Day 18

2012-11-07 01.30.59-2

in my LIGHT

Stepping aside from noticing, you take notice

Peripheral vision reaching out to inform you of the edges

Lonely out there in the just enough far away to be hopeful

That with a slight turn of the head eyes will catch that certain light

That has been waiting there since time began .


It isn’t that you haven’t noticed it, or avoided it

It has a magic to it that stays right at those edges of vision

A glimmer, a nuance, a radiance you can feel without seeing

That knowing can be enough, till you want to soak yourself

Let all that Light in from the heaven that sit at your far edges


A radiance  that will come around and wrap you all up

It calls you to God, or Spirit, or Source, it calls to You.

Filling all your empty spaces with brilliance and Grace

Cause when you stopped trying to chase it, or notice it

It came fully around for your taking, only it had never left you


Noticing Heaven on Earth is like that

You know, that surrender to the best of a moment

When all is illuminated perfectly

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