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Thinking of Judith before her birthday…Happy Birthday my unsung poet friend.



9 jan 2012   >   15/6   >   Death/Lovers


Love and Death 


When Love calls it asks for all of you

Death hears the whisper and empties his breath

Raises the scythe to cut away  

what you believe,  think, perceive, 

desire, yearn for, hold on to.  

Gasping, holding on, desperate,

Fear-full of that last whip of the scythe

Love has asked for ‘all of you’

Will you give yourself w-holy to Love?  

Unbound, unconditional, heart-full, 

heart-aching realm of Love.  

Love and Death transform 

inside out, outside in, ash to ash, 

nothing to everything

everything to nothing

Love and Death set you free


What calls you to loving?

What voice within you fears death?

Is there something within you that you might transform to give more room for loving?

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31 oct 2011    >   18/9     >  Moon/Hermit


What kinda “Boo” are you up to?

What are you brewing in your pot of life?

What are you really scared of?


BOO… Halloween may be more of a Hallmark Holiday, with it’s gimmickry and over the top gore and excessive indulgence in candy, AND… this is a time to honor those that have transitioned, passed on, left the earth plain and have given us their wisdom.  A time of year to celebrate the ‘world-beyond’ that most of us can’t quite see, tho’ there is this feeling.  This feeling and yearning we can’t quite explain, at least for some of us.  The veil between the worlds is very very thin.


~~~~~~~~~         ?????????         ~~~~~~~~~


Call out to those that have turned to ash

listen to the wisdom of the dead in the wind

Feel the heavens open to celebrate love everlasting


Give to these days the harvest of the soul.

Feed your longing wisdom with death’s silence

For those that go before you whisper “till we meet again”




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26  oct  2011     >  0/4/13   >     Fool/emperor/Death


What shrouds your heart and mind from having the love you want?

What silliness dances on the edges of you?

How would you spend the last day of your life?

Cementary: isla mujeres, mx 

BOO…  A big weekend is coming up.  ‘The veil between the worlds is thinning.’ : Halloween,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween

All Saint’s Day, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Saints_Day

All Soul’s day, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Souls%27_Day,

Dia de los Mortes,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead,

Samhain, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samhain the Gaelic Harvest Festival. 

A busy weekend of honoring what and whom has passed.  I will be celebrating them all with various festivities.  I give you most of the Wikipedia info, as you just might want to know more than you think you do.

~~~~    ****    ****    ~~~~ 

Endings bring new starts

that end in new beginnings

space for something new


Mystery lurks between the spaces

of what we image there might be

What our eyes see is one way

Our heart views the feel way

Our mind takes us many ways.


There are lots of ways to see


We are the other-worldly lurking

between the magic of space

believing in what we think we see

believing in what we feel

believing in our imagination’s jest


There are lots of ways to believe


Thin is the veil between our differences

between our likeness even thinner

seeing to believe, believing to see

Seeing a Way, Believing a Way

this way and that way, way over there


There are lots of ways Love seeks your heart







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21  oct  2011     >   17/8   >  Star/adjustment/strength

 What is your vision for a better world?

What do you do in your personal life to hold that vision?

How might you define ‘Divine Order’?


The Sun hovers on the horizon at 7:41 EST.  There is bit of pink to the sky. Trees give a silhouette in the rising light.  It feels calm after yesterdays, all day rain affair with the Earth.  Maybe it’s a sexy thing.  I just felt grey and soggy.  mmmm?  yes.. well.. no going there…

 I wake to the thought that a tyrant has been killed.  It is not the thought that I wish to keep for this day. It feels bad in my body.  I admit to seeing the video of his beating.  A curiosity rose in me and I watched it twice.  The voyeuristic part to that disturbs me.  I’m not even sure what more to say of it, only that I decided to confess it to you.  Tho’ I’m not sad that he is dead, there was evilness in him; a disregard for the humanity of things, I am sad that there is pleasure and joyful fervor in the taking of a life.  I hope when I transition, that there is fervent joy and mad-cap dancing in the celebration of my life.

 ~~~~~~~~        ********      ~~~~~~~~

 There is no getting outta here alive

Death will find you cause it can

It’s the nature of the livin’ vibe

It’s the way we all do the  jive

You just don’t know when


Dorian thought he had the way

Pacted it with the devil’s game

Gave his soul away each day

Darkness filled his every way

His portrait a hellish shame


The Reaper will gather your last breath

What you have sowed in life matters

The gathering holds your mirth

A collection of all that a life is worth

Make love the meal on life’s platter


You don’t get outta here breathing

Birth life death is the way it is

What tapestry of life are you weaving

What love story are you leaving

There was never a quiz


Make each moment the last

Now is all there ever is

Right down to your last gasp

Doesn’t matter that the die was cast

Now is all there ever is.






















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20  july  2011  >  13/4/0  >  Death/Emperor/Fool


What need letting go of today?

What have you resisted that needs you give a little?

Can you give up your attachment and let it be free?


Practicing what I preach…  I write this daily numerology linking it up with the Tarot cards everyday.  A little invitation to consider the ebb and flow of life and maybe inspire you to probe a little deeper into questions that invite new possibilities.  And… I like to think I do it for myself, a reminder of what I might be mind-full of each day.  What I have been noticing is that I write it and conveniently forget it.  

WAT?  yep… I KNOw..RIGHT?…I’m hoping that it sits in my consciousness somewhere and I try to trust that it will rise up and tap me on the proverbial shoulder when I need an insight.   Mostly, I write it and don’t give it a second thought alll dang day.

Don’t  let the Death card throw you off.  It’s about transformation, letting go, surrender, endings that open space for new beginnings.  

Death says,  “Sorry, it’s not working for ya.  Too much stuff, relationship that’s not so good, work is poopy, you’re attached all over the place to things in life that don’t serve your life. Dump ‘em.  Refresh. Give space.  Transform what needs letting go of.

The EMperor says, “Good, now you’ve cleared the way and have some space, why not rebuild and organize your castle. Why not set some new boundaries?  Get grounded.  Set some rules that work for you.  What is essential to your life?”  

The Fool says,   “OH there you go again, building, filling, organizing, and then dumping it all and starting over.  Don’t get me wrong, you can do that, cause that’s what you people do.  I say, be free, unencumbered by stuff.   Take the risk that you will be absolutely fine just as you are.  Life awaits you to live it…Jump on in to  and see what happens.”



                                Surrender Dorothy

                           lay your bloom at death’s doorway

                               transform the way home


                             do it scared and jump

                           risk in life’s transformation

                                 know infinity


                         make home in the heart

                         your temple is bone and flesh

                                lay roots in the wind





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22 MAY 2011 > 13 Death/Transformation
What old skin needs shedding?
What needs letting go of that gives room for what your really want?
Can you give space to your life?

OK.. I’m gonna say it in a really enthusiastic way. Ready?
“GOOD MORNING AMERICA”. It’s really more like “Good Morning Sunshine,”
that one sends me off into song.

Last night I and some friends performed song and poetry. It was awesome. Thanks to all of you that made your way to our event. YOu made it special. I let go of my stage nerves and had fun. I’m thinkin’ I want to do that more.

Gez, it’s 8:15 am. Alrighty then.
breathe…. visualize this, join me in the peace

Sit comfortably, feel yourself nestle in to
this space,this place, relaxing,
Breathe in, Breathe out . again

Imagine your body settling in to
this place this space, with comfort
Breathe in Breath out. Again

Give your body to the sounds, the smells,
the way the air touches your face, your skin
Relax into the pleasure, the treasure of this moment
Breathe in. Breathe out. Again

Let your breath travel gently through your body
your head, your neck, your shoulders, your arms
your chest, your belly, your hips, your parts, your
thighs, your knees, your calfs, your feet.
Breathe into your body, slow and easy
Breathe into yourself again
Breathe in, Breath out…

Where there is tension, breathe into it
fill it with the cool blue sky,
warm it with the rising sun
breathe out the useless tension
the chronic pain, the old distain
of yesterday
Breathe in … breathe out… again

Give your body, mind, spirit peace
Tease out the useless, chid out the pain
humor the stress, giggle out the bane
settle into the pleasure of release
Breathe in.. Breathe out.. Again

In this perfect moment connected to
yourself, notice that this connection
is of the Oneness we are All about
My breath is of your same air,
My land is shared with you
I sit in peace and quiet
sending peace and love to you.
Breathe in… Breathe out… again


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