  The ‘re’ gives the word that invitation.  What wasn’t solved previously, might now be ’re’instated and given another try. Right?   Let’s resolve what might not have been stated right the first time.

RE-solve, consider how you might make a better solution for the coming year, or solve what might not have been solved these last days or months from the previous try.  Start all over again at the beginning of this year 2014, and see if a better solution might make for a better outcome this time, maybe solve what has yet to be solved.

I’m not big on ‘resolutions’.  Not for not wanting to have the stick-to-itiveness for every previous resolve I have put my intention toward no matter what time of year I made them.  NO, it’s what I do to myself when I fail.  Cause, at some point, for me, I fail.  I might not even fail very much, if I made the resolution around drinking more water every day, or something I’m likely to do every day anyway.  Nope, for me it’s those resolves that I declare nearly every day, forget just the beginning of the year: EAt right, exercise  more, slow down, find more patience, write everyday,  help save the planet, be the most wonderful person in the whole entire wide world.

I hit the ground running like a I’m gonna stick to the statements I feel resolute to, and I declared would be what I’m going to do for the year, Hell, for my whole life and sooner than later I get lax, “Oh not today”, or “ I’ll get to that later” or, “I’m sick of being patient for that shit”.  You get my drift here.   It’s all so set up for failure this New Year’s Resolution business.  Who started it anyway?  Why only at the New Year?

For those of you that either know me, or for those of you that have read my previous ramblings, you have probably noticed I have an obsession for the ‘Be Here NOw’.  So, resolutions are for sure destined to snare the Be here now right out of you.  All that projection of what will be in the future, all that ‘stuff’ you’re going to do starting in the next few days, that you’ve been NOT doing, or doing with little enthusiasm, and you Still feel the ‘ought, shoulda,’ continuums of failure to make them your new, self imposed habits.  Doomed.  You ARE pulled right out of the Now, busy worrying about what is to come in your new fervor to be resolute on some future something-or-other.

Why not make it easy on yourself and take it all moment to moment, in lil’ iddybitty steps?  What’s with the grandiose declarations that are doomed for failure that you are contemplating this very moment that I’m writing this rant?  What about right here, right NOw, you release all that imposition of resolutions and declare this year, a year of BE HERE NOW.  Free yourself up to make each moment what ever that moment offers.  Which isn’t to say that you don’t make plans, or you don’t initiate intentions, or you don’t let that creative, active mind of yours have a free for all.  NO, it simply means (IMO) that you let go of searching the past for what did or didn’t work, (that’s done) ease out of what the future might or might not be, (cause you really have NO frickin’ idea) and let the pleasure of settling into each moment with joy and innocent wisdom.  Drink from the cup of NOw and Be.  Breathe into this moment, and let what you know guide you.  Resolve some goodness in this very moment.  Join me in making each moment a good one, cause you can.  Tomorrow is a mystery, and a few moments ago is done.

In this moment.  I love.  I feel the gentle expanse of my heart for my family and loved ones.  I miss my dog.  The winter white and chill is glorious as the day rises.  I feel safe and warm, and loved.  My ‘NOw’ is an attitude and heart of letting in as much goodness as I can.  I get to choose how I embrace each moment. even if the moments have struggle and strife, even despair, I get to choose my emotional relationship to them.  Right now… mmmmm… love, coffee, and winter white at The Dease.

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27 Nov. 2012… yeowza!  We’re coming to the end of this month at the beginning of this day.  Considering I think time is created to sustain the duality of living here on EArth, and that time is illusionary in an Infinite Universe; I sure do give the speed of it a lot of energy and pondering.  I think I even give it a little whine, a little disgust, once in awhile.  What kind of ‘Be Here Now-ness is that?  Exactly.  It’s a rant that need not happen again.

Sippy the coffee in all it’s dark brew-ness.  I invite you to relax and let this little poetic visualization settle peace within your being.



 Breathe.  Settle into your chair. Wiggle into the most comfortable position.  

Breathe. Let your inhales and exhales support the comfort of this moment.

There is no hurry, nothing else you have to do.  Only to be here right now.

Allow yourself to relax and let all the angst of your busy mind melt away.

Breathe into this comfort, this peace as your body gives in to the relaxation.

In your minds eye give your imagination to a beautiful  place on this Earth.

YOu know this place well, even if you only travel there in your mind.

Let yourself go there now.  Breathe yourself into this incredible place that knows only Love.

Notice the little details, the curve of the land, the smell of the sea,  the taste of the air

The palette of colors that surround you. Reach out and touch, feel, caress it.

Breathe in the glory of it all.  This is your sacred place of joy and pleasure.

It is a place for your heart to experience and expand within .

You are the only one here in the presence of this Earthly treasure. 

And only you can invite someone or thing to be present here with you.

Breathe it in and let yourself BE presence here with natures love all around you. 

You are completely safe here.  Only love resides here.  It is timeless here.

And you only have to imagine something positive and loving for it to be with you.

This is your sanctuary.  A place to give your peace of mind to and imagination to.

Breathe it all in and let every cell in your body feel it, and know it, and remember it.

And as you breathe this all in begin to feel yourself in your chair. 

Feel the comfort of your body settle in as it slowly begins to wiggle.

Your toes, your fingers, your legs.  Wiggle them.  Let your eyes open

Noticing where you are.  Feeling the peace of this journey as you come back to now.

Breathe.  Breathe in your surround as you still smell the linger of your sacred place.

Any time you wish to revisit this place.  You simply imagine it so.   It waits for you

Always, it waits for you to be present there in safety and joy, and Love.


Have a wonder day.

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 Very strong morning sippy up here at The Dease.  Taking bits of the hot brew and letting in awaken the sleep out of me.  Standing on the deck watching the Sun rise, burning the fog off in large drifts as it float in wisps of cloud-like poofs over the land and lake.

Loons find great feeding right in front of the cottage; taking  swirling morning dives on the slick, flat lake, while the fog dances it’s dissipation on it’s surface.  Picture perfect.  Morning rise on the Dease.  Into the calm of the day I give Full Moon dreams



Dance the fog to Sun

Swirl in dervish wisp rapture

Lake smoke finds blue sky


Full moon Aries Point

Planetary lines connect

Gaia call’s the Plan


Loon to water play

Dive sleek beneath the clear deep

Rise to give their call




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Windy Haiku on the Dease

Another glorious morning on the Dease… Big wind and eagles soar. Wood pecker pecks, and chickadees chickle, Finch are finching, and the wind takes the branches in a holler of green whips against the blue sky.  gorgeous.

Nature is amused

She bends tree branches to her

Leaves flutter giggles


Leaves flutter giggles

birds flit limb to limb dancing

A day of breezes


A day of breezes

Eagle catches windy tease

Soars into deep blue


Soars into deep blue

Clouds melt to a hungry sun

Wind gives no relent


Wind gives no relent

peaks glitter sun on water

Summer hears Falls call


Summer hears Falls call

Patterns in cycles repeat

Green hugs yet the leaf


Green hugs yet the leaf

Hold’s summers chime in the wind

She is not ready


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1 sept 2012….   The rising sun looks like the full moon from last night over the lake. It IS extraordinary.  Nature can make me cry with joy.  I breathed in the Full Moon and this morning I breath in the rising Sun.  I am one gal getting alll Filled up with 24 hours of Light fantastic.


Oh… and eating a cantaloup from MSU’s horticultural research garden. WAT?  I KNOW… I AM a lucky kinda girl.



Light’s circle is not broken 

in the rise of golden light

falling to the eminence

of Moon full in the dark 

blue of the night


All hale in the Hale

of Michigan’s northern

exposure, in celebration

of Nature’s give without

concern of the taking


Patterns in cycles change

The circle of life is not

broken in tempest or peace.

The Sun rises and the Moon

shimmers a path in the round about


The metaphor slithers around me

as I sluff off old yesterdays

renewed to the pattern of the day

rising and setting, filling and 

being full, Dark and Light


All hale in the Hale of Michigan

knowing I am exposed to

this great abundance of

nature’s great giving.






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when there’s only 37 minutes in hour these days, July 1st got here real fast.  RIGHT?


Morning on Dease Lake


Heat rises high fast on the sheen

and sparkle of the Lake.

Not a branch, hardly a leaf

makes movement

even in my passing breath

or that of the wings of busy birds

making best of the early morning


It’s a quiet easy calm

a welcome peace for a city dweller

perfect for the quiet drift of

fishermen easing along the 

lake edges before the skis

and giant tires bob crazy

behind the speed boats


It will be a hot one on this

Sunny pour of summer

A real scorcher they say

I eat up this morning calm

fill up my body’s low reserve

hungry for the peace of it

Inhaling the sweet smell

of the land and the lake


I imagine a calm peace-full

world, with my old lazy dog

and the waft of breakfast

bacon, and the seeing glass

clear of Dease Lake and

of all this goodness right 

through to the other side of

the aching Earth


I imagine, I imagine

All life is good





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