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Day 7. NaPoWriMo.           7 April 2022




Comfort the worried heart

Ease the busy mind

Sooth the try too hard

Embrace your enoughness


There is no rest to be had

 in this external paradigm


Bare your feet to the damp earth

Take in the fragrance of Spring rain

Feel joy as it is teased by a wisp of wind

Hear the giggle of leaves caught on your breath

Listen to the ancient story held in a stone


There is a call to what needs

you to remember yourself


Lean into your hearts potent desires

Notice what enlivens your senses

Let remembrance sing and dance you

Be the treasure you have been searching for


There you are full of self

I see you


You are the Holy Grail

You are the Wisdom keeper

You are enough in the too much

Worthy beyond measure

Noble you

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1 Jan 2020… 6


In numerology, at least the way I do it, today, this first new day of 2020, is a 6. We start the year with a number that speaks to relationships not only with other, with yourself.
In the Tarot, 6/VI is the number of the Lovers. As I feel into this card, into this day, we begin this turn of the wheel with Love as our first breath, our first inhale. I let myself take that in, fill up on that breath and move Love through my body. I tap into the many things that give rise for me when I let Love wake my heart up, open it wide, let it call me to that place of devotion. I find I tear up a little, a little smile traces across my face, a loss pushes at my edges, all sorts of feelings and thoughts rise up, and there is also this expanded feeling all over and in me that gets my heart to pump a little faster. My entire body lights up, I feel a connection to my surrounds, a noticing of the light around me, and I feel Joy in the ability to have this moment. And what I also know, is I can call up this moment at any time I want, cause I just did, which means for me that it is ever available.
For me, Love is the One Truth, it is the place where we all can connect and feel the greatness, the magnificence of what it feels to Love with out expectation, or return, or anything other than the sublime pleasure of Loving.
Might you take a moment to feel/breathe into your heart and let someone, something, that fills you up with so much Love and tenderness, you can do nothing but succumb to it, can you let that in? Can you feel that pure, unabashed, uncensored Love. How does it move in you? Can you feel it without trying to stop it or let your busy mind run over it?
Maybe, it’s easy to fill up on unconditional Love, or maybe it feels hard, or scary, we all have issues on the topic of love. Whatever it might or might not be for you, it needs no analysis, cause that is brain stuff, not heart stuff. Love does not need analyzing, even tho’ that is one of our ‘go to’ processes cause most of us want to understand the Why, of just about everything. When I drop out of my busy little mind and breathe into my heart, let go of that need to know and understand, image how Love lights me up, I can feel it rather than think it. A whole new glow starts to radiate in me.


Make resolute the quest of an open heart
The ever present Wholy Grail within
Filling and pouring,
Filling and pouring
Filling and spilling

All through the blood red radiance of Being
Pumping in a syncopated melody of
A song never having been sung over and over
Pouring the joyous music of the heart
Like an out breath sigh of tenderness

From the Wholy Grail, the heart chalice
That only needs the quest of letting Love
Be on your every inhale and exhale
Always resting on the tip of your tongue
Plumping your lips for the sweet kiss

Breathing out into the air around you
Only Love



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The Wholy Grail of Wellness

day 29…NapoWriMo

Wholy Grail.

art by.. Georgina-Gibson

Too quick to critique what didn’t happen

To what found it’s way in words here

Out in the minutes given for possibilities

In being exactly enough in that hard rough

voice that thinks it knows so well


The well that feels the dis-ease of not enough

Not so well in the being of that harsh critic

Oh well is that deep hole in the ground

tossing the bucket down on a thin string

to the water unseen from up here


The splash feels good as it vibrates up

the string in hands that wants to hold the drink

to pour it in the parched mouth filling up

in this desert made of old history and lies

on a string that can hardly hold the weight


In the pull up slowly of that water’s oasis

Cool and pure  for the taking and filling

Such a long time in that arid desert

On a quest for that Wholy Holy Grail

with that thin string that holds the gift

Stronger made of will and an open heart


Surrendering up what didn’t happen to

Embrace what did in the long deep drink

From the search to that Well of Wholeness

When the entire world becomes an oasis

And just now you made that discovery








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In Memorial… to Popzee, Jack Michie 1927-2013

13th day NaPoWriMo…  I think it no coincidence that my Popzee, transitioned the same day my brother did one year ago yesterday morning.



In Celebration Of Popzee

Our heads bumped like rams on a mountain top

The sound of us silenced by her want for us

to find our common

It was the common that brought our heads together

She made our ways familiar for the familial

celebration to bringing us down

from that mountain battle

in wraps of her love us tender

in the wide heart of giving


The bully of you pushed hard,

gave orders

laid down laws,

sorted your commands,

as you saw fit to make your way the way.

In a way that diverged from mine and ‘hers’

In the way that keeps the fear of losing

control of all that hard work

all that sacrifice.

When the bully put ‘that’ hat on in self

righteous intellect to make lesser of

a  poet’s heart in her art

of colourful finesse.


In sweet tender the burst of you in an

open heart,  with a lion’s roar you gave

love’s dedication to all

that made cherish to

what lived so grandly

within your old soul.

Generous in the giving,

quick to stand

for differences in the unique of life’s

quest to how the Grail gave it’s call to

those that wander and are never lost

for what wisdom is within

is the wisdom

of eternal life.


Our sameness made for all our differences

a magnified bellow of who would win.

For her, I laid my wretch down.

For her, I held my tongue.

For her, child of her womb,

I found my way to love you

in spite of your hard pushes

in the ‘right’ of your ways

on the path to love myself.

And on this mountain top

of battles long ago fought

I salute you on to your new life

in Heaven’s luminous light

In the everlasting knowing

that we will meet again.

I love you






“I’ve lost my tuxedo, my strong suit”

I asked for a ‘line’ to begin this poem this morning.  Chatting about emotional availability and such relational experiences with a friend.  I, making a statement about the challenge of that, and that it might not be “…your best suit.”  And out of that, came this line.  Oh… I like it.  Let’s see where it goes shall we….



‘I’ve lost my tuxedo, my strong suit”

It was from Paris and fit me like a glove

I lent that best suit of mine to someone

Someone’s got my ‘best suit’

And now I have no suit at all

No suit to protect my emotional vulnerability

And what suits me up in my protection

Is all layered up with decades of proof

That I might not be all that worthy of love

I’ve lost my tuxedo, my strong suit

I wore it well till I lent it out to someone

I suit up now with beer and smoke

And the distance that lives in that avoidance

I do lay my best cards down everyday

Let the ‘deal’ fall as it may with the hope

For that Royal Flush to win over the mundane

That suits some days and not others

In the lonely of the singularity

I’ve lost my tuxedo, my strong suit

It fit me like a glove Paris styled

I wish I knew who I lent it to

It suited me back in the day

Looking good in my show of self

In the no fear of vulnerability

strutting the confidence of youth

Not needing the to be available

except for the surfaces with the Jack wild

And I was suited up for the take me I’m yours

I wish I knew who I lent it to

It fit me like a glove

It suited me


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Love’s Paradox

Good afternoon… It’s my friend Lauren’s Birthday today… I’m wishing her a Happy One.  No matter how old that girl gets, she can’t catch up to me.  Tho’ I can’t really account for the many lives we’ve shared.  I think we run on equal with that one.

Here is the other ‘Love’ poem I sent out for publication..  Feed back appreciated.

arizona and altered book 008

LOVE’S PARADOX                                                                                                                                          

Love leaves the taste of metal

Sweet fragments of bitter curse

On the tongue of Death’s linger

Painful in the departure of

How loss ravages the heart


Love calls the writhing Fury’s

To sing with Neil Diamond

In an a’capella harmony of chaos

Dropping Life-Safer candy to

War torn starved children


Love caresses the angel’s longing

For the tinker chimes of Life’s call.

Hallelujah, praise to the everlasting

Symphony of heaven in hell

Dancing with this angel with devilish on


Love speaks in silent thunder

Caresses Love with seething breath.

Burns the way into your soul, full

Of everything and nothingness

Waiting for you to embrace the heat of ice


Love is not one thing or another

It is All in the scald and the freeze

In the void and brilliance of life and death.

Love doesn’t give less to evil for good’s regard

It is the trump of eternity’s gift


Love will not pass by the right or wrong

Of what is seen or unseen in the dense fog’s clear view

Love makes no condemnation in the here and now

Forever Love’s caresses is the steel and the silk

In the fury and the radiance of life’s infinite journey









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When I was little, 4 to 5, I was obsessed with prayer and thankfulness at bedtime.  My mother would kneel beside me at my lower bunk bed.  I would press my hands together, squeeze my eyes closed, and I would fervently bless and give thanks for every single family member, neighbor, friends, pet, trees; anyone and thing I could think of that moved me that day.  It took some time to pray with me.  There was no rushing me because I was determined to speak out-loud everyone’s name.  My mother over the years reminded me of my ardent behavior, and told the tale of my devotion and obsession to others with a sense of pride as my connection to God and faith was incredibly important to her.

She lamented that I stopped  all that,  stopped going to church in my middle teens, and stopped believing in God.  The thing is, is that my God took on a new face, a new experience, a wider inclusiveness that I searched for for decades in other spiritual practices, other ways of living in goodness and care for others .  I was reclaiming my ‘God’ as Spirit, Source, Oneness, Goddess, All, Infinity Love, The Divine; many names define my sense of what it is to experience my deep connection to Infinite Love and the Oneness of All that IS.

On this day of Thanksgiving, I thank my mother first and foremost, for bringing the opportunity for me to first find a Path to my spiritual quest, my Holy/wholly Grail.  She opened the door and I stepped in.

My prayer of Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for: Kindness, Mom, and Jack, Dad, and Jere.  And, Bridget and Alan, and Diane, Ann and Derek, and Dorje, and Bebz and Cate, and Katie, and Charley and Pam, and Pine trees, and big sky, and grass and snow, all the Seasons, the wind, and breath, all my cousins and aunts and uncles, Jeanie, and Jean, and Brian and Sarah, The Great Lakes, and Kriss, and thunder and lightening, Cleo, and Samantha, and David, and Billy, the Ocean, and food, and good wine, Robin and John, thrift shops and Antiques, cameras, and music, and the Interfaith Center, and my home, my car, Samantha and Cat, and Kay and Susan, and Jack, and Eileen, and Sally, books, and magic, mystery, and learning, Flowers and seeds, and dirt and mountains, open heartedness, good health, showers and shampoo, and my work, and Art, and Art.  And the magnificence of this Planet Earth, and Rob and Marty and JoAnn, and words and Open spaces, and cuddly corners, and you who visit me here, and Librarys and Justice, freedom and Laughter.  Opportunities, and challenges, Joy, and Peace, forgiveness, and each moment and each moment, In the Be here Now.

I am thankful for every opportunity to fully engage in living and finding myself more deeply committed to experiencing Joy, Love, Peace, and kindness, and being a witness to the Awakening of Love, joy, peace, and kindness, in Us All.

And so it is.


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Mornin’… and today the morning sounds give to the garbage trucks making their way through the neighborhood.  Thank the Goddess that I threw out my ‘messy business’ and they are taking it away.  I put some emotional crap in that big old blue bin; betrayal, hurt feelings, expectations, old hurts, and dumped some more of my low self esteem and aging body issues in there to fill it right to the top.  “Take that too!”  I say I say.

I hear them taking it away and I’m feeling glad about it.  How crazy it that to be full of joy with the bang and clatter of the dump trucks?  “Begone you nasty negative thinking. Git you’re butt outta here.”


Betrayal gives a gift to

open arms with the heart

exposed in the wait for

loves flourish to enter


If not that it is a reminder

to remain open in that

state of care and sweetness

in welcome to the next possibility


Ward off the hard hit of

withdrawal to the sting of

perfidy that holds to amazement

the ache of yesterday’s wound


Allow the heart to hold to

the goodness felt before the

rupture bleeds out in wasted

longing unrequited


The feel good far out weights

the bruise of ego’s treacherous

mind games that lays raw

the glow of vulnerability.


When in the vulnerable tender

lives the open heart’s purity

of unconditional love struck

by the light ever lasting.


There is no betrayal there

Awash in the glow of pleasure

and care-fullness given freely.

Fear has no place in this place


Standing where you are

tingling with the gift of the

heart being open in the truth

that you are perfect love












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40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS….day 11

Sippy the coffee… day 11 of my pilgrimage that goes nowhere to everywhere that requires on simple thing of me; Trust that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be right now no matter what.  The pilgrimage of change.  Giving into the change that happens and happens and happens ….  Did I say, It happens?


Jesus went into the desert

40 days and 40 nights

To find his deepest yearning

To wrestle lonely nights

and arid days of thirst

and hunger, and bedevilment

Conjured monsters that

suffered his souls quest

Laid waste to whom he thought

He was and might have been

Yearning for what was holy

Already his made whole as

Love Divine, a child of God

God’s begotten, born of a Virgin

Birthed to be of love, kindness

Compassion’s tool ever lasting


40 days and 40 nights

40 lifetimes and 40 deaths

40 minutes and 40 seconds

My desert is a torrential down pour

of shifts and changes and 

hungry want and enough water

to drown in the naked sand.

Everywhere is where I’ve been

And across the desert is my metaphor

I am a child of God, of  the Goddess

of the dirt, and ocean, and flame,

and breath, and you, and Spirit

Everlasting, eternal, Infinite Oneness

I can turn the desert into oceans

and beach and mountains and forests

If I believe it… I will see it.

I am 40 days unfolding

I am 40 nights lighting the way.







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The remember when things use to be…

The talk of ; if only this would be that…

or if that would just do this than…

Or those ‘good ol’ days when we…

Life would be sweet. It would be right

It would abide by a previous goodness

that holds the key to all goodness

If in the ‘if only’ and ‘in the remember when…’


The extended linger in what was 

holds ransom the goodness of what is now

Traps the ‘remember when’ in a useless

serenade of long ago and yesterday

way past the glory of what it was

The quest for the good ol’ days

is that those days are here now.

As good as you make them




25 jan 2012   >  13/4/0    >  Death/Emperor/Fool

 Today’s invitation or your birthday’s invitation is that this will be a day/year to consider Ending and new beginnings; to consider how you will build your ‘castle’, its form and structure, its rules and security.  It will also be a year/day to remember to find the joy and pleasure in foolishness and to let ‘acting the fool’ bring you to a deeper understanding of letting go and letting life fill you in the moment, unburdened by ‘stuff’ and thoughts’ to know pure joy.

What does pure joy mean to you and how do you experience it?

What have you gathered that has become Too much and needs letting go of?

If you could transform one thing, what would it be?



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