Dease Lake Avalon


We three gather for this year at ‘The Dease’; old friends united forever in heart and kinship.  Sharing old joys and heartaches, letting ‘the now’ fills us up with unabashed laughter and gin, good food and new stories.  There is immediacy in our knowing and care for each other, that spans before and after eternity.  Differences lost to our sameness in the forever after.  Old ‘broads’ letting it rip like school girls crushed out in the drool of want and hunger.  Captured in memories moments for a little while, letting the wisdom of decades giggle us to the ‘Can you BElieve that shit?”


I bring my ‘Dear One’s to ‘The Dease’, to share it.  This place wrapped in sunrises and coral evenings, the shelter of Oaks, the fog off the lake, the call of Loons, the easy float of an eagle, the quiet;  A heart place for all my seasons, a gift of my family’s love sharing.   Here,  all that is stretched and pulled off from me in the pulse of life’s work and stress, melt with the morning fog to rise up to this northern heaven, released.  Free to let the breath and heart know natures giving, and taking.


Words are a vehicle to speak to sights, sounds, and smells of sensorial experiences.  And, in this place of spiritual abundance, this place I call ‘The Dease’, there are not enough splendid words to express the gift of it to my souls pleasure in the wonder and wander of it all.  This little parcel of land and lake that I think I know intimately and yet it keeps it’s secrets like ‘The Lady of the Lake’ , she who rises up with sword in hand, with a gift to open the magic to Dease Lake Avalon.


The great thing is, is that I get to make up my own magic in the truth of it as I make it so.  Knowing all that is ever needed to be known, as the magic and mystery gives in ‘the letting it be so’, right here on Dease Lake, my own little Avalon, celebrating with my Dear Ones.





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 Very strong morning sippy up here at The Dease.  Taking bits of the hot brew and letting in awaken the sleep out of me.  Standing on the deck watching the Sun rise, burning the fog off in large drifts as it float in wisps of cloud-like poofs over the land and lake.

Loons find great feeding right in front of the cottage; taking  swirling morning dives on the slick, flat lake, while the fog dances it’s dissipation on it’s surface.  Picture perfect.  Morning rise on the Dease.  Into the calm of the day I give Full Moon dreams



Dance the fog to Sun

Swirl in dervish wisp rapture

Lake smoke finds blue sky


Full moon Aries Point

Planetary lines connect

Gaia call’s the Plan


Loon to water play

Dive sleek beneath the clear deep

Rise to give their call




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Windy Haiku on the Dease

Another glorious morning on the Dease… Big wind and eagles soar. Wood pecker pecks, and chickadees chickle, Finch are finching, and the wind takes the branches in a holler of green whips against the blue sky.  gorgeous.

Nature is amused

She bends tree branches to her

Leaves flutter giggles


Leaves flutter giggles

birds flit limb to limb dancing

A day of breezes


A day of breezes

Eagle catches windy tease

Soars into deep blue


Soars into deep blue

Clouds melt to a hungry sun

Wind gives no relent


Wind gives no relent

peaks glitter sun on water

Summer hears Falls call


Summer hears Falls call

Patterns in cycles repeat

Green hugs yet the leaf


Green hugs yet the leaf

Hold’s summers chime in the wind

She is not ready


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1 sept 2012….   The rising sun looks like the full moon from last night over the lake. It IS extraordinary.  Nature can make me cry with joy.  I breathed in the Full Moon and this morning I breath in the rising Sun.  I am one gal getting alll Filled up with 24 hours of Light fantastic.


Oh… and eating a cantaloup from MSU’s horticultural research garden. WAT?  I KNOW… I AM a lucky kinda girl.



Light’s circle is not broken 

in the rise of golden light

falling to the eminence

of Moon full in the dark 

blue of the night


All hale in the Hale

of Michigan’s northern

exposure, in celebration

of Nature’s give without

concern of the taking


Patterns in cycles change

The circle of life is not

broken in tempest or peace.

The Sun rises and the Moon

shimmers a path in the round about


The metaphor slithers around me

as I sluff off old yesterdays

renewed to the pattern of the day

rising and setting, filling and 

being full, Dark and Light


All hale in the Hale of Michigan

knowing I am exposed to

this great abundance of

nature’s great giving.






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