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It comes right from their bellies

that call to life on these dog days

When Summer gives all of herself

to the hot damp of evenings

and the just enough breeze that

gives cool moist on to your surfaces


Their tymbal drum

 and drum

and drum 

right from the gut of them 

that place of feeling that sings

the days and nights to love

in their awaking from dirt

and bark on to the sea of grass

and leaves


Of the return to their song 

in that drum



feel into the blue to midnight 

Into the in-between of how

the vital brilliance of corals

purples, violets, and oranges 

celebrate on the horizons edge

in the cadence of time 

for the Earth’s roll 

around the



Expanding and contracting

their bellies for the long hot days

for us to know their song

in the short of summer heat

and the longing for 

love to be found

in the 




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Good Morning.  If I was so inclined I’d turn on the heat this morning.  WOW.  Sliding into the cool quick.   Feeling the first day of Autumn barreling on in for the big spicy hello.  I like it.


Weather report:  Well rested and sunny on the inside.  Goose bump tickled on the outside with the rising sun.  Smells a bit like moist, dying plants. Here is the weather report for here or where ever you plug your data in… http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=48130


Good News:  http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/    If you go to this link, you will find… YES…GOOD NEWS.  For me…My mOments get better n’ better.  I’m Ready.    What’s your Good NEws?

This is what I wrote one year ago today,  19Sept. 2011


Days of grey and rain

patter calm to my restless spirit

give quiet to the bright light of living


My sun never ceases to rise or set

flickering always at my center

grateful for a cloud, a burst of rain


The weather of me is volatile

hiding my ceaseless shining

shifting to a wet chill grey


The patter rhythm’s moist welcome

summons the quest for silence

gives my sunny days a rest



Today…  Infinity requested  me to remind you….


Ceaseless moments finish each other

Complete as they are in the no-going-back

Restless to repeat what was or give to a

new outcome that now lives in the past


What use is there in the linger back there

already gone and moved to a new beginning?

Opportunity rises in the creative fresh of

a better gift of the receive and give repeated.


The continuum sequences it’s illusiveness

Headed for Infinity by it’s nature in the 1,2,3

You’re already there.  Why not enjoy this

moment that wants nothing from you


And gives you everything that Being Here in

this Now will adjust the gone of yesterday

and allows all tomorrows to unfold with no

expectation except to be Full of self in the receiving.


Let me remind you that you ARE perfect

You ARE enough as you are .

You are part of the ceaseless flow of Infinity

Calling you home to Loves Joy-full fest












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Good morning… Read a great article by my friend Ian Gray.  http://dissociatedpress.com/2012/06/america-in-decline-10-reasons-you-should-start-studying-mandarin-today/  It might stir your pot up a little.  give you food for thought.

It lead me to wondering, where the heck is ‘Good News’?   So much negative news in the papers and media, with only a dab of some good news, which leads me to wonder, as I have wondered before, what keeps us hook on reading about disaster, trouble, horror, and a plethora of other negative news that leaves us fearful and all riled up?

So… I went for a brief google venture looking for on line media that had ‘Good News’ .  Here, what I found.  http://www.happynews.com/index.aspxhttp://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/, http://goodnewsdaily.com/, http://www.goodnewsgazette.net/.   Which isn’t say there is not good news all around the world, only that you have to seek it out.

And, it seems that we are conditioned to let ‘bad’, negative news, fill the press.  If ya want some good news take a gander at the above sites and see what it does for you.

AND,  you could always make a list of your good news daily.  Kinda like noticing what you’re grateful for.

The good news is

you’re breathing

maybe that’s the

best news you got.


If you’re reading this

You’re seeing too

How lucky is that?

And thinking


Thinking about

your goodness

cause that’s what

I’m inviting you to do


Right now.

Gathering up

All the goodness

that surrounds you


The gratitude of your

every moment.

That’s some damn

Good New right there.


Maybe you’ll pet the dog

or let the sun hit you just right.

Maybe you’ll hug your

loved ones and give a cherished


moment to the warmth

of that feeling of love

Breath that beauty right in

See it in their eyes


Let that news fill you up

cause you might have

a lonely moment, a sad one

and all ya got is the news


From a few days ago

that the sun hit you just right

and the dog loves you unconditionally

and your loved ones held you


In a cherished moment

and you need that news

to remember you’re good

You’re Great, you’re loved


That is some wonderful news

That’s the news worthy of

hearing, and holding within

when the external news hurts


Share that good news.














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