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Let’s talk Good News.  Not old poopy news.  Not all the drama of the ‘News’ that wants to grab us and drag us down into negative thinking and feeling.  I’m not having ‘my-chain-pulled’ by what I can’t do anything about.  Nor, do I wish to risk the pleasure of holding peace as a primary way to good living.  REally… I’m of the mind it is the only way to live and make the world a better place.  I can handle the being called a Peace-Nic, or an Old Hippy, or any number of slanged out jargon that prompts Peace n’ Love.  I’m Good with that.  Good NEWs.

More good new; I’m breathing… Still.  Not worried if I stop.  The Sun’s shinning and the sky has all kinds of business floating around in it, that looks fluffy and restful.  I can imagine the lovely drift of that carpet ride over the Earth n’ Sky.

Good News:  The greatest niece in the entire known world is going to be here any minute and That is some kinda Joy.



Choice gives a thumbs up on Joy

Compassion is hogging center stage

Laughter has a lot of nerve to fill me up

Kindness let’s the heart feel Big in giving

Love is in every inhale pushing the light on in

Light continues to shine everywhere


The Good News is we can end all war.

Inside and out if you believe you can.

End your inner war and make peace

with yourself so peace finds it’s way in

to the core of your Light in other’s eyes.

That is some damn good news.



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25 oct 2011     >  3/12/21   >   Empress/hangedone/The Universe


What kind of creative play might you indulge yourself in?

Can you name 3 things that you might consider looking at differently?

How would your define; your earthiness, your airiness, your wateriness, your fire?

~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   *** 

I want to be just like Alice

Writing a poem every day

I want to be just like Diane

All nice and considerate

I want to be just like Ann

Creative beyond measure

I want to be just like Mother Mary

birthing out love and compassion

I want to be just like Sophia Loren

Deliciously sexy for a life time

I want to be just like Jung

Famously brilliant psychologist

I want to be just like my dog

Gentle and kind every moment

I want to be a Three Musketeer 

And duel away all the evil

I want to be just like the Seasons

Embodying all the elements

I want to deny all fear

I want to embrace our Oneness

I want to love unconditionally

I want Peace on Earth

I want kindness to live in your heart

I want to be a brilliant moment


I want … 

            I want… 

                                 I want…


The truth is…. 

    Love wants for nothing






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“If you believe it you will see it”


11  August 2011   >   14/5   >   Alchemy/Hierophant


What seems impossible that you can make probable?

What’s your next step?

How will you serve your spiritual life?


The heat breaks at last.  Let me just say… YIPEE!.  I am not lover of hot n’ humid.  I slept like a baby last night; windows wide open, the night sounds of cicada and other, other- worldly insects that sing into the deep night.   The smell of summer softens when the heavy heat shifts.  Tho’ I’m not ready for summer to make her exit, I will joyfully welcome the spice of autumn.

 A friend of mine, sent me this in response to a question I asked yesterday.   I share it with you for your own pondering.   And I will ‘steal’ from her, her words for my own making.


“…how to live  “the rest of my life” ? — a question you’ll find yourself pondering more often as the years add up and the days get shorter.  Fate. What is that, Hey?  Good thing Happy Hour’s upon us ~it’s 5:00 Somewhere!”      Thanks Jude.


^^^  —-  ^^^  ___  ^^^  ___  


Ponder the years that add up

Days get shorter with age


Fate calls from over there

Behind the veil of tomorrow


Time is as much as it ever was

A happy hour is upon us


Drink up the moments with joy

Somewhere time is wasted


Find yourself in the question

Be the answer you always knew


Let the ‘rest of my life’ be well lived

Somewhere it’s 5:00 for the celebration


How to live is what we do each moment

“Live well and prosper” * 



*(Vulcan wisdom)




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Summer be bringin’ in shorter days.  It don’t make no sense, that shortin’ the days.  But there ya have it.  Gitz all hot and stifflin’.  Rain don’t fall much.  Grass is lookin’ like dried up straw.  The plants be drooping there little sorry ass heads.  It just ain’t right.  It Ain’t right!  I asked the sky to drop us some rain n’ all.  Blow out a cloud or two or three on behalf that the land done need it some wetness.   But NO… daddy sky be all blue, bright n’ cheery like…  Making the Sun all fire hot and beamin down on us fools all sweaty and stinky.  Mamma Earth be shakin’ her forests at daddy sky.  OOO.. there is gonna be some hot hell rising between those two, mark my words.  It ain’t gonna be pretty.  

Ya… well who done care what da hell I gotz to say.  I’m just some silly woman asking for some cool down and rain to fall.  I ain’t in no hurry for the fall to come n’all, but I gotta tell ya,  I like the days cooler and smelling cool and spicy.  Dats just me.  Not really a summer girl, less I’m laid out on a raft in the middle of the lake, diving beneath the surface for some cool down. Ya know whatz I mean?  Ain’t no lake to be had on this day.


Work calls and my girls needs me to coiff ‘em up just right and make ‘em real pretty.  It’s one of my pleasures makin’ ‘em feel real good bout themselves n’ all.  No frumpy comin’ from my beauty shop.  No sirry.  

Anyways, I gottzta get on with this little jabber ramble I gotz going on here.  Ya’ll probably wonderin’ ‘what is she all on about this morning,’ any ol’ way.  Just a ramblin’ fool caught in this sorta strange rhythm, passin’ it right on out at cha. WHY?  Well… cause I can.  It’s my dadgum silly ass blog and I can do this kinda thing.


Dar’s some poetry in it, I’m damn sure of it.  Let me see now… I call upon the Spirits of  The Poetry to lay their wonder all over me and give me up somthin’ special for ya’ll.  


Summer likes to put her stinky hot on

She’ll burnz yer feet 

makes ya  all sweaty wet too long


If yer smart yer Lookin’ for a dip in the pond

Preferin’ to swim all naked 

with no clothes on


You might claim to like these Dog Days

When Mr. Sun burns yer ass

 in many ways


Likely, yer hiding out in the shade

saying summer is nice

yer lying I knowz anyway


Me, I like to lay out in the cool

sippin’ my ice tea

long side the neighbor’s pool


If I had neighbors who had a pool

I don’t… silly fool


That is the best I gotz today…   later gators.


~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***


11  july 2011  >  13/4/0  >  Death/emperor/fool


Is it time for you to take a risk and just jump on in?

What do you need to do to rid yourself of all that unwanted ‘stuff’”?

Is it time for you to create better boundaries with your friends and family?



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LIMERICKS… yes… really

I decided to play with some Limerick

After all, word play is my schtick

You might be entertained

With this little game

have fun and see if they click




There was this lady from Lones

She had a way of throwing out her bones

With gestures of metaphor thought

She wrapped them in possibilities a lot

This Lady grew hazy in that zone



There once was this guy from Maples

He had charms, was willing and able

To cast out a golden thread

woe a wily woman to bed

This guy was a spy from Staples


There was this woman quite clever

it was said she was quite the be-deviler

She brewed in her cauldron

A potion of bones, smiles, and citron

And fed it to all the good fellers


She gave a limerick a shot

After all they’re funny as snot

If snot were funny

she’d jump like a bunny

and run in front of cars a lot




29 june 2011  > 21/12/3  >  Universe/hanged one/empress


What can you do to get a new perspective on things?

Are you in charge of your life?

What is it that brews in you that needs you to take action on?



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27  june  2011  >  19/10/1  >  Sun/wheel of fortune/Magician 


What magic in your life can you conjure up that will make life just right?

Do you need to get off of that wheel that just keeps you spinin’ in circles?

Can you just take a few moments today and let the Sun shine on your face?



The numbers have brought me to ‘my day’. Well how about that.  Like it hasn’t already been all about me.

Geeezer.  So… when you add up your birthday…   like you see above:  you keep reducing it till you get to a single number, thus, today is a ‘1’ day.     Get it?  So… if your birthday were say…. 

                  24 August  1955.. you’d do this..  2+4+8+1+9+5+5  = 34 = 3+4 = 7  Charioteer

 And what does all if it mean and does it matter?  Your birthday is considered you ‘life card’, your souls quest in this life.  Believing it does not matter, just let the questions stir ya up a bit and seep into this days thoughts and feeling….  or not.



When the Elements have their way


 I grabbed a bit air on my way out the door

the floor said take me too 

What would I do with a little flooring?


I said OK.  I walk on her everyday

and by the way the faucet said 

your water is dripping fix it


I’m not even out the door with my air

dare I mention a little chip of flooring

and the water is being very needy


All the lights go out and I can’t see a thing

I wing it, take a big breath, sink into the flooring

pull out my flash light and check under the sink


Water is everywhere, she’s like that

Floor lays there liking all the moisture

And the lights refuse to shine onto anything


Air fills up all the little spaces everywhere

He shares his sentiment of distain for the Lights

Floor seems to handle the lay of the land just fine


Water is happy to just have her feelings

I’m reeling from all this elemental chaos

I gather air in my lungs and let him fill me up


The lights go on and I can see it all very clearly

I feel nearly ready to leave the house and face the world

another big inhale, a little chip of floor, a bottle of water

and… a rising Sun.  


Life is good.




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I’ll tell ya.  I could take a lot of time rambling about time.  AND..I did.  I took a slice of that ramble and laid it right here for you to ponder.  This early morning rant is going to have me all riled up all dang day.  But then.. I have as much time as I need to let it go.  Oh, look over there. Isn’t that some time passing by?  Maybe I can quick run and catch it.  hhmmmm.

There is as much time as you need.

You have as much time as everyone

Where is the time going?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Age seems to gather time up

A syncopation that loses rhyme.

on the young

It gathers speed,

it takes the lead

gone before the day is over

There is no time.

There is enough time

Time is an illusion

Time is irrelevant

Time gathers speed

even if it doesn’t

It take the lead

when you’re running

ahead of it

Age gathered you up

in no time at all

In whatever syncopation

your rhyme decides to tell

Time is gone before the

day begins

There is plenty of it

when the day is over

If time is what you need

you have as much time as you

ever did.

As much time as everyone

Take as much time as you



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geezer girl here.

SPRING….  My  fever is feeling ferocious as is per usual when winter melts her coat of white. Those  purple and yellow crocus and those sweet little white bell flowers poke  their hungry-for-the- sun heads up through that frigid earth, and I know the greening is on the way.  Sure, there is a winter storm alert.  What’s new with that in Michigan, in March, Right?  Nothing for us Mid-Westerners.

Make no mistake,  My inner greening is still taking place even if the outside world hasn’t caught up and I’m on alert for a big chill.  It will.  My spikey shoots are poking me in the gut and I’m thinking that I will  be flowering inside a little early letting the last linger of winter have a moment with me.

Within this Spring metaphor of mine, have you notice your own ‘greening’, your own budding up for a little colourful bouquet?   Have you noticed that when you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, or in this case all sprouty, flowery, and green inside, a blast of cold comes along and tries to wilt your high?  You could give into it, which doesn’t make you a bad person.  You might take notice of what direction it’s coming from and pay attention to that.  Does that ‘direction’, situation, person, have that much power over you that you let your ‘green’ down and wilt into the cosmos?  Or, might you revel in the Spring of you that is ready to burst forth and fill your creative energy up and out?

Simply, ride the Spring high that is flourishing inside of you.  Give yourself to the growing bouquet of color that waits to bloom forth from you.  Notice what brings you down and consider not letting it, them, that, whatever…drought you out and mess with your inner garden.

Bloom on…


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