The Way of Words ~ The Birth of Sentences

25 April 2019


Words drop in like clatter in a tin can

like soft rain that goes torrential

like broken glass on the mind highway

or the random strike of lightening 

hitting the brain’s circuitry 


A scatter of run-together sentences

and stray explicative punctuations

in blinking flashes across the eyes

there is no grabbing ahold of them

not while they play the strobe dance


The best is to let some land in the heart

or maybe the womb space for a birthing

that is what they want really

to land in some poetic ordered sense

with a big breathy sob of exclamation


Once they squeeze out of that canal

all bright and shine and newly ordered

fully alive and ready to live out-loud

it’s the way words are in how they clatter

how they get birthed and sentenced


cc… jeanne Adwani.

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24 April, 2019

‘Keep it real, Let it come from the heart’

Lay the hard words and conflict down

to the ears that need the hearing


Lead with the chalice of your heart 

Make kindness the way 

of uncomfortable truths


Even in the stun of betrayal 

What needs saying must get said

There is not a way around some hurts 


They come with an unexpected pierce

In the why would you confront That

In the who made you the righteous one


Coming at it from the backdoor

Makes no comfort for the giver or receiver

Not even a gentle knock at the front door


Gives ease to what rises to be said

Trust leaves the Doors open for entrance

The ‘real’ might lock the door for awhile


Action gives consequences

To the heart of it in the lay down

In the need for what needs saying


Keep it real, Let it come from the Heart

Doubt will not be your friend

Lead with Love.


cc.. jeanne adwani


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23 April 2019


Some poems are a ramble… Like this one. Sat down and this is what I got.


Nature is persistent in the way She gives

There is not a moment when the giving stops

Not a moment when Nature is ceaselessly

recalibrating where she will unleash Her elements

to make beauty or lay mayhem.

If the Sun isn’t shining here, it is somewhere else

If it’s raining here, it isn’t somewhere else

A draught means there is a flood, somewhere else

And endless conspire to do as She pleases.

Displaying Her might and sovereignty

wherever she Will.

There is no fooling Nature, 

There is no controlling Nature.

There often is no rhyme or reason

Nature does not need us to thrive

She privileges us with her allowance

in tolerating our insipid taking

from her with giving little if any


Nature Wins

We are a dis-ease on her

May we learn to ceaselessly

honor her before she does

a back flip and we’re gone

Nature wins

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22 April 2019

Crystal Ball Nebula

Word pool prompt with Jill Badonsky

~bring your, four-side, constellation, hot, turning day, endless, navigate, pottery, arm, picture of, night, footprints, collection , fortune,, the sense of wonder, wardrobe,, strangers, love, change, house, bunny.


Bring your sense of wonder 

with the turning day

Make the wardrobe for your body

A collection of endless magnificence


Lay the soul of your footprints

across the night sky

Let the constellation of Love navigate

The endless fortune of change


Make your house not be a four-sided container

Give it the vastness of a hot surging nebula

Whirling and seething 

In the Infinite arms of the unknown


Bring your sense of wonder

across the night sky

whirling and seething

In the Infinite arms of the unknown.

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21 April 2019

Eyes closed in the deep darkness

Shiver off the fear of alone

Breathe into the pulsing heart space

Let this space be a w-holy place


Fear can brand with fork and tongue

All of that story line gets ill defined

Breathe into the pulsing heart space

Let this space be a Wholy place


What is it to give reverence to your cathedral

The land of blood, bones, heart and skin

Wholy, Holy, Whole are we in the dark

Holy, wholy, Whole are we in great Light


Rise, awaken, sprout green from winter’s cave

Shimmer in the Sun’s radiant beam

Reverent remembrance of renewal

Be this moment in perfect harmony


Eyes wide open in the silent light

Quivering with love’s life renewal

Breathe into your pulsing heart space

Let this blessed space be your W-Holy place



cc… jeanne adwani

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Alphabet get away

19 April 2019

NaPoWriMo.net has invite us poets to a prompt that is a stylized one.  An abecedarian poem.  What is that, right?  Well, what it is is using the entire alphabet , where A-Z is what starts each line.   And here it goes.

One way in.. or out

Avoiding the chatter of ‘who’s got it right’

Basically preferring to not get involved

Choosing words carefully can be exhausting

Deciding to remove any chance of that possibility

Even when the pull to let it have me is strong

Feeling into the timing, when not being noticed

Gives me the opportunity to exit without a dive in

Honestly, I haven’t the energy to make good this banter

Joining in has yet to prove itself a worthwhile decision

“Keep it real’ is my inner dialogue repeat

Likely my ‘real’ will not be welcome in the messy 

Mix of whose Righteous shit is the best righteous shit

Nobody wins in the this kind of back n’ forth

Oblivious to each other’s opinion the rants escalate 

Power hungry for the last word drags them all on

Quietly, I let myself grow small and unseen

Relaxing into the wall like I’m the wall itself

Slip out the back door into the flickering night sky

Taking in the fresh clean darkness in silence

Urgency slides into the shadowed light

Vision becomes clear with each step into the night

While I feel the tug of my own rightness dissipate

‘X’  marked in glitter nail polish marks the top of the gate

Youth has a way of finding a way out of places

Zeroing in on the ‘x’, I make my final get away.


Ownership, jeanne adwani


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18 April 2019

The Gilded Tarot


Have we talked yet 

about the hard conversations

  when your body refuses you

  when loneliness consumes you

  when every which way is no way

  when abandonment keeps you victim

  when you feel not enough or

    maybe too much

  when nothing will Ever be perfect

  when death takes a beloved

  when aging lies to you

  when youth betrays you

  when loves leave you

  when dis-ease eats away at you

  when death stalks you


Have we talked yet

 about the way love finds us

   in the sudden heart opening

   in a flirt of an eye

   at the coffee shop

   in remembrance of what was

   in the feeling of what Is

   at that wedding

   in the gentle caress

   in the hard fuck

   at a spiritual retreat

   in an unexpected moment

   in the radiance of another light

  at the corner from your house


Have we talked yet 

  about our closeness to the Earth

  about the way a walk in a 

     a forest clears the busy mind

  about how trees and plants

    desire our communion

  about the dance of the clouds

  about the rain’s heart beats

  about the way the river calls you

  about a murmuration

  about how the fey entities know you

  about moss and leaves and dirt

  about noticing the song of dragonflies

  about the seasons greetings

  about rolling in the leaves

  about swimming naked in the sea


Have we talked yet

  about the Infinite Universe

  about the magnificence of Being

  about the Truth of Love

  about sin and evil

  about rage and joy

  about the wonder of breathing

  about feelings and emotions

  about the Holy grail

  about the nothingness and 

     the Everything

  about how we care for each other

  about kindness and grace

  about the transparency of honesty


Have we talked yet

  Because, I’d like to know you


Day 18, NaPoWriMo

  cc… jeanne adwani

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