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She Turns On Her Axis

Full Moon in Pisces.   Friday the 13th.

Good morning…I let this day rise in me with simply sitting here imaging the moon in Her Fullness, and me, being the conduit for whatever words she wishes me to write.  Unedited as she speaks through me.


She turns on her axis

Feet muddied in the long walk

With no destination she feels

the pivot in her breath

in her heart

in the ley lines of her soul

that call her to directions


In the upside down

In the inside out

In her all around


A digestion of spaciousness

A de-polarization of what human

  make of truths


She turns on her axis 



upside down ways

Looking at the Full Moon

Hanging above



She rests in this rotation

Calmed in the circle of


Filled by the voice of

a thousand unheard songs

pulsed to her heart

in the brilliance of


How Infinity opens her heart

to the full vastness

of every known and unknown

way Love remembers Herself

Nothing else ever mattered


The Moon licks away the mud

on her feet

Kisses her toes in reverence

Gently pushes the fulcrum

of her breath

In the sway of perfect Uni-scense 



cc  jeanne adwani

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Skookumchuck Narrows before the tide came in on a full moon night


SKOOKUMCHUCK NARROWS, BC.   2005  The tide came in.


I take the Narrow’s tempestuousness slit

My boat lost to a long ago of well being

The full moon calls the Sea to give rise to the tide

She pulls its out to bring it in

What comes  in greets what is going out

a violent swirl, a vortex of pull and funneled force

A ride like wild mustangs in a fevered run

Holding on as if life means everything

And everything means nothing

but to ride out the tide


I take the Narrows on this full moon night

For want to imagine this journey of all journeys

Will gather  me in under the luminous night orb

Drown me to make me wholy and awakened

to rise out of the depths of my ending

Washed clean. left naked, pulling in air

before my lungs explode in defeat

Dreaming of the gills that let me swim

before this time of living knew that limitation.


I took the Narrows to an ending

Finding the breath of a new beginning

Waiting for the next unfolding.


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day 21…



Return to Earth’s wisdom

Listen to the message she calls you to hear

With heart centered silence, wait

The roots of the trees know your every move


Abide gently on this surface

Take no more than what you can return

Be not a cancer that will extinct itself

Let the Spring wash you clean


Give prayer for all this abundance

Fill up on the gratitude of Earth’s offerings

Steward the place that you live and breath on

She evolves as you do


We are all connected

Not one small seed, or grain of sand

Is without the grace and presence

Of being here sharing this space with you


Return to Earth’s wisdom

Breath with the wind

Walk with the roots

Let the rain purify you

Lay in the grass and listen

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Haiku Monday… day 14 LUNAR Eclipse.

Moon eclipse blood red

Between Earth and night fullness

Feel your tides rising


Ominous becomes full

Earth swipes across moon shining

What is open bleeds


What gives you fullness?

That eclipses across your night

Awakening your day





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Sir Chaos, Lady NoT Enough and the HokeY PoKey

It's what's ALL about

It’s what’s ALL about

There’s no lose in the let go, if chaos finds another body to live in.

It’s the chaos that tumbles what isn’t anymore into this vat of never full.

When the not enough swills on your lonely blood as an intruder does

from so very long ago that you forever feel tainted no matter how

full of self you seek to find yourself cultivating.

I don’t know about you, when the fight to keep your cup of goodness

as full as possible, and Sir Chaos and his confidante, Lady Not Enough

invite you to drink from their chalice in ‘oh just have a little bit of me”.

And you’re so thirsty for the ‘story’ you got going on about ‘only if’ and

‘maybe if I just…” and “I could have done it like…”  that a little bit

of their something seems welcome as they count on your self betrayal.

Don’t think the 3rd law of thermodynamics isn’t waiting for you

to tumble out of paradise.  Or maybe it’s a tumble back into Paradise.

We’ve had it all wrong from the get go.  It’s a ploy to embrace these

two lovebirds as one of our own.  Get to know them like family members.

Love them in the ‘no matter what’ of their happy battering of our senses.

Smother them with love songs and cuddle and rock them like children.

Shift their points of power from having it over us, to that embrace of

owning the chaos and the not enough as swirling bits of our own

joyful madness, that now we have more than enough of and share equally

in the power where there is no struggle.  Could it be?  Did I write myself

into a warm embrace with what I gave my power away to?  And now

I’m falling in love with Chaos and Lady Not Enough as I give my self

over to them like I gave my body over to every other damn thing that

likened to steal my goodness away as I make my way out of here?

I feel better now sharing the power plays and ill determined self critiques

that seem indigenous to negative thinking.  Loving the unlovable.

It is now clear to me that The Hokey Pokey is what’s it’s all about…

“Put your whole self in.

You put your whole self out

You put your whole self in

And you shake it all about

You do the Hokey Pokey

and you turn yourself around

THAT’s what it’s ALL about.”

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off to the Dease for some full moon release

Going to the Dease this morning.  Another full moon rises to lay it’s light across the lake.  I plan to shimmer under it’s light and maybe let my shadow follow me around



quiet light breaking

moves whisper soft this morning

full moon fills this night


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Morning people… Us geezer girly-fiends will make our decent down the state with the big wind.  Leaving the bigger wind and the turbulent Lake Michigan to slam at the land.  Not a ‘rock hounds’ day at the beach.

Sandy had her way with the East coast and snow pummels in feet the Appalachians.   West coast has its continued earthquakes and Nature wins.



If you haven’t bared the Nature of you

feel the metaphor roll across your land


From outside in the sea of you churns

in storming tidal waves of  feeling


Pouring down on to the roads and into the subways

Of the deep of you, on the land you claim


Does Nature make for coincidence in her expressions?

Does She swirl like a might galaxy over the waters?


In the ‘As Above So Below’ for us to understand

In the bearing down of her a reminder that she wins


More than often her grace gives to blue and Sun

And full moon nights light the sky in magic glow


There is nothing she is not capable of expressing

In the vastness of creativity made manifest for us to imagine


We are of her nature in  the nature of Her

Elemental beings expressing our vast creativity


We are Sunny days and violent oceans

White deep winters and vacant deserts


We are giggling brooks and bolts of lightening

Surging tides and forest moss resting


We are gentles rains and our earth cracking open

spilling out our hot lava and gentle kissing the shore


We are Nature’s nature….

Think not that you will not win








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This is a sexy full moon on a very deep level as it is a Wesak Moon for Buddhist (see quote below). This is one power-full moon, give yourself to the possibilities…  I have quoted  from this web site… check it out for the full article



“This Scorpio Full Moon is also called the Wesak Moon, the most auspicious day in Buddhism, for it celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.  In this energetic opposition between Taurus and Scorpio, we are all called to the great union with Nature and the heavens, celebrating the Divine within Nature and within ourselves.  Like the Buddha, we are called to acknowledge the divine spirit in our human nature as we overcome and release the emotional demons that plague us and separate us from our spiritual inheritance…”


There’s no where to go but Full

Full out and shining on

Glowing big and sexy

Surfing the tide of your soul

while gravity pulls you down

Layin’ you all out bright like

On meadow green to dance

your vulnerability to love


For the Maypole has all your

give away and wanna be

Woven tight with all of us 

Rainbow celebrants giving

all the gold away cause there

is enough Sun for everyone

Always enough for us all


Go big and full and sexy

Weave your all with us All

Celebrate the orbital pull 

that brings us all in for the 

midnight swim that gives flow

to all our souls united in 

that Moon’s glorious glow

Come swim with me



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Mornin’  sippy… sippy sippy the coffee.  Today’s prompt from the NaPoWriMo site is to choose a color and give it a poetic hit.  Reminds me immediately of Barbara Streisand’s … Color Book.  That feels all pathetic and dark black brownish.  My mother was addicted to listening to it when I was in high school.  That was a story I found out about years later.

And now… dadgumit, I can’t get that song outta my mind.  OK Babs, a new take on that old dark black brownish one of yours.  NOTE.. The original one follows my new and improved Coloring Book.  


 My crayon box has every color

A rainbow in every hue

I feel the call to use black 

to make room for the

Full bright Moon


A place to paint the celestial

To see the Milky Way

Imagine the many Galaxy

That whirl with planets

and stars each day


Spectacular is the midnight sky

A carpet glittered with Infinite spark

Capturing the light of the Sun’s

last call as it rolls down the horizon

to night


My crayon box has every color

A rainbow in every hue

I choose to use black as night

To see the starlight shimmer

To bring Infinite you





Here is the Original…


For those who fancy coloring book

As certain people do

He’s a new one for you

A most unusual coloring book


The kind you never see

Crayons ready, very well

Begin to color me

These are the eyes that watched him


As he walked away

Color them gray

This is the heart that thought

He would always be true


Color it blue

These are the arms that held him

And touched him then lost him somehow

Color them empty now


These are the beads I wore

Until she came between

Color them green

This is the room I sleep in


And walk in and weep in

Hiding that nobody sees

Color it lonely, please

This is the man


The one I depended upon

Color him gone 

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12 nov 2011        >     18/9    <       Moon/Hermit


What ‘moon shadow’ is following you?

Can you close your eye and imagine basking under the light of the Silvery Full Moon?

Can you take responsibility for you own ‘story’ and not project it onto someone else?


Sippy the coffee.  I do believe grinding my own coffee makes it taste better.  Same coffee I had in my last bag only now it’s beans instead of ground.  It’s an explosion of freshness making ‘sippy the coffee’ an even more satisfying experience.  Damn…I’m a happy woman.

Good MOrning Saturday.    I  might even put me woolies on and go to the farmers-market after this little blog experience.   I better git on the poetry line and lay me some garble down.

weeee haaaa.




Full moon lingers, lays the bright down

All round the light path leads to you


The cycle patterns in slivers of crescent

luminescent wane finds her waxing


The repeat brings me back to you then

When the new knows her darkness


Shadows give their story for your telling

The welling Light shares her slice of return 


Finds her fullness phase in the repeating

Never fleeting the dark to light that leads to you


The light to dark that patterns to me

I see you in the light and the darkness


I see you.  namaste’





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