Time Has Changed



Time is recalibrating, days crunch together in twelves

then expand into forty-eight, then have no meaning

not in the way we all laid our schedules down

not in the way we made our hours fit our days

not in the way we made up time like we imagined it

the Sun rises and set, the Moon makes her monthly pattern

there’s sense in that, there’s a time continuum in that


Time is dissolving like we put it underwater to watch it

swirl in a vortex of energy pulling what we thought we knew

deeper into an unknown unseen cavern of timelessness

all the while we still think we can be on time, fill the day

while we watch the clock tick and move as if it knows  

the perfection of twenty-four hours and we should too

we ‘should’ on ourselves yet again.


Time is teasing us just like the Sun does, shining so bright

so welcoming on a freezing day we think it might be warm

we feel a little thrill when the temperature says 28 degrees

and there He is all bright and smiling that sunny grin

what a liar that Sun is that can toast a marshmallow

that can make green lush an arid desert landscaped

Fiery bastard is such a paradox


Time is liar, we didn’t think so. We don’t want to believe it

we are still held to the twenty-four, it’s what we know

it’s what we count on to keep us in a timely manner of life

the clock says so.  Big Ben belts out the hourly chime.

alarms ring out the hour to rise and shine to the new day

only have you noticed how out of sync the days feel

how running late or early, or out of time is the new time


Time is different.  Time is not the same as it was yesterday

even a moment ago when you looked it all seem right on time

just like you knew it would be, felt it was tic toc-ing right

the world was timely and in perfect flow like you like it

nope. Take notice.  Feel into it.  Change is happening

space time continuum has you on alert.

Really, I’m not kidding



Jeanne adwani.  copyright 2021

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She raged as the Earth in full tilt cracked wide open

Swallowing everything whole with great lust

She didn’t bother to chew, or show her pleasure

She didn’t bother to give a shit one way or the other

Rage can be fierce and shameless. 


The thing is, is that every moment of her expansive indignation

Made her hungry for more of the same want of destruction

Her molten belly was nowhere near full and digestion was no issue

Centuries of longing, eons of unrequited, lifetimes of carelessness

Fierce and shameless she took it all down


it was bound to happen; destine you might say as you noticed

How humans made careless of living, of taking with no return

Thinking that they were in control of the elementals, the seasons

She laughs in the face of that bull shit, that lie that humans do

No shame in taking that shit down with ferocity


She said, “Fuck you!, you had millions of years to figure this out.

I have molten lava in my belly, and I have had enough. Done”

She meant it in this brutal ending of humanity in despair

She will dream the dream of renewal and new life will flourish

She is shameless.  She is fierce.  Don’t fuck with Mama Earth.




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day 21…



Return to Earth’s wisdom

Listen to the message she calls you to hear

With heart centered silence, wait

The roots of the trees know your every move


Abide gently on this surface

Take no more than what you can return

Be not a cancer that will extinct itself

Let the Spring wash you clean


Give prayer for all this abundance

Fill up on the gratitude of Earth’s offerings

Steward the place that you live and breath on

She evolves as you do


We are all connected

Not one small seed, or grain of sand

Is without the grace and presence

Of being here sharing this space with you


Return to Earth’s wisdom

Breath with the wind

Walk with the roots

Let the rain purify you

Lay in the grass and listen

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I 94 Outside of Chelsea, mi

I 94 Outside of Chelsea, mi



In my little part of the MidWest, it’s been raining and raining, and then raining some more.

There is so much goodness in the rain;  the way the thunder rolls right through you, energizing.

The way those clouds gather and grey in the vast turbulence, bursting with storm.

Rain is a desired want for so many places on the Earth.  It comes to some and not to others.

Like too much humidity in the summer that I really am not fond of, I hesitate to critique the rain’s giving.

And… I’m ready for the clouds to open to blue and the sun’s more tender touch to the earth.

I want a whisper of cool breeze all over me.

So… these are my poems for these rainy days…


The sky has been crying for days

Laid it’s flood all over the land

Surely those crocodile tears come

from a galactic belly laugh at us

fools held to gravities pull of the

Earth’s collaboration with the Heavens


A Pantoum…

The sky has been crying for days

Giving giant heaving belly laughs

Profound thunderous sobs of grief

Earth collaborates with the Heavens

Giant heaving belly laughs

When the world isn’t being comical

Earth collaborates with the Heavens

Seeking joy and goodness in the wherever

When the world isn’t being comical

When desperation, hunger, and war win

Seeking joy and goodness in the wherever

There is enough of everything for everyone

When desperation, hunger and war win

Profound, thunderous sobs of grief

There IS enough of everything for everyone

The sky has been crying for days



The sky cries for days

Poems gather in the tearing

Flooding shares herself

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Something is coming your way…


This may be my longest lapse of time in writing here.  I have been writing.  I was invited to be the writer for my own blog in my local www.CrazyWisdomJournal.com that has just become an online journal.  It’s to be launch this weekend and I have been busy working on what in the world I was gonna share so that I can be part of the launch.   There is lots to do to get it the way I imagine and dream it into being so that it fits with how Crazy Wisdom and I will work together.  It’s VERY exciting, and a great opportunity.   It will unfold and grow.


They asked me to write an inspiration blog once a week using my metaphysical insights and tools, i.e. Tarot card, Numerology, Elementals, Astrology, Palmistry.  I have studied these sciences for decades, teaching and using them as inspirations,  ways into experiencing and exploring a spiritual life, and most importantly, getting in touch with your wisdom that is connected to Divine Wisdom that is very self empowering.


Once they launch it all I will share that with you and you can take a look see.  I would be honored to have you read it and give me feedback, as well as see what Ann Arbors alternative community has to offer.

Actually, I would really appreciate if you have any ideas on what an inspirational blog might be for you using Tarot cards, Astrology, Numbers.  Would you like a little weekly tarot reading that asks question and the cards give possibilities?  Would you like to learn how to find your life/soul number and what that might mean?  What Inspires YOU?


It is still important to be here and to have my poetry.  Maybe not so often, I don’t know that yet.  Poetry is my big love.


Will you dance with me on the still moss

Naked feet feeling the earth green

Under a canopy of branches and leaves

Inhaling the day as it surrenders itself

to the brilliance of Summers call


There is forest everywhere in that imagining

Still steep in the Winter’s best shade of white

Ice and bitter cold yet to give way to a new season

with seed and root quivering below the surface

Who is more anxious for that sprout to push through


I think it me wanting it most in the shiver

of this freeze that grips the land in slow motion

because the move to fast lays it danger everywhere

There is a slip and fall waiting on that quiet ice

that knows no soft moss for the naked feet.


And only the skeleton of branches reach

for the blue sky that holds the lie of the Sun

With it blaze of light that holds no warmth

I’ll take that light over no light at all

Shivering till the green rises again because it will










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Winter pulls me into his cold arms

Rocks me down to my roots

Where the sap of me slows

And slows some more in the freeze

into a still quiet place moving


Sustainability holds to the early harvest

When Winter finds no green

Loving the austerity of blank and bare

Naked to the lie the Sun tells in this season


The need to tend to a warm light

comes from the inside out in this

Winter’s cradle of bitter chill

In the rocking back and forth


A slow sway to shimmer the glow

While Winter has his season

And the best is to have gathered enough

food and light to make it through




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Imagine… a haibun



Imagine… anything you like.  There is No limit.  No one to tell you can or can’t or how big or little you can imagine.  Imagine… Anything.  Create it in your minds eye as if it IS.  It’s as real as you imagine it to be. Breathe it in to your mind.  It is your creation, only as limited as you imagine it to be.  GO BIG even if it feels insignificant, even if it feels impossible, even if you feel you aren’t powerful enough, creative enough, good enough… do it anyway.  Pretend.  Imagine.  Give yourself this free moment to imagine…. ANyThinG.

Thoughts are manifested all around you.  Take a look.  Someone thought it and here it is. Creation is happening in ever millisecond, maybe faster.  It’s one Huge Universe and you have the power to be as creative as you believe yourself to be.  AS PowerFUll as you believe yourself to be.  Power that is not over, rather in perfect sync with all of Creation that is happening right now.

See it in your minds eye. Does it have a smell?  Maybe ya wanna taste it.  What does it feel like?  Is it colourful?  It is a thing, an object?  Does it yet exist in the world?  Maybe it’s a thought, a philosophy, a hope, a dream.  Maybe it’s a wish for peace, and end to illness, a new world view.  Sculpt it as you wish it to be.  Give it every glorious, loving passionate thought you have ever imagined.  BELIEVE it to be.  Know it already exists cause your thoughts are powerful.

You are creative tool of the Universe.  IMagine…


Make peace in the world

Imagine loves light everywhere

Make peace in the world

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Morning Season Report….a haibun



So still out there this morning.  A very faint breeze lifts the wet leaves.  There is the distant sound of crickets with that pulsing hum. A cicada gives a long buzz while it readies itself to split open and be free of it’s old self. A squirrel races across the roof with surprising pounding, like it’s a fat raccoon on the lam.  I sip my hot black brew… pondering.

I let nature find my nature.  Imagining the light breeze lifting my wet laden leaves from the drama of last night thunder and lighting, with the pour of the sky beating my land.  Glad for the feed and not so much for the corresponding deluge that makes for exhaustion.The calm is restful as the day wakes up and I with it.  That whole calm before and after the storm that I can shift into, breathe into.

The last day of August.  I can smell the season change ever so slightly.  Autumn is on the edge of us, ready for the harvest bounty to rise and fall back to the Earth for her winter keeping.  I’m in no hurry for all that.  Fall is my favorite time of the year, with all that colour and musk of the land filling me up.  I welcome it; always wanting it to last longer.

Some deaths move fast, some linger on in the letting go.  I wonder with that said will I linger with the vibrant colour of living, or will I let my Autumn lay me beneath a thick layer of leaf and pine, to Winter quickly.  There is that unknown.

Sunlight is just kissing the tips of the leaves in that golden glow of magic.  A hundred stomping squirrels make my roof an amusement park.  A crow gives it’s warning.  The day calls in it’s unexpected possibilities.  I let the coffee do it’s magic even in my very slow rising.


Leaves kissed by the Sun

Whisper of morning breezes

Summer calls to Fall


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It’s Already Here

I woke this morning with a low clap of thunder.  The sky so dark I thought it was way earlier in the morning than it was.  The smell of the rain filling me up.  We needed the rain, with all these beautiful sunny summer days.  The earth was dry.  She needed a good drink.

I welcome the rumble of the thunder and the moisture of this mornings rain.  I let the metaphor of it fill me.


Strike up the band

make us some noise

There’s change a comin’

It’s gonna pull at your joy.


It’s already a risin’

It’s a huge whirl and a swirl

It’s already Here people

It gave no curtsy no twirl


Take no heed of the violence

It will suck fear into your head

Make peace in you corners

Away from fears plague and dread


Find places to dance

Hold love’s song free in your heart

Make joy in each chance

Before this Earth you’ll depart


It’s already a risin’

It’s a huge whirl and a swirl

It’s already Here people

It gave no curtsy no twirl


There’s choice in your attitude

That parts fully up to you

The Earth, she’s a shifting

She’ll take you along too


Breath in the soft breezes

Exhale fear’s angered duress

Give away what does not serve you

Make way for love’s Breathe


It’s already a risin’

It’s a huge whirl and a swirl

It’s already Here people

It gave no curtsy no twirl








My Soul says “Yes”


My Soul say ‘Yes’


Heart wakes to the rise

The call to listen

Listen deep

touch deep

Feel deep


down In

below the surfaces

Out into the way beyond


Of the way between spaces

Of the fathomless

of no matter


in the


in the listen

in the deep shallow

of the dark light reaching

Where All is One


Om mani padme hum

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