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I trace her lips with my fingers

The sky of her meets the earth of me

Then the soft drift of her stare

brings on the night


And my earth let the tremble rise up

with the soft conjunction of skin to skin

Of finger tips to wanting lips


A slow, ease of motion in one  heart shaped line

That needs, wants to feel lips to lips


We kiss


The tenderness finds the race of the heart

In slow persistence we find our way

of how the tongue scribes the hunger

and the body yields as one


Desire’s moments pulsing flesh to flesh

Melting the two to one as lips become fingers

That trace the curves and shallows.


Making moist the place of want

How  together sets us free


We  kiss


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What?  Another beautiful day?  holy moly.  I had 3 summer fun days on the lake.  It was glorious.. I’m tan.  yeow… now back to the salon and packing up the house.  oh my…

Still much to do…  take a breath.  one little step at a time.   inhale….. exhale… again


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I inhale your air as we pass

it tastes of yesterday’s yearning

and last night’s lonely


I didn’t want that in my lungs

I didn’t want that through my body

Even my exhale didn’t rid the breath of you


it’s what we do when breathing

take in air that’s been filtered through

someone else…

     something else


I side-track a walk through the park

breathing in the clean fresh of trees

no agenda here, no despair, or lonely


Big breaths swirls fresh green and sky

through my cells,  out goes the lonely of  you

into the trees and sky to be filtered clean


I linger here, in the park, with the trees

with the air fresh, gathering in as much

verdancy and azure blue  as I can.


A couple approach my serenity

arms slung about each other

passing me with their lover’s breath.


I give them my breath of green and blue

I inhale deeply, filling up on their love

It tastes tender, sweet, full of lust.


I let it fill my body.



 5 july 2011  >  16/5  >  Tower/Heirophant


Does the mind of you take care of the body of you and visa versa?

What is foundationally unstable in your environment that needs to change?

What resources do you need to gather to get the job done?


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