Full Moon Capricorn this after noon in 12d Capricorn 2:53 pm EST.  This is a busy day astrologically and the effects of it will last for a 2/3 days on either side of it.   Lots of squares that challenge you. Plus Pluto, in Capricorn, he/she who goes deep to break down unneeded structure and pushes emotions as far as they can go to set you/us free from what doesn’t serve life, now sits next to the Moon.   Capricorn tends to want to restrict the emotions held in the Moon, Where Cancer,  where the Sun resides, wants to nurture.  The yin yang  experience is ‘full’ on facing each other.  With Pluto going deep and really asking you to experience a timeless sense of being and inviting you to release emotional debris that you no longer need and that messes with you Self Worth.

There is way to much to say here this morning about all this. 

If you are sensitive to the Astrological journey in your life, be aware that you emotions will run high and you might not know exactly what to do with them.  The stability of feelings might not feel stable at all. They may feel caught in your throat, or your heart, wanting release or beating you up for not being your ‘best self’ in your opinion.  Trust yourself, you are worthy and enough just as you are.  Maybe find safe, creative ways to express yourself.  Heck.. howl at that Full Moon.

 Last night’s splendor, Dease Lake, MI

Full she is in all her glory

Shining bright with her story

A call to be the best of self

Go deep with in to trust your self


What was stable might not be

Change in structures are what we see

Yesterdays have all gone by

Tomorrow can not be your rely


Trapped with feeling held too hard

Fear of letting down your guard

Face your demons one by one

Take your time to be undone


Notice all your feelings deep

Those that take away your sleep

Believe in what makes you whole

Let your goodness be the story told


Full you are as fullness goes

Shining bright release the hold

Ease your days with open heart

Toss fear away for a new start


You are enough as you are

Find that place it isn’t far

The best of you a full moon rise

I see the silver light of love in your eyes


Be the change you wish to see

Be all you were ever meant to be

Full of love and gracious Light

Be At Oneness with this Full moon Night




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