Gerald Jampolsky is one of my mentors; one of my spiritual leaders.  Though I only shared a few brief moments within in workshops in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I found his work deeply compelling.  It moved my heart and shifted my view of life, and All relationships. 

  HIs first book, Love Is Letting Go of The Fear, was an AHHa moment for me.  It resonated deep.  It made my soul remember, and for all these decades, I unflinchingly hold to the premise that: There is Love and Fear, and when I am in fear I am in the absence of Love.  And when I am In Love, there is no Fear.  NO FEAR.  Fear and Love can not happen simultaneously. For me, I choose Love.  Love in the ‘Be Here NOw’;  a perfect synchronicity.  It is my ‘practice’ amidst the challenges and paradox of living Here, in the Be Now.




Todays message:  ‘All that I give Is given to myself’.


There is not selfish content in the embrace of the give and receive

A heart open without expectation, gives.

The receive is the pleasure of giving


Duality finds center in the heart beat

Rare are the moments of perfect peacefulness

Free at last from separation in the Dark and Light of it


Give.  Receive perfect peace, perfect Love.  Give





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Equinox was a beautiful thing… and the distraction of it gave to no poetry yesterday.  The first time in 547 days.  EEk.

I actually wonder how I let this wondrous day slip by with out a word.  well.. I had lots of words and some drumming.  A Tibetan bowl that sung me into a daze; It was a StarGate Detroit day.  Sunny at first with magnificent Clouds, then as we praised the day in Hart/Heart Plaza, the rain found the land and us chanting beneath it.


When you have the time… should you be so inclined; Here is a movie I invite you to see.  I think it’s life altering and enhancing.  www.thrivemovement.com   I would very much like a discussion around it.  I will be like no other film you have ever seen.  Thanks

Would it be that we thrive

The land gracious in abundance

Gifts of plenty held to a ripe land

The invitation to take what is needed

asking in the unconditional for no return


Would it be that we thrive

The land unceremoniously taken

Plenty is ravaged leaving land depleted

The Company of the party a destructive guest

Never to leave till all is harbored away from sharing


Would it be that we thrive

When the few want for nothing

And the many struggle for fertile land

clean water, sustenance for their loved ones

A waste land of little, stripped for the greed and power


Would it be that we thrive

A Earth tired from no return

A people held to fear based thinking

A belief that someone else will fix it, change it

In the wait of more being taken than the gift of giving


Would it be that we thrive

When at last we escape from fear

Claim our soul from the Devil’s greed

Give thanks for our return to a shared existence

Where we all win and reap the goodness and joy of abundance


We will thrive when negative thinking

loses it’s power and the pleasure of kindness

is our daily supplement and stewardship of this land

and sky, and wind, and water is our great honor to cherish

WE Will Thrive when we are One.










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How about that eclipse last night?  I was in a field singing and dancing that led to a meditation. Thank you Tanya and Michael for holding space for the experience.  I was celebrating myself with the Earth and the whole of the Universe.  I felt like a conduit between heaven and earth.  Truly, I felt the sacredness of life and myself.  

One of the songs we sang was,  We are the Ones We’ve been waiting for.



I invite you to take a moment and imagine… YOU are the one you have been waiting for.  YOU ARE  the One you’ve been waiting for.  YOU ARE THE ONE…








I am 

the One




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**********          **********          **********

~~~~~~~~~~          *          ~~~~~~~~~~

Within the ocean roar and the great shedding

Imagining the flow feeding the land

Ebbing on the edges of the what next

Sniffling away the woe of sifting sand


Sitting quiet to the deeper listen

Chapel bells play a heart felt chime

Filling up on the breeze that carries

A song to ease the busy mind


Deep within the tinkle gathers

Calls the sorrow out to the sea

Rising up the whole world’s laughter

Begins to fill every part of me


Feel the chortle and the giggle

Feel the woe give way to joy

Forgive the unforgivable  

Let your laughter be deployed


And so it goes in the whole wide world

Woe and laughter shift and swirl

Ever present both be given 

Make your choice what one will curl


All around your life in present

One will come and the other will go

Back again  one or the other

What attitude will you let flow?




31  Jan 2012    >  10/19/1   >  Wheel of Fortune/Sun/magician


If it’s your birthday or you’re feeling contemplative as this day unfolds here are some thoughts to consider:

On this ‘1’ day/year things to consider are how you initiate life.  How you shine, how you hold the tools of your life and move with them, use them.  It’s a time to know where you stand/sit in the wheel of life.  Do you stand centered, at the edges, or are you pushing the edges?

How would you like to shine as this year/day unfolds for you?

As you look to your tool box of life, what tool(s) best fit how you wish to have your life experience?

Is this a time to push the edges of life, or stand at the center of it?  Both?

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           ****    ~~~~    ****



I cried for the whole world today

The entirety of all it filling me

Every ocean, every sea, every lake

every river, every pond, every puddle

I drank it all in and spilled it out

Sobs of sorrow and grief

Wails for poverty and loss

Howls for war and death

I wept for the dead kitten

I wept for my sick brother

I wept for a friend in need

I wept for me and you and them

I shook with the violence of

all those tears released

The magnitude of it all 


I cried for the whole world

I was the oceans and seas

and lakes and rivers and ponds.

For awhile, I let myself puddle

and then I prayed for peace

and love and kindness

healing and gratitude

I sniveled out hope

I gave a whimper of forgiveness

I moaned out a I’m sorry

When the tidal wave of it ceased

and the whole world had my heart

I forgave myself 





30 jan 2012    >  9/18   >   Hermit/Moon


If this be your birthday or just another wonderful day, here are some thoughts and questions to consider.

The Hermit shares his/her wisdom.  He holds a beacon of light that sways in the faraway or maybe the foggy night letting you know that wisdom is not so faraway and that the fog can be lifted with a thought and action.

Even in the shadows of the Moon, light isn’t but a step out where what was hidden can be seen or found.

How will you step out of your shadows?

What light do see just over there that calls to you to take action?

How do you bring the ‘faraway’ within reach?


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25 DEC 2011  >  5/14  >  Hierophant/Alchemy/Art


How do you ‘birth’ your own spirit of kindness, peace, and compassion?

What is impossible that is  possible?

How do you define the source of Creativity?


Tho’ my spiritual journey does not embrace the Christian tradition that Jesus is my personal savior,I do acknowledge and honor the man Jesus and his life of giving, his unconditional love, compassion, kindness, and ability to Forgive.

On this day that symbolizes his birth, I sit here and honor the ‘birth’ of  all those things within myself; that I may be compassionate, kind, loving, giving, and able to forgive.

Everyday, is day to birth these elements of a life well lived in the consciousness of their expression.  How might you ‘birth’ the symbol of the Christ Child within yourself?


Give Joy to the World

Unconditional is love

Spring forgives Winter


Merry be your days

stack the cards in your favor

make a deal with Love


Who are you kidding

We always knew the true you

Let’s pop the bubbly








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4 dec 2011      >    18/9    >    Moon/Hermit


How do you burden yourself with trying to hard to get it alllll done?

As you sit quietly for a moment, what answers is right there waiting for you to hear?

Are you liking the pattern of your life?  What would you change?


The outside weather report:  all icky and raining.  Still too early for the Sun.  It will be hiding behind the grey.

The inside weather report:  slept for 9hours.  Oddly kinda sleepy, but then the patter of rain lulls my senses.  The cranky of yesterday fell away with the sleep.  Wondering how to tend to a situation that is annoying for me.  EEk.. I feel like I just wrote a ‘Dear Diary’ entry.  I guess I did.  Well, chuckle my way into that one.

Oh.. and I know you want to know that I am sippy the coffee with new and wonderful coffee.  Why did I stray from the best?  Silly me.

~~~~~~~~~         999999999         ~~~~~~~~~


There is no shutting her up, she needs to hear herself

maybe to feel alive, maybe to feel connected, 

maybe cause her audience is captive

maybe cause it’s her only way in to being heard

maybe cause she lonely and her need is great.


I’m pretty sure she has no idea why herself

Her spew in constant jabber fills the room

Suffocating toxic spillage of words held together

In sentences of advise and her way to rightness

A need rather than an exchange or a sharing


A need so great that I can feel a pain behind it

That well of loneliness that aches to the center of the earth

A lonely that can never be reach or fed by anyone or thing

Maybe that is why I find it unbearable some days

That fear that lives in her loneliness and the stalk of death


I can find compassion, give a little kindness and goodness

imagine a colorful cosmic vacuum sweeping up the place

That can gather the spillage in the room filled with her

Endless, chronic verbiage that slams into the walls

fills all the space with her congested fear 






OPONOPONO….  “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you.  thank you.”  






writing poems everyday


family and friends

Good coffee









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