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13 nov 2011   >    19/10/1    <       Sun/Wheel of fortune/Magician


Where are you on the wheel of life and how’s that going for you?

If you had one day to make the world ‘right’ what ‘right’ would you choose?

Who needs you to give them a little bit more Sunshine?


It’s not about how you might have perfect pitch  

or lay harmony discordant to the song. 

It’s not about how you paint like the masters, 

or only draw stick figures in shades of grey

It’s not about the excellent rhyme laid to paper

or the fog that stumbles words together 

It not about your ability to give excellences

or struggle to find the journey to your passion


It’s All about the give of the Heart song 

when you do what your essence calls you to do. 

Discordant melody becomes a hymn to heaven

Mastery loves it’s shades of grey and shadow

rhyme seeks the spaces between itself

Fog rolls away to the rising Sun

Excellence knows failure to know itself

We stumble to find our bliss our hearts desire


There are not flat even surface on life’s Path

It’s the give of the Heart






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28 oct 2011      >  6/15    >    Lovers/ Devil


How will you let love find you?

Can you close your eyes and let yourself be washed in loves pleasures?

Do you believe that Love is the key to your Divinity, your sense of Wholeness??


The days come back to 6.  They come back to Love and the Devil.  The wheel keeps on turning.

I have a love for this writing everyday.  I have a love for bringing the questions that bring the  stories of the Tarot and numbers.  I have a love for love.  It amazes me the mystery that still pulses through my heart and body when feelings of love slip or roar into me.  I believe most of us poets could write about love or the absence of it everyday.  LOVE.  3+6+4+5 = 18=9

9… the number of completion.  Love brings it All together.

~~~~~~      ))))))    ^   ((((((      ~~~~~~ 

Love is a gossamer winged cherub

in a leather spiked collar

riding on a chilled arid sea

of cherry chocolate and

whipped creamed ponies.


Love calls the writhing Furys

to sing along with Neil Diamond

in A capella harmonies of want

dropping Life Safer candy to

war torn starving children


Love leaves the taste of metal

Sweet fragments of bitter curse

on the tongue of death lingering

painful in the departure of

how loss ravages the heart


Love caresses the angels longing

for the tinker chimes of life calling

Hallelujah praise to the everlasting

symphony of heaven on earth 

dancing the cha cha with the blue dress on


Love speaks in silent thunder

strikes the velvet rod with hot breath

burning the way into your soul full

of everything and nothingness

waiting for you to embrace the heat of ice


Love is not one thing or the other thing

It is all things in the hot and cold

in the dark and light of life and death

Love doesn’t give less to evil for good’s regard

It is the trump of eternity’s gift to you


Love will not pass you by in the right or wrong

of what is seen or unseen in the dense fog’s clear view

Love makes no condemnation in the here and now

forever is love’s caresses of the steel and the silk

In the dark and light of your infinite journey


Be the love.



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31 August  2011   >  16/7   >   Tower/Chariot


What are you building that is rooted to the goodness of your life?

How much is too much?

What are you ready to do that must be done?



HOuses hold memories.  They hold lives and things of importance. They give shelter. “HOme is where the heart is” is a  truth that embodies a tenderness to safety and security.  If the heart is open a home flourishes and the walls pulse with warmth and goodness.  The smell of love comes from the kitchen oven served family style.  

When I leave my home tomorrow to fill another home with my life, my stuff, my heart; it will be with the hope that these walls that have housed me for 10 years will hold some special essence that I gave to it.  That I leave behind my love and care held to these rooms I have shared. The is here. I am sad.


Home is where heart is

heart sits in a sea of salt

I see the shore line


No sadness like loss

left behind to start anew

Sun will kiss again


my breath is in here

all walls know of my essence

wild wind coming


Endings, beginnings

birth always leads to a death

space is made again


Love didn’t leave the home

it took flight out the windows

it’s a heart shaped cloud





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30  august  2011    >  15/6   >   Devil/Lovers


How will you give love to yourself so that you can be a better lover?

What does love look/feel/smell/taste like?

Isn’t it interesting that the word ‘devil’ is lived backwards? What does that mean to you?


In that last question… devil/lived, it occurred to me that when we linger in our past, be it years ago or just yesterday,  we have already lived it;  It’s gone.  It is history and can not be undone nor lived the same again.  Should we choose to cling to what is past, that devil, that trickster, will stir confusion and ‘bedevilment’ into our living in the present moment.  So… in my conclusion of this whole devil/lived word thing, is.  Live for each moment or be be-deviled by what you think you shoulda, coulda, oughta, have done.  What can you do right now?



There is no dismissing history

It brings you here as you are

loaded, a full blown human- being

with a past that has a story


You are not just your history

it’s how you live right now

not how you lived what’s gone

redemption is yours for the asking


Yesterdays lead the way to today

Substance builders for right now

To linger in the past holds you captive

keeps you away from the service to life


To serve life is to be of life

To serve life is to give of life

heart open, fully present



Lived is the devil gone by

his trick is to remind you 

to unchain yourself from the past

Release the evil and live


Your life depends on it






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I like the feel of quiet that lays on a morning lake.  A bit of golden sparkle from the rising sun, the slow float of swans, and early morning fishermen waking the lake up.  I think.. The lake, does it ever really sleep? Does it just go all quiet in the dark blanket of night letting it’s inhabitants have their rest?

Early, a.m. on Lake Fenton.  The Sun is just hitting the tree line,rising it brilliance, calling the day to have life’s offerings.  It has just hit my eyes with a stab of orange light filtered through the poplar in front of the deck.  I can’t look at it with out it blinding me.  It hits the water and sends a blaze across the lake directly over my body.   I’m going to pause here and let it in….The call of a Canadian goose moves me from my revery. 

It’s my dear niece’s birthday today. 17, with life ablaze and calling her to live it.   I dedicate this day to her magnificence and the pleasure of being in her life, watching  her unfold with intelligent grace, and a sassy sense of humor.  Look out world she’s a coming to get ya.

!!!!    ****    !!!!    ****    !!!!    ****    !!!!    ****

Golden shining child of my heart

Your sun rises to meet life 

Cast your light out over calm seas


Fill the sky with brilliance

Wake the rhyme of life

In lyrical celebration


Innocence still moves your days

Caresses the edges of your wonder

Pulls you deeper into yourself


Sends you further out to the beyond

To find the you that is meant to be

Rising to the Sun’s call


Golden shining child of my heart

Live life to Love’s call

Be your best self.



19  august 2011   >  13/4/0  >  death/emperor/fool

What does letting go of that thing that you need letting go of, keep you from letting go?

Do you have your life in order?

What might happen if you just let yourself get all silly and act the fool?

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9 june 2011 > 10/19/1 > Wheel of Fortune/Sun/Magician

HOw do you ride the circle of your life?
What ‘tool’ do you need to pull out of your bag of tricks today?
Can you let your light shine?

Bags are packed ready to load in the car for my trip north. ooooo.. yipeeee.
Might even stop at a garage sale or two, or three. An antique shop or two, or three.One of my favorite pass times, tho I am not collecting these days as I am ridding myself of crap and more crap… Still..

It is likely that I won’t get my GeezerGirl poems and deep undefinable wisdom up in the mornings in a timely matter, however… I WILL get them up. I am addicted to this process of Free Falling into my day with a poem and some jabber. OH>. I think something is stirring. I’m Faaaaaaallllling.





Circles, lines, curves and angles
the mind likes to twist and mangle
life’s journey it will battle
with it’s stress full negative prattle
Tossing you to Cerberus hunger
leaving you with unrequited wonder
what the hell just happened here
My mind is not functioning clear
And then a quiet voice appears

The heart’s steady rhythm
Defies the mind trick’s hymnal
Keeps it’s pulse, It’s beat beat beat
Calling you back to the cadence it speaks
Of love, and kindness, give and care
Not that mindless chatter that takes you
no where

The mind leads you away
Busy, busy, on display
Sabotages and mirages
While heart softly massages
Away the idle chatter’s whimsy
The inner banter’s hellish tizzy
Calling softly to your brain
That this chatter is mundane
Will likely make you insane

Circles, lines, curves and angles
Let the heart lead your minds fandangle
To the quiet voice, a distant drummer
Bringing you to your center’s hunger
In a whisper, a soothing hum
Calling you near away from the strum
Of your minds clever flogging
Of the rightness of your longing
Let love win over mind’s fruitless clogging

A truth as steady as the Sun
A truth that you alone have won
In the gentle understanding
A Heart that gives no remanding
Steady Steady does she flow
Listen deeply to what she knows
Soft and quiet is her tone
Reminding you of all known
You my sweet are never alone.


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30 may 2011 > 12/21/3 > The Hanged One

Today…Can you look for a new perspective in your life?
Can you relax within what ever is going on
and just be, without doing anything?

I saw my first Bollywood movie, other than SlumDog. It was fun!!!!REally entertaining. Colorful, great music, that crazy, wonderful dancing. I was feeling
the joy. A line from one of the songs jumped off of the screen for me that I have to use to day. Not because I have any idea in this moment where it will go,or what poem will rise in the next moments … I just liked it.


Wander my heart
Find the passage that
   gives you flight.
Pulse to the bird’s song
Soar loves landscape
Taste passions fruit
Sail vulnerability’s sea
Even away you are here
     with me

Wander my heart
    find home where you are
Chant with the heart of others
Weep with their grieving
Celebrate their giving
Laugh with their foolishness
Share in their life pulse
You are connected
Even away you are here
    with me.

Rove and weave my heart
Be free to give of yourself
The dance of life is for your
For your sorrow
For your longing
For your connection
For your celebration
For your Gratitude
For your love
For your Joy
For your wanderings
     to find yourself
    in all that Is.
     Sharing the beat
    the pulse
    the rhythm
    of life everlasting.

Right here… with me.


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