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The American Dream… revamped

day 23… napowrimo.


The American Dream revamped


I wonder what’s missing looking around at everything

The American Dream made a big pitch for

“It’s out there Baby and you go get it”

Build those dreams on all that demand

to have and hold the making of greater and lesser

things Out There, where success brands its name

in the searing want to get out there and get it all


If you make it they Will buy it

If you make it they will want it

If you dream it into being, it’s the

dream that leaves us out there

far away from who we really are


I wonder what’s missing looking around at everything

All those dreams and schemes made manifest

That we all tuck our lives into for every reason

That gives rise to the Sun everyday

Work hard to gain.  Work hard to have

Work hard to make a future

Work hard cause that’s what

we do to get ahead, get there, get stuff

Get along, get stuck, get lonely

Feel a void, in the Out There

Cause It’s the Dream


If you join you’re a winner

If you Join you’re in the club

If you dream it, it’s yours

Out there, somewhere far

from who you really wanted

to dream yourself into being


What’s missing is not out there in that everything

Nothing ‘out there’ feeds the soul’s desire for

unity, oneness, love, peace, joy, creativity.

It’s just not ‘out there’ in the fraud of that

old over used dream.


“It’s in there Baby, right in your heart

so when you’re awaken to it you can

go out there and Be what you dreamed.”


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AN ‘un-love’ poem. day 10 NaPoWriMo

day 10… so, the prompt from the NaPoWriMo site is to write an ‘Un-love’ poem on this tenth day.   hmmm?  Here I am, lil’ Missy Love n’ Light and I’m being invited into writing an ‘un-love’ poem.  eek.  And, I’m gonna let something fall out me and right now I’m thinkin’ it ain’t pretty. LOL


I gonna un-love you today

this unimaginable act brings

food up in my mouth.

The scent of our many ended

yesterdays rolls off my breath,

fills the air around me in a gag,

a hold my breath moment

that makes un-loving you more

right than all the wrong of long ago.

of the vile taste that I can’t seem to

wash away with forgiveness.

the fetid linger of how I keep letting

the corrupt thoughts of kicking your

sorry ass from here to eternity

with some added blood and gore

burps up foul in sudden recognition

that I have yet to forgive myself

for allowing one drunken inch of you

anywhere near me in the ‘I see your

Light’ in the dark gloom of your eyes.

I’m gonna un-love you today

In the gather of self forgiveness

in the gather of self love

In the gather of loving you

freshly tomorrow in a way

that supports the light of you

far away from me.

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HALLOWMAS… in honor of our ancestors

All Souls day, Day of the Dead,  Hallowmas, Samhain … Tonight, I ‘priestess’ a ritual at the Interfaith Center in honor of this time of year and with the intent of;

‘Release, let go, surrender, what does not serve your life, and take in the ‘seeds’ of what you wish to keep and plant, nurture to growth for the Spring.

In my spiritual tradition, this is time when ‘the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thin’ and there is opportunity to reflect on the wisdom of our ancestors and to honor those that have gone before us.  To release what doesn’t serve the joy and goodness of life and to imagine in this letting go what might give space to something new; a seed to plant and nurture during the winter time of reflection and darkness.

As I prepare for my day: I listen to my ancestors, I listened to my own wisdom, I plant the seeds of Love, joy, and kindness.  I reap what I sow.


MY MOMMA… 1916-2005

I let go of what isn’t so there is space for what IS

I surrender to my best and highest self

I already know all that I need to know

I trust I am enough exactly as I am


Each moment provides me with everything

I am Everything unfolding moment to moment

I am in each moment pure Love

I am loved unconditionally


I am the roots, the tree, the branches the leaves.

Earth holds me to her sacred roots

Fire feeds my passion and lights my way

Air is my breath and the wind that carries me

Water is my heart open and flowing


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My ‘Other’ self

Those Scorpio Birthdays… Happy one to Pamela.  May this day be full of magic and joy.

This morning is full of golden leaves hardly making a flutter in the calm and stillness.  Very quiet out there in the chill and the hidden Sun.  I find it restful as I gather myself to go to work for a few hours.  Seems the chatty squirrels are in a hot banter over some fallen acorn, racing through the clutter of falling leaves.  They are a busy busy bunch of rodents. Cute, and noisy.

 Jill, sent out a prompt that invites us to consider our altered ego.  In the ‘normalcy’ of living a ‘day in the life’ of self, what might ‘another self’ being doing?  

 My ‘Other’ self

 The season shifts the meadow into a circle of Fire and Gold

The musk of the forest floor gathers the leafy carpet of oak and maple

Wafting the season’s end into my inhale as I sit centered on Gaia

In the Center, waiting, listening.  Held to the quiet want of heart’s desire


It’s been the same, time and time again, here in the busy silence 

When all seasons give to the forest a chatter of life beginning and ending

Me,here at meadows grassy center calling the heavens to open 

To lay beams of celestial light over my chanting incantations


My chanting incantations,  My chanting incantations.

The song in my heart plays itself in repeat here at my center

in the meadow, in the house, in this chair, here, with you.

Waiting for the beam of celestial light to fill me before I go to work









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body parts

Ann Arbor Art Fair… last day… Weather report…Super Duper.  I walked most of it over a couple of days.  It’s still tooo big for me to inhale it all and not get ruffled around by the mass of people.  And oh so wonderful to see some great art.  Very impressive.  I bought a fake tooth that looks like a real tooth.  Yes…. I did.


Dan Banda… artist

my mother’s gold tooth

I like body parts connected or not

I know it’s a strange thing and

that’s just the start


It’s not like I want any body n’ gore

If your parts are connected

Please keep them they’re yours


It’s when artist they make them

in detached singular form

Fingers, n’ eyeballs, just not yours


I might hang them on chains

to wear around my neck

little sterling ‘parts’ so cute what the heck


I even have a vagina, oh yes I do

well made in fine silver

YOu might want one too


Perhaps I’ll collect them gather them all up

put them all on one chain

make a whole person up


In little pieces of metal, clay and bone

all gathered strategically

around my neck they will go


I know you’re all jealous of my little parts

I think to day if it feels right

I’ll wear Dan BAnda’s sterling heart






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HAIKU… aaaachooo to you

Why not look everyone right in the eye today… What do you see, feel, smell?   Can you get comfortable in the uncomfortable?  Have a good and glorious day…

arial photography

Breathe in the Silence

Hold your space in quietude

Let peace fill you up


Trust what you know IS

Listen beyond your senses

Love always calls you


Alchemy mixes

The unlikely blends to match

Impossible wins


Who knew but you knew

The flight of your heart’s distance

Perching on loves twig


Make your story up

Be the greatest story told

Cherish your goodness


Infinity laughs

Nothing is impossible

The joke is on us


Ha Haha Ha ha

Laugh it up because you can

Give no resistance


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Love is on my lips

It’s a permanent taste

Of sweet flesh and glow

Never to be forgotten

Mixed in to all that 

Passes in and through me


I only have to imagine it so

All that glow and luster

In the full of my mouth

A welcome flow of it

Through me, teasing.

Filling my heart


There is no reason

No reason at all 

To ever forget that

Sublime taste of

Loving and being Loved

It has settled deep within


It is a sacred essence

of All that Is even when 

The flesh of it still wants

And that desire hungers

For the silken caress

Of the Lover’s nights


Love is on my lips

To be licked and swallowed

Up like luscious fruit

Ripe for the taking

I let IT fill me up

Love in the heart never leaves


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13 nov 2011   >    19/10/1    <       Sun/Wheel of fortune/Magician


Where are you on the wheel of life and how’s that going for you?

If you had one day to make the world ‘right’ what ‘right’ would you choose?

Who needs you to give them a little bit more Sunshine?


It’s not about how you might have perfect pitch  

or lay harmony discordant to the song. 

It’s not about how you paint like the masters, 

or only draw stick figures in shades of grey

It’s not about the excellent rhyme laid to paper

or the fog that stumbles words together 

It not about your ability to give excellences

or struggle to find the journey to your passion


It’s All about the give of the Heart song 

when you do what your essence calls you to do. 

Discordant melody becomes a hymn to heaven

Mastery loves it’s shades of grey and shadow

rhyme seeks the spaces between itself

Fog rolls away to the rising Sun

Excellence knows failure to know itself

We stumble to find our bliss our hearts desire


There are not flat even surface on life’s Path

It’s the give of the Heart






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28 oct 2011      >  6/15    >    Lovers/ Devil


How will you let love find you?

Can you close your eyes and let yourself be washed in loves pleasures?

Do you believe that Love is the key to your Divinity, your sense of Wholeness??


The days come back to 6.  They come back to Love and the Devil.  The wheel keeps on turning.

I have a love for this writing everyday.  I have a love for bringing the questions that bring the  stories of the Tarot and numbers.  I have a love for love.  It amazes me the mystery that still pulses through my heart and body when feelings of love slip or roar into me.  I believe most of us poets could write about love or the absence of it everyday.  LOVE.  3+6+4+5 = 18=9

9… the number of completion.  Love brings it All together.

~~~~~~      ))))))    ^   ((((((      ~~~~~~ 

Love is a gossamer winged cherub

in a leather spiked collar

riding on a chilled arid sea

of cherry chocolate and

whipped creamed ponies.


Love calls the writhing Furys

to sing along with Neil Diamond

in A capella harmonies of want

dropping Life Safer candy to

war torn starving children


Love leaves the taste of metal

Sweet fragments of bitter curse

on the tongue of death lingering

painful in the departure of

how loss ravages the heart


Love caresses the angels longing

for the tinker chimes of life calling

Hallelujah praise to the everlasting

symphony of heaven on earth 

dancing the cha cha with the blue dress on


Love speaks in silent thunder

strikes the velvet rod with hot breath

burning the way into your soul full

of everything and nothingness

waiting for you to embrace the heat of ice


Love is not one thing or the other thing

It is all things in the hot and cold

in the dark and light of life and death

Love doesn’t give less to evil for good’s regard

It is the trump of eternity’s gift to you


Love will not pass you by in the right or wrong

of what is seen or unseen in the dense fog’s clear view

Love makes no condemnation in the here and now

forever is love’s caresses of the steel and the silk

In the dark and light of your infinite journey


Be the love.



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31 August  2011   >  16/7   >   Tower/Chariot


What are you building that is rooted to the goodness of your life?

How much is too much?

What are you ready to do that must be done?



HOuses hold memories.  They hold lives and things of importance. They give shelter. “HOme is where the heart is” is a  truth that embodies a tenderness to safety and security.  If the heart is open a home flourishes and the walls pulse with warmth and goodness.  The smell of love comes from the kitchen oven served family style.  

When I leave my home tomorrow to fill another home with my life, my stuff, my heart; it will be with the hope that these walls that have housed me for 10 years will hold some special essence that I gave to it.  That I leave behind my love and care held to these rooms I have shared. The is here. I am sad.


Home is where heart is

heart sits in a sea of salt

I see the shore line


No sadness like loss

left behind to start anew

Sun will kiss again


my breath is in here

all walls know of my essence

wild wind coming


Endings, beginnings

birth always leads to a death

space is made again


Love didn’t leave the home

it took flight out the windows

it’s a heart shaped cloud





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