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DAY 12  National poetry Month.


This day asks to be written in a certain way

Resistance makes a plea of discord

And brain chaos finds its way back on track

if only to give into the ‘certain way’ to be over it

Finish with this day that has only just given rise


It’s memory history that defines the lay of words

How death’s stalk took two lives on the exact day of one year

Between the other, while Spring stretched her waking

and the two of you gave in to sleep eternal


On this day, this very day that calls up an ode

a story, a simple verse that can not be denied

For you are forever in the bones of this body

Forever a picture of yesterdays remembered


And there is a must have of celebration

Acknowledgement of how life comes and gives

and seems to end in that final breath taken

In how very gone you are in this life.


There can be no resistance to that call

Cause it’s a time clock inside that spills

Out the alarm of your passing to be recalled

To sit in the heart’s pulse of the ‘who’ of you


Of love lost and found, of rough edges

slightly smoothed and how a want to make connection

held so many distractions and avoidances.

And still, on this day of remembrance


I let you both in in the way I can hold you

In my heart to give the words to this day

That need saying to honor you

I love you

Till we meet again

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Whirl wind… The weekend of niece and party has its closure of Sun and fun.  An over abundance of food.  OMG. Over a 200 people came to honor her.  It was quite amazing.   Soon, I’m off to the memorial service of my brother in East Lansing.  A whirling, swirling, wind of emotion that I choose to swallow like a helium ballon and maybe later, much later, I’ll let that squeaky air burst from lips.  I’m pretty sure I won’t let any of you see it.


Feb, 26th 1942 – Ap. 12th  2012

Endings, Beginnings

Beginnings to endings

Life cycles her journey

Cycles her journey

Cycles her journey 



The act and art of breathing

Brings you into this cycle

A circle, a loop, A Path

A zig than a zag

An inhale 

an exhale



You begin to the end

YOu end to begin again

Earth life gives her limitations

In the circle cycle of birth to death

Death to rebirth, inhale to exhale repeat


We do it till we don’t 

We do it till we don’t

Beginning, Ending

Endings, Beginnings




Do it with Love





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What one liner would you put on your grave stone or would like others to remember about you?  Now,,, sippy that coffee.

I KNOW… it’s one of those things to think about,Right?  I’m not sure how to put this idea into poetic form so probably I’ll give it one of my special rambles.  As my brother fades into the ethers, soon to make his transition, my sister-in-law asked me what might be a good line for him at his gravesite.  I suggested…. “If I tell ya I’ll have to kill ya.”   Believe me, there is reason for this line.  another story, another day.




I Will be back

I laughed to my last breath

Here today gone tomorrow

Bartender, a round for everyone

Who put the damn light out?

Does this make my butt look fat?

I’ll be watching from heaven

I have my eyes on you

Forever in our hearts

Rest now my love

There’s no place like home

I did have great teeth

I’m funny now don’t forget that

Infinity is my playground

Be Here NOw… I am

Ha Ha Ha Ha hahaha

You’re killin’ me… oh.. right

I played it for the song

Beam me up Scotty

I don’t think this Is Kansas 

Some where over the Rainbow

If I told you once I told you a thousand times

Git over here and let me give ya big hug

I think I can I think I can I think I can

I’m still precious don’t forget that

I’m Free, free fallin’

Poetry in Motion

She always had a story to tell


I could write these all day.  And I bet you’re glad I stopped here.  



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REMEMBERING MOM… 26 March 2005

7 years ago my mother transitioned to the Great Beyond.  I love you mom.  This poem is about the first date I ever remembering her having.  I was in 8th grade.




I hear the door open downstair

A giggle echos up with a thud

I’ve been waiting for her anxious

Waiting and wondering

ear to door, ear to door listening

She doesn’t date and has a date

A date with a father of a girl I know

A girl I know and don’t like so much

Not so much at all.


I throw open the door, I open it wide

Her shoe lays on the top step, 

On the top step all pointy and 

pointing at me standing there

“Mom, mom is that you? Is that you?”

More giggling and her other shoe flies

It flies over the bannister lands at my feet

Of course it is her, I know it is her

There are her shoes. There she stands 

On the landing, standing there looking at me

Eyes all twinkly with laughter flowering out


She stands there staring at me with blooms for eyes

Mouth tightly puckered, zipped tight staring

I was horrified of her shoes laying there

Right there laying at my feet at the top of the stairs

Sue’s daddy took my mommy 

Took my mommy to shoe-flying school

It  put sparks in her eyes and makes her silent

And what was I to do?  “MOm?”

She snorts and unzips her mouth

Her teeth are on fire, a burning Sun

Pouring the heat of her out and all over me

I scream in horror, she gives a muffle of laugher

and spits the Sun out at me, right at me


It hits my leg burning me deep. I am on fire

I stop breathing. She pours her laughter

Up those last few steps on to my burning legs 

Cool laughter that quells the fire in her embrace

She picks up the Orange peel at my feet

Waves it, waves it in my face laughing

We plop on the top step.  On the top step

We laugh, we laugh and laugh at the orange peel

Her pointy shoes still pointing at the two us

Sitting there on the top step, laughing tearful

I am sure I never will like Sue or her father ever

Never ever never. But then my mother 

My mother hadn’t been than funny in years

So many years.








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more than half way through this inner pilgrimage that has been frame within the outer world.  Lots going on out there.  2012 has roared into my life.  I give gratitude to my loved ones, to the breath of me, the heart of me, to this land that evolves wildly and silently, to laughter and grace.  I am grateful.  What are you grateful for?




I wonder where I’ll lay him when his time comes

In the soil of me, the rich dark loom of my heart 

There is place next to others that have gone before him

In the Hail Mary of my losses of those closely

Dearly departed from pulse and breath


There’s no vault or crypt inside my land for burial

Fertile open territory is within this landscape

Of heart and soul, breath and life force

It’s watered with my blood and the tracks of tears

Not all yet shed if ever I let that sea roll over me


I’ve buried many here without thinking of space

Spacious is an open heart fed with loving 

Infinite in it’s giving and receiving

Bearing the losses in variable heart beats

Composting Love to fertilize the path of life


I imagine him buried next to my mother

a few inches from my father’s yearning gaze

Maybe nestled in my heart, this father and son

Will heal this life’s bitter wound in deaths cradle

Rocked safely in the rich loom of my heart



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FYI… THIS is a painful poem.



I wet her hair, pump the shampoo

“How was your holidays? I say

I say into her clear eyes 

Eyes that have something to say 

Eyes that have pain and hope

She tells me she lost her husband

She says it wasn’t the worst of it

The shampoo oozes between my shock

Meeting those eyes in her pale


Not the worst of it? NOt the worst of it?

He took his own life in car on country road

Lost for four anguishing day

Dead in his car alone on a country road

A bullet to his head all alone

A note on his chest of his sorry

I wash her hair, sending some tender

In my tremble to her scalp

Her apology for having to tell me

washes down the sink in a froth

I let it whirl away with fresh water

Down the drain

Comforting her apology 


I wonder if the conditioner will soften

Something other than her hair

Will my fingertips massage away

Any of her grief and send it down the drain

Will I snip away any of the depression

Will her short new ‘do’ give her some feel good

Will looking in the mirror to her new self

Support her healing her great loss

“I’m sorry.”  I say

I say it to her ear as we hug.  A quick clench

I say I’m sorry and pray for the grief to fade

Pray for her children’s heartache 

Pray for the husband that couldn’t bear living

One more day. One more minute.

In his car on country road with a bullet

A note of great sorrow on his chest




19 jan 2012    >  16/7   >    Tower/Charioteer


This is a day to consider what you have gotten away from that was once fundamental to you and how you live your life.  You may have lost your focus. You may have laid some ground work and then made a jump that pulled you too far away from the reason you laid that foundation in the first place.  Also, this can be a day in which you honor the foundation that you laid and  the focus you kept to bring you to a celebration of a job well done.


How might you celebrate your stick-to-it-tivenes that brought you a good outcome?

What next step might you take to reach your goal?

Can you dream big and stay true to the fundamentals of your dream?



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This morning is soft and quiet

Once the cat is feed and the 

Meow is lost to his belly

And the dog lays his squeaky toy

Down for his morning constitutional

The furnace hums giving it’s heat

And a few snowflakes slide gently

Between the naked trees to the Earth


Sippy the coffee. Settle into the chair

Consider the daily numbers

Consider the Daily Tarot cards

Consider the Questions

Get up amble around the house 

Fuss with dishes, wipe the counter

Pour more coffee, sippy on it

hear the quiet hum of life 

On this winter morning


Wonder about what didn’t get done

Wonder about what will get done

Wonder about work and the pot stirred

Wonder about the Devil and Love

Wonder what to write..

Take a breath and another 

Wonder some more, and some more

That leads to think about roasting marshmallows

and melting chocolate on Gramcrackers 

For SomeMores.


The snow stopped.

The cat licks his paws

The Dog sleeps

I type, sippy, listen

to the quiet of the morning

in my wondering wandering

poetic mind.




18 jan 2012    > 15/6  >  Devil/Lover


This is a day to consider relationships with others and with yourself.  We are often quick to believe that the Devil will make life hell, be destructive, and turn our lives upside down.  This indeed can be true And.. what if you shift your thinking and see the Devil as an opportunity to be wise in your relationships; to not let bedevilment distract you from having a healthy relationship.  To not give you best to foolishness and trickery.  When you ‘dance with the devil’ DoN’T let him/her take the lead and go down the path of difficulty and deception. Rather, see that devilish dance as an opportunity to attend to your negative thinking or your feelings of victimization.  That maybe this time you can twirl away.

What if you choose the Path of Love first?

What if you defy the urge to combat love when it gets hard?

Can you name three reasons you deserve to not sabotage love?


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Thinking of Judith before her birthday…Happy Birthday my unsung poet friend.



9 jan 2012   >   15/6   >   Death/Lovers


Love and Death 


When Love calls it asks for all of you

Death hears the whisper and empties his breath

Raises the scythe to cut away  

what you believe,  think, perceive, 

desire, yearn for, hold on to.  

Gasping, holding on, desperate,

Fear-full of that last whip of the scythe

Love has asked for ‘all of you’

Will you give yourself w-holy to Love?  

Unbound, unconditional, heart-full, 

heart-aching realm of Love.  

Love and Death transform 

inside out, outside in, ash to ash, 

nothing to everything

everything to nothing

Love and Death set you free


What calls you to loving?

What voice within you fears death?

Is there something within you that you might transform to give more room for loving?

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31 oct 2011    >   18/9     >  Moon/Hermit


What kinda “Boo” are you up to?

What are you brewing in your pot of life?

What are you really scared of?


BOO… Halloween may be more of a Hallmark Holiday, with it’s gimmickry and over the top gore and excessive indulgence in candy, AND… this is a time to honor those that have transitioned, passed on, left the earth plain and have given us their wisdom.  A time of year to celebrate the ‘world-beyond’ that most of us can’t quite see, tho’ there is this feeling.  This feeling and yearning we can’t quite explain, at least for some of us.  The veil between the worlds is very very thin.


~~~~~~~~~         ?????????         ~~~~~~~~~


Call out to those that have turned to ash

listen to the wisdom of the dead in the wind

Feel the heavens open to celebrate love everlasting


Give to these days the harvest of the soul.

Feed your longing wisdom with death’s silence

For those that go before you whisper “till we meet again”




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26  oct  2011     >  0/4/13   >     Fool/emperor/Death


What shrouds your heart and mind from having the love you want?

What silliness dances on the edges of you?

How would you spend the last day of your life?

Cementary: isla mujeres, mx 

BOO…  A big weekend is coming up.  ‘The veil between the worlds is thinning.’ : Halloween,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween

All Saint’s Day, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Saints_Day

All Soul’s day, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Souls%27_Day,

Dia de los Mortes,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead,

Samhain, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samhain the Gaelic Harvest Festival. 

A busy weekend of honoring what and whom has passed.  I will be celebrating them all with various festivities.  I give you most of the Wikipedia info, as you just might want to know more than you think you do.

~~~~    ****    ****    ~~~~ 

Endings bring new starts

that end in new beginnings

space for something new


Mystery lurks between the spaces

of what we image there might be

What our eyes see is one way

Our heart views the feel way

Our mind takes us many ways.


There are lots of ways to see


We are the other-worldly lurking

between the magic of space

believing in what we think we see

believing in what we feel

believing in our imagination’s jest


There are lots of ways to believe


Thin is the veil between our differences

between our likeness even thinner

seeing to believe, believing to see

Seeing a Way, Believing a Way

this way and that way, way over there


There are lots of ways Love seeks your heart







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