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Mornin’  sippy… sippy sippy the coffee.  Today’s prompt from the NaPoWriMo site is to choose a color and give it a poetic hit.  Reminds me immediately of Barbara Streisand’s … Color Book.  That feels all pathetic and dark black brownish.  My mother was addicted to listening to it when I was in high school.  That was a story I found out about years later.

And now… dadgumit, I can’t get that song outta my mind.  OK Babs, a new take on that old dark black brownish one of yours.  NOTE.. The original one follows my new and improved Coloring Book.  


 My crayon box has every color

A rainbow in every hue

I feel the call to use black 

to make room for the

Full bright Moon


A place to paint the celestial

To see the Milky Way

Imagine the many Galaxy

That whirl with planets

and stars each day


Spectacular is the midnight sky

A carpet glittered with Infinite spark

Capturing the light of the Sun’s

last call as it rolls down the horizon

to night


My crayon box has every color

A rainbow in every hue

I choose to use black as night

To see the starlight shimmer

To bring Infinite you





Here is the Original…


For those who fancy coloring book

As certain people do

He’s a new one for you

A most unusual coloring book


The kind you never see

Crayons ready, very well

Begin to color me

These are the eyes that watched him


As he walked away

Color them gray

This is the heart that thought

He would always be true


Color it blue

These are the arms that held him

And touched him then lost him somehow

Color them empty now


These are the beads I wore

Until she came between

Color them green

This is the room I sleep in


And walk in and weep in

Hiding that nobody sees

Color it lonely, please

This is the man


The one I depended upon

Color him gone 

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12 nov 2011        >     18/9    <       Moon/Hermit


What ‘moon shadow’ is following you?

Can you close your eye and imagine basking under the light of the Silvery Full Moon?

Can you take responsibility for you own ‘story’ and not project it onto someone else?


Sippy the coffee.  I do believe grinding my own coffee makes it taste better.  Same coffee I had in my last bag only now it’s beans instead of ground.  It’s an explosion of freshness making ‘sippy the coffee’ an even more satisfying experience.  Damn…I’m a happy woman.

Good MOrning Saturday.    I  might even put me woolies on and go to the farmers-market after this little blog experience.   I better git on the poetry line and lay me some garble down.

weeee haaaa.




Full moon lingers, lays the bright down

All round the light path leads to you


The cycle patterns in slivers of crescent

luminescent wane finds her waxing


The repeat brings me back to you then

When the new knows her darkness


Shadows give their story for your telling

The welling Light shares her slice of return 


Finds her fullness phase in the repeating

Never fleeting the dark to light that leads to you


The light to dark that patterns to me

I see you in the light and the darkness


I see you.  namaste’





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11-11-11 and a Frosty Full Moon to you

11 nov 2011  > 11/11/11 >   8/17  >   balance/adjustment/The Star

 Full MOON.. in taurus

The number 11 is clearly important today as well.  

A master number that speaks to humanity and the exchange of insight and intuition.  There is inspiration in this number and a decided desire to seek peace and find truth.

The full moon in Taurus is a sensual moon.  Full, round,tactile and seeking Earthy comforts.  It’s sexy.  So settle into your sexy sensual nature.  Touch, smell, caress, the simple things in life.  Take notice.

It’s a busy day today.  Take some quiet time and let yourself imagine  the comfort of Peace and well-being for yourself, your friends, family, and the global community.  



How will you adjust what feels out of balance?

What sumptuous, textural moment will you give yourself today?

How do you balance the spiritual you with the mundane you?

What ‘fullness’ rises out of touching and feeling the world around you?

~~~~~~~~       ((((((((    *    ))))))))        ~~~~~~~~


Frost Moon shining bright

Full the sky with light tonight

Call the elements for the show

Weave sensuality toward winter glow


Make us magic of peace and truth

Light the way sustain our roots

Gather up all heart’s desire

Fill the world with passion’s fire


Light the path of quietude

Fill the senses with gratitude

One is all and all for one

Poetic license is not undone


Frosty Moon of Taurus Earth

Sensual moments will feed your mirth

Trust your truth and set it free

You are all you will ever be


Love divine…







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11  oct  2011      >    7/16     >   Chariot/Tower


What happens when your focus becomes your obsession?  How do you know that ‘line’?

What do you give yourself fully to?

Are you aware of the boundary you have that says, it’s time to stop now?


Can you believe it’s almost the middle of Oct.?  yeowza.   It is a full moon today in astrological sign of Aries.  In EST,  it goes full full, at 10:07 pm.  It looks plenty full to me.  It’s call the Hunter’s moon or the Blood moon as it follows the Harvest moon of last month.  it is the first full moon after the Autumn Equinox.  It is said that this  moon is one for hunter’s to gather under the night sky for winter.  Oddly it will be the smallest full moon of the year.  Whatever it’s called it will be glorious.  In the sign of Aries, it is a busy moon.  Aries is about the self and it looks the Sun in Libra right in the eyes, and Libra is about others.   This a relationship full moon and the banter is between taking care of the self, making it all about you… and taking care of others.  Balance.  This moon seeks to illuminate that dynamic.   Go and feast your eye on it tonight.  And ponder how you feel affected by this brilliance.


~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~


I laid myself into the Moon

to swoon in the white light 

of the night sky calling


No whisper to my wait

The fate of the cycle called

me to her fullness


Brought me from the shadows

Shows me to the Light everlasting

feasting on the glow


Living the life of reflection

A resurrection to spirits call

The All holds us sacred 


I laid myself into the Moon

I swoon in the White Light

of the night sky’s call

     to my illumination








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