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Yesterdays road trip garage sale-ing and junking.  taking the back roads.. What a beautiful spring day.

On Macon Rd

On Macon Rd

Silo hales the past

Red barns salute to what is

Seasons come and go


Ecstatic flutter

Leaf caught by dervish breezes

A last twirl till free


A hundred swans float

Two Hundred white wings teasing

A flock of cygnets


Weathered wood tumbled

Barn gives way to gravity

Beauty in this death


Rutted country road

A sheen of green hills rolling

A dot of red flight


Turtle crosses road

Screech to a halt for saving

Life in the wetlands


Cherry trees weeping

Pink flowers in abundance

Beauty brings me tears






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EARTH DAY 2013 … haiku

EARTH DAY…  22cd day of Napowrimo.


mother nature

mother nature

Lay your ear to Earth

Hear her call rise within you

Do her bidding grace


Ease into changes

Nature has her wily ways

She shifts as she must


It’s not about you

In the Infinite of All

Bits of sand make beach


Earth is evolving

skip with her sticks and her stones

Inhale her seasons


Imagine this day

Perfect as it is all ways

Imagine this truth



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DAY 20, NaPoWriMo


Inhale the Sunshine

Fill up on all that is light

Laze in your warmth


Fill the air with love

Exhale from an open heart

Inhale the Sunshine


No wander is lost

Pleasure in the getting there

No end to the trip


Pleasure the journey

Ease to the rhythm

No wander is lost


This is your moment

Is your moment this?

Your moment this is

Moment this is yours


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17th day > NaPoWriMo.   Paper trail Haiku

Inspired by the little notes that lay around the floor by my ‘writing chair’.


paper trail

paper trail



Light white notes gather

A flock of words to take flight

face up still waiting


face up still waiting

flutter at the word’s edges

Gravity takes hold


Gravity takes hold

Paper trail calls the Buddha

Wisdom lays around


Wisdom lays around

the note trail knows the Way here

Light white notes gather



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I read this article this a.m.  http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/03/who-is-the-eastre-rabbit/  It gives the earlier version what Eastre was before it became Easter.  Take a read.  It’s a beautiful thing. IMO.




Look East there rise

A new day’s light born again

The Way is fertile


Rise and awaken

Open your life to  Sun’s shine

Make blue the heavens


Push through winter’s ground

Reach your greening for the Light

Spring gives renewal


Re-story your story

Push away the boulder’s block

Open dark to light


Live well on this Earth

Follow her season’s story

Bloom, harvest, sleep, Spring


Renew Spring’s fever

Celebrate a fertile heart

Open to receive



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Howdy… For those of you that visit often, ya probably notice I’ve changed it up a bit. Everyday is more like 5 times a week and I’m shifting my content a bit.   I’m experimenting with some other writing modes, pondering what else I feel like giving my words to.  I Welcome some feedback.  thanks

Today, 8 years ago, my momma transitioned, left this planet to vibrate somewhere else, or so I imagine.  Today is for her.

mom n' me

No replace for Mom

Heart connection beyond ash

I feel her light here


I feel her light here

In the around of  my days

Ever present love


Ever present love

A story to rock me asleep

Recall her tender


Recall her tender

Gather her whimsy giggle

Always will miss her


Always will miss her

The light string holds eternal

Love is infinite



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HABITS… haibun/haiku


Habits…Those ritualistic mind sets that give daily life meaning, and move you from one thing to the next.    Those things we do every morning, every evening, in repeat cause it’s what we know, it’s what we do.  Habits give comfort, they give order, they give meaning, and reason:  make the coffee, feed the pets, check the email, write the blog, sippy the coffee, write some more, surf the news, write some more.  Mostly in that order.  and yours?

Habits give distraction, move the mind to mindless, give repeat to avoidance, to unspoken fears, or maybe they started so long ago that they are infused in the body and to break the ritual is a death of sorts; a great loss to your systems that spike the fear of what will you do without them.  What could possibly take their place?

Maybe, someone passed their rituals on to you’ the methodical repeat of their own habits and ceremonies, and you made them yours.  Children do that.  Parent do that.   They’re not yours… now what?

Some habits have to go, they’ve been around too long and don’t serve the higher good.  They’ve become viral in there hold, perversely sacred in the act of doing them, and they give an illusion of being the right thing to do, to get from point A to point B.   They served for so long and now they don’t.  The feel good has gone to the raw repetition till who you are is the parrot caged.


Habits to undo

Let the weather of you change

Born again each moment

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