Do Not Enter…

This poem comes from a prompt of Jill Badonsky.    “Write to expose those things that need light to be shed upon them.”

What are those place within and around that have a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign on them?


It wasn’t hard to push at that mind space

The sign, Do Not Enter, was a lazy drape over the frontal lobe

Almost like it was ready to slip right out my open mouth

With a sudden blurt, an uninhibited want to speak the hidden

How many times had it been readjusted perfectly to ward that off?


The mind was churning with want to expose

The  heart voice hoped to know better of it

The bubble and brew within the cranial housing

couldn’t hold the thoughts old and hungry for release

Readjusting the signs yet again hoping no one would knock


Hoping that what needed to fly out into the open

could be contained

a little longer,

a little longer

just a little longer.


Clarity’s want gave one hard pound on the bony surface

Took hold of that Do Not Enter sagging there

Flipped it off like a spider on a shoulder

Out rolled the hurt, the frustration,

The holding on for dear life.


It wasn’t meant to hurt the beloved traveling The Path

Only to speak to what drives the hurt

What lays waste to  dreams

What shudders and boils old fear

And here we are blistered, peeling pain off


Never was the want of clarity so unclear

There is no re-hanging the Do Not Enter

There is no taking back what needed saying

The sign fell and seethes in the pot of life’s letting go

Adding single drops of forgiveness to get it right again

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KINDNESS… a pantoum

There is no ponder to an act of kindness

Kindness comes as it will like breathing

It is the only pathway to peace and love

A lay down of all that holds us to fear and resistance


Kindness comes as it will like breathing

There is never a time it doesn’t caress the heart

A lay down of all that holds us to fear and resistance

Choices lead to consequences


There is never a time it doesn’t caress the heart

Fear stains the heart’s beat with certain death

Choices lead to consequences

Sequences, like bad habits need adjusting


Fear stains the heart’s beat with certain death

In your defenselessness your safety lies

Sequences, like bad habits need adjusting

How will you adjust to Kindness’s call?


In your defenselessness your safety lies

It is the only pathway to peace and love

How will you adjust to Kindness’s call?

There is no ponder to an act of kindness




I think this is the longest I’ve gone with out laying out a post in the last two years.  Not for laziness.

I’m shifting.  Moving my inner workings about.  Re-calibrating.  Pondering next steps.  Anyone else feeling a new pull, a certain whisper on the wind?

For awhile it won’t be every day of diving into a moment with poetry.  I’m going to let the muse have me and wander me about in other places that words need to be written in.  I hope to allow it all to bubble and brew in this heart cauldron of mine.

heart reflection



Wash the dishes, clean your room

feed the dog, mow the lawn

Allowances were given


drop the glass, forget the errand

often late, missed the plane

Allowances were given


In the allow of this for the giving of that

In the allow of that for the misplace of this

in doing the right thing to the forgetting


Open to the allow it to happen as it will

In the generosity of the space not yet filled

up with doing and mind jumble


Where does it matter most on the life way

that allows possibility in the night and day

of what can be seen or hides in the shadows?


When allowance feeds the greater good

and gives the free flow a kind radiance

that lights the way for others.




POETRY BLOCKED. me n’ Roald Dahl

26TH day… I think what I did might look clear enough.  Took a page from a Roald Dahl Book. and then I blocked out words to make some Haikus.

There are 3 of them, I separated them by the pink lines.  It’s challenging to read and more challenging block out and make any sense.  It was kinda fun.  I’ve done it long ago and forgot it’s what it is.  Makes my want DairyQueen and big Buster Parfait .   mmmm yummy










DAY 20, NaPoWriMo


Inhale the Sunshine

Fill up on all that is light

Laze in your warmth


Fill the air with love

Exhale from an open heart

Inhale the Sunshine


No wander is lost

Pleasure in the getting there

No end to the trip


Pleasure the journey

Ease to the rhythm

No wander is lost


This is your moment

Is your moment this?

Your moment this is

Moment this is yours


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Fear Or LOve… Boston, Texas, The World.

18th day, NaPoWriMo


I thought I might not ‘go’ to the tragedy of Boston, of Texas, the spots of angry fire, and fear, with all the pain of it, the anguish of it.  My inclination is to seek some joy past the horror and grief.  To not join in with the fear, to not feed it the food of my angry/sad feelings and still feel deeply, passionately, without avoidance.  Fear is not what I wish to feed.  And feelings are not for my evasion; necessary to have so they don’t build in my body and create a whole other kind of pain.  And in this mix of emotions stirred by personal and world events, I invite grace and gratitude, joy and peace, into the cauldron, while I stir in love and the spirit of Oneness that I believe we all share in.


I will not feed the fear

In the having of feelings

that get drench and expose

burned and seared with the



Comprehending the allowance

of loss as it fills me

letting in what will tear

away in that vast salty

ocean of endings


Grateful for the salty

bouncy in the fear of

drowning rising to the

surface a buoy bobbing

seeking a safe shore


I will not feed the fear

in the having of feelings

that need to be felt

in the vulnerability

of living love expressively


Of rising to an angry

cause to pray away

unfathomable acts of

violence that feed the

fear and fearful


I will have my


I will have my


I will have my


I will have my



I will have all of me



I will feed forgiveness





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What I feed grows.  Bodily and spiritual nurturance comes with positive intake and outsource.  I choose to feed Love and Peace.  I choose Joy.  Tragedy needs Loving intent and especially needs the outpouring of Generosity of spirit, care and kindness.   A tragic boy with a twisted mind is as tragic as the dark depress he poured on innocence life.  I pray for them all.

I find myself practicing the Hawiian HO’oponopono, “Making it right”. I seek some part of the tragedy within myself, i.e., my loss of innocence, or maybe some piece within me that feels like a twisted mind moment . I identify it, I sit with it quietly, and give this prayer, ‘ I’m sorry. I forgive you, I love you. thank you.’ By healing my own inner demons, or painful loss of innocence, or whatever… I help heal the world.  And so it is.




Death of innocence..

I’m sorry. I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I love you. Thank you


Twisted mind

I’m sorry. I love you. Forgive me. I’m so sorry. I love you. Thank you


Loss of loved ones

I love you.  I’m sorry. I love you. Forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank you.


War within and without

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I love you. Forgive me. Thank you


Inner demons

I love you. I love you.  I’m sorry. Forgive me.  I’m sorry. I love you. Thank you.



I’m sorry. Forgive me. Forgive me. I love you.  Thank you



Forgive me. I’m sorry. I love you.  I’m sorry.  Forgive me.  Thank you



I’m sorry.  I love you.  I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me.  Forgive me. Thank you



I’m sorry.  I love you. Forgive me.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  Forgive me. Thank you


No being enough

I love you.  I love you.  I’m sorry.  Forgive me.  I love you.  I love you.  I love you. Thank you




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Gerald Jampolsky is one of my mentors; one of my spiritual leaders.  Though I only shared a few brief moments within in workshops in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I found his work deeply compelling.  It moved my heart and shifted my view of life, and All relationships. 

  HIs first book, Love Is Letting Go of The Fear, was an AHHa moment for me.  It resonated deep.  It made my soul remember, and for all these decades, I unflinchingly hold to the premise that: There is Love and Fear, and when I am in fear I am in the absence of Love.  And when I am In Love, there is no Fear.  NO FEAR.  Fear and Love can not happen simultaneously. For me, I choose Love.  Love in the ‘Be Here NOw’;  a perfect synchronicity.  It is my ‘practice’ amidst the challenges and paradox of living Here, in the Be Now.




Todays message:  ‘All that I give Is given to myself’.


There is not selfish content in the embrace of the give and receive

A heart open without expectation, gives.

The receive is the pleasure of giving


Duality finds center in the heart beat

Rare are the moments of perfect peacefulness

Free at last from separation in the Dark and Light of it


Give.  Receive perfect peace, perfect Love.  Give





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Equinox was a beautiful thing… and the distraction of it gave to no poetry yesterday.  The first time in 547 days.  EEk.

I actually wonder how I let this wondrous day slip by with out a word.  well.. I had lots of words and some drumming.  A Tibetan bowl that sung me into a daze; It was a StarGate Detroit day.  Sunny at first with magnificent Clouds, then as we praised the day in Hart/Heart Plaza, the rain found the land and us chanting beneath it.


When you have the time… should you be so inclined; Here is a movie I invite you to see.  I think it’s life altering and enhancing.  www.thrivemovement.com   I would very much like a discussion around it.  I will be like no other film you have ever seen.  Thanks

Would it be that we thrive

The land gracious in abundance

Gifts of plenty held to a ripe land

The invitation to take what is needed

asking in the unconditional for no return


Would it be that we thrive

The land unceremoniously taken

Plenty is ravaged leaving land depleted

The Company of the party a destructive guest

Never to leave till all is harbored away from sharing


Would it be that we thrive

When the few want for nothing

And the many struggle for fertile land

clean water, sustenance for their loved ones

A waste land of little, stripped for the greed and power


Would it be that we thrive

A Earth tired from no return

A people held to fear based thinking

A belief that someone else will fix it, change it

In the wait of more being taken than the gift of giving


Would it be that we thrive

When at last we escape from fear

Claim our soul from the Devil’s greed

Give thanks for our return to a shared existence

Where we all win and reap the goodness and joy of abundance


We will thrive when negative thinking

loses it’s power and the pleasure of kindness

is our daily supplement and stewardship of this land

and sky, and wind, and water is our great honor to cherish

WE Will Thrive when we are One.










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How about that eclipse last night?  I was in a field singing and dancing that led to a meditation. Thank you Tanya and Michael for holding space for the experience.  I was celebrating myself with the Earth and the whole of the Universe.  I felt like a conduit between heaven and earth.  Truly, I felt the sacredness of life and myself.  

One of the songs we sang was,  We are the Ones We’ve been waiting for.



I invite you to take a moment and imagine… YOU are the one you have been waiting for.  YOU ARE  the One you’ve been waiting for.  YOU ARE THE ONE…








I am 

the One




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