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remembering what needed remembering


The path home is so unlike the path through the trees

and ferns, the intense voice of green calling up

all and every bit of lush and bloom. Up and

out for Spring’s few weeks of rising in her

Northern exposure.


The last of the trillium bent down to give

her final breath to earth till her next year.

While the poppies make a field of orange

and purple heads up to seek the sun

in it’s path across the northern sky.


I made words to stories of childhood amidst

the quiet of this place of Clearing and creating.

Feeling the spaciousness beneath forest wild

with the dappled blue of sky and the floor of

hungry life rising green for the carpet


Childhood didn’t know this place.  I held her

hand as we walked the paths, sat together

in an arbor of green, inhaled the wonders

of how those days brought us to these days

We remembered what needed remembering.



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word pool/world pool

9 oct 2011    >  5/14  >     Hierophant/Art


What gathers you to your spiritual Path?

What of the impossible do you pray to happen?

Did you know that you are Creation’s Infinite possibility?


I’m feeling like an old wet coat hanging in a damp place to dry.  Dang!  Feelings all a jumble and set on harsh edges living under an old moldy coat.  Trying to shake it all off.   And all that Fall sun and colour calling me out to feel the season.  Some days are just like that. Right?

I wrote for a prompt last night with my on-line writing group.  It was a word pool prompt plus picture.  We are invited to pick one word or all the words and let ourselves fall into a writing.  I used most of the words.   The picture is one I had been sent and I re-posted it out to facebook.  Lots of sending going on.  The artist,  Zeno Frudakis, is the artist of this sculpture.  I decided I would put here the result of my word prompt.   There is something about it I liked and wanted to share here.



emerge, edgy, elongate, ethereal, underneath, land, portray, leaf, lightly, luxuriate, leap, corduroy, juniper, cheer, chair, lock, woman, peek, side-ways, looking good, black.



~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****    ~~~~


Naked and vulnerable I come from the dark void

My emergence; a leap into an ethereal existence

I am a portrait of a new world un-locked

I am a cheer sung by the Universe unfolding 


My edges smooth out in this the land of soft edges

My body births her own story for the telling

There is no side-ways or casual peeks in the straight ahead

I am underneath nothing that limits me 


I am an elongated light that lays a Path for others to follow

Out of the black form that at last has pushed us out free

I am the smell of juniper’s winter breath on a summer day

I am the luxury of what pure joy knows.

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