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Give it to Kali, she’ll eat it.  She’s famished

Take all that shit that doesn’t serve your life.

the people, the job, the hoard. that negativity

Give it to Her, Give it to Kali’s belly


She’s hungry, she can’t wait to eat it


Rid yourself of all that wants take your sovereignty

All that wants to suck your goodness away

Everything that you let break your good flow

Give it to Kali, give it to her completely


She’s so hungry for it, she cannot wait to eat it


Look at her, she’s quivering with desire

She loves the rot and stench of your stink

Of all that you have gathered that smells

up your life with toxic dissidence


She’s beside herself with craving for it


She cannot wait to eat it up, gobble it down

Smack her lips with unabashed delight

It slithers down her throat in orgasmic pleasure

Give your shit to her, All of it, Hold nothing back


She’s so very hungry. Feed Her!


She will come for it if you don’t release it

She will eat it up whether you are ready or not

She knows that for your creativity to flourish

For your goodness to be alive and purposeful


She wants to take all your malignant puss and eat it


Give it to her. Not later on, Not tomorrow. Now!

Your life is a cesspool with that stuff you drag around

Let her drag it.  Let her take it and destroy it for you

Hell, She wants too.  Look how ready she is.  Drooling


She’s ready.  Writhingly. Undulating with hunger

Give it to Her.  Give it to Kali.  She’ll eat it



jeanne adwani. @Copyright. 2021

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“Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light..”  What I can say to you is that I will do my very best to  see you.  To see your ‘dawn’s early light’ rising as we pass, or share a moment, or maybe we sit together, play together.  I desire to SEE YOU.  To look more deeply past the surfaces, and into your soul.  To know you and me and we and thee…. are all together.


I leave Dease Lake today; Gather my stuff and my sweet dog, and hit the road back to Ann Arbor.  It’s been a lovely 4th of July weekend for me.  Letting in the calm and chatter of this place that I love and care for.  The Full Moon was spectacular on the Lake. A Big WOW…


Last night in honor of the Full Moon in Capricorn, I did a ritual.  It was a global group ritual, in which I gathered with others and joined as One Light for the healing and evolvement of the Earth, us, and all that have gather here to be part of this Earthly plan.  The intention was/is to know your Divinity as God/Goddess/Source/Oneness, what ever you choose to call It, and connect with “All that Is” as a group, not the separate self.  To shift the Duality that keeps us separate and see that WE ARE ALL ONE.  We are Everything…

For me it was laying out an altar, laying out some cards, and sitting in silence with the intentions I wrote down that I considered in tandem with holding space for Divinity and Group consciousness.

Dawn and dusk hold the same light

Resting on the horizon equal

A perfect point of communion

Embracing the days coming and going

Remembering that they are as One


I hover at that horizon point

of my coming and going

held to the Being of that moment

Breathing it in to hold it safe inside

Exhaling the loss of this Union


Of light rising then calling in the night

Again and again Being a moment

holding the harmony of it all

Being the harmony of it all

I am dusk and dawn











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