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baby galaxy

It is ALL in the bones of you

The lineage of ancient times

In the Infinite timelessness

Waiting for the entire frame of you

Wrapped in sinew and cartilage

Muscle and skin,

In all that DNA longing

For witnessing and your


Yearning for you to awaken

To where you came from

In the nebula bursts,

In the wormholes of the deep dark

Amidst  planets being born

Next to those dying

In the infinite spirals

Of the Galactic vastness

That laid a single seed in you

That holds you in the Light of forever

You, a traveler finding your

Many selves in the One Self

Finding yourself In the One Heart


It matters Not that you believe this

Believe nothing,  Believe everything.

Beliefs will separate you from others


All settled in those Bones of you

All that right there waiting.

Waiting for you to Listen


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‘AS above, SO below’… Winter’s infinity


Winter has a hold, a grip of freeze and white

against the bare of trees and twigs in this

season of strength and naked vulnerability.

It’s said that there is no snowflake like another.

Catching them on my tongue, eyes shut in

the imagining of this in the melt and the swallow.

Looking out to the inches of individuality.

Perfect little crystalline star shapes uniquely

layered upon layer like an infinite white cosmos.

Reflecting the story of the midnight storm of galaxies in

their slow spiral swirl like snowflakes in the vast

Great Beyond around us, in the impossible

comprehension that not one of those little perfect

crystals have an identical twin anywhere in Universe.

It is in this moment of knowing how the force of Creation

gives to our Earthly living this season of layered silence

and frigid patiences, in the slow shuffle and shovel through

this freezing austerity made beautiful by millions and

millions and millions of perfect crystal stars frozen

falling and falling from winters’ shifting clouds

that there is the reminder of  ‘as above, so below’

of the perfect snow and the perfect incomprehensible idea

of infinity


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The Age of a Day


Slip into the day awakening

Of morning in her coral yawn

Of Autumn Sun rising

Of sky with dabbled clouds

Afloat in blue.


It started that way in the no breeze of stillness.  A calm of no movement of branch or leaf.

A morning that flirts with blue sky and sunny possibilities. Only to meld the dabbled clouds

In one blank shade of grey that smells of rain that must be given.


And so it gives in sprinkles that spat in a slow giving that made way for the afternoon to chill.

Of falling acorns that riddle the roof with the scamper of squirrels that make ready a season

Tucking into the cozy of hearth to laze the day in comfort.


As slow as it goes the speed of life picks up as age becomes of many decades lived.

Where youth took her time to unfold in the waiting forever for what was next to come

It comes faster now as the ever after calls from Infinity’s landscape


Afloat in blue

of sky with dabbled clouds

Of  Autumn Sun rising

Of morning in her coral yawn

Slips into the day wakening.



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