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The Scent of You

Day 8 of NaPoWriMo. 




It doesn’t matter where you come from.

It’s that you come and waft over me

A caress across my face I find my breath

A breeze over the back of my neck

A spiral around and in front of me

Filling me up with the scent of you


The unexpected intoxication

I dare not move but to inhale deeply

Closing my eyes as I take you in

Floral musk, an ambrosia of a time ago

Sure it is you cloaked in invisibility

A dimensional rift, a crack opened


For a moments longing in a heady swirl

All to do is to give into the swooning high

Allow it to find the sweet settle of mystery

That reminds me that we are never separate

In these quantum layers of Being

You passing me by in the meadow of your life

Me, sitting here in this chair at the rise of my day


I hope you inhale all me in our passing

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MIDNIGHT BLOOM…a poem for Jackie

Happy Birthday Jackie.  I still hold you in my heart as family.  Joy and wonder, and peace to you..

This photo is of one of Jackie’s watercolours.  Beautiful.




Petal white soft to heart in the midnight hours

Blooms with pages that hold to stories told

With shared create we remember always

The tender of friendship that we hold


To paper we give our lyrics

In colors that bare our souls

We open pure in the art of giving

To speak from our hearts that unfold


Time has no time in what is always

Flowers give because they must

White soft bloom in the midnight hour

Friendship goes beyond the ash of us




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this is the day…

Welcome to the geezer pages. Hows life going today? I did some singing last night in preparation to perform with a small group of woman in August at the Interfaith Center, in Ann Arbor. Using my voice again in song and chant is so wonderful. It’s been decades since I let music fill me and to let it in again and use my voice is rich beyond belief. I might even write my own sacred chant soon. I feel lyrical.

JACKIE LANDRY, watercolor

THIS IS THE DAY                         jeanne adwani.   3 june 2012


This is the day

to feel the joy of abundance


This is the day

to give and refill


This is the day

to be Loves reflection


This is the day

The day, 

The day

To make Love your way


This is the day

To fold into gratitude


This is the day

to release your fear


This is the day

to be here and now


This is the day

the day

the day

To make Love your way


This is the day

To honor each moment


This is the day

To inhale peace and light


This is the day

your new beginning


This is the day

the day

the day

To make Love your way


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Mornin’  Today’s prompt is to write about a picture.  I have some beautiful water colours I took pictures of by Jackie Landry.  I choose one of hers as I told her so long ago that I wanted to give poetic voice to her lovely art.  so… To you Jackie I dedicate this.


I hear the horizon call

Through the grey cast of gloom

A slit of golden a rising flame

It heats my want.  A slow tease

of restless sends a shiver in

the brew of the storm licks

my face, tosses my hair.


There is caress in the danger

I feel it stroke at my edges

like the lap of waves at my scow

that glides out to the deep sea

Sails set to be grabbed by

winds assault to feel the spray

of salt sting my flesh


I am open like the sea

Held to the tides of being

Wrapped in the wrath of storm

Settled by the setting sun

Diving into myself to find myself

And just out there is a slice of gold

That is the end of my rainbow 







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