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Spring Rising

day 12

Forget ME not

In the budding and greening

In the Spring rising:


May there rise health and well-being

within you

May you rise up and speak to

   the truth of Equality

May you rise in selflessness and

   let unconditional love fill your heart

May you rise to the call of an Earth

  that needs your better stewardship

May your eyes rise to the needy and

  and answer their silent call for help

May the rise of consciousness around 

  addictions meet with your actions

May you enter disquiet and contridictions

  with a heart and mind open in care-fullness

May the Peace you seek start and 

   rise with You

May your righteous indignation

   rise to a willingness to get humble

May you rise in the knowing that

  Love is the answer 

May you let the Light of kindness

  rise in your heart when it is most


May your rise to the Greater Knowing

  that You are part of Everything and 


May you rise to Your Highest

  and Greatest Goodness

May you rise in your anger to see

  that it is full of fear and needs your love

May you rise in all your mornings

 to understanding that you are not alone

May you rise with a smile on your face

joy in your heart, and the deep knowing

  that no matter what.  

  I Will Love You no matter what


~ CC jeanne adwani

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Again, I am reminded of the power of being present in the moments.  


The no matter of what has been or will be, or might be.

The gift lives in the open heart held to no judgement

A way that is right or wrong is only in the limited thinking of it

A Close down of possibility in an expansive Universe


How you wake to the morning and inhale the Sun and sky

Feet to the Earth going where you decide to go in your moment.

In the sudden shift of decision that another pivot to the left

Is the better way for your feet to carry you in Earths call

That trembles up your legs to your heart listening deep


Now going in exactly the right direction, and then you always were

Duality dances in endless metaphor of the right and wrong 

Always wrong may be what is right for your weaving to the Divine

You know if your listening to the highest good of that last pivot

As you wander and are not lost enjoying the scenery.


There is no where that the highest good is not shimmering



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IMAGINE…a haibun

VOTE… If you can or can’t vote, imagine, envision the way you desire to feel, see, know, and love this world you live on.  Imagine ‘the highest good’ to occur for All.  Let your best, loving self lead you.  Listen beyond all the hype, all the negativity, and trust that your deep wisdom will rise above the all the noise.    Give yourself to Peace, kindness, and fellowship.  And as you sit in silence for a few minutes before you make any decisions, know that no matter what an outcome maybe, that in this moment and every moment there after you can choose Love instead of Fear.  You are your own leader, your own peacemaker, your own kindness generator no matter who ‘wins the crown’.


Keep your heart open

Be the peace you wish to see

Love is all there is


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