21 April 2019

Eyes closed in the deep darkness

Shiver off the fear of alone

Breathe into the pulsing heart space

Let this space be a w-holy place


Fear can brand with fork and tongue

All of that story line gets ill defined

Breathe into the pulsing heart space

Let this space be a Wholy place


What is it to give reverence to your cathedral

The land of blood, bones, heart and skin

Wholy, Holy, Whole are we in the dark

Holy, wholy, Whole are we in great Light


Rise, awaken, sprout green from winter’s cave

Shimmer in the Sun’s radiant beam

Reverent remembrance of renewal

Be this moment in perfect harmony


Eyes wide open in the silent light

Quivering with love’s life renewal

Breathe into your pulsing heart space

Let this blessed space be your W-Holy place



cc… jeanne adwani

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Alphabet get away

19 April 2019

NaPoWriMo.net has invite us poets to a prompt that is a stylized one.  An abecedarian poem.  What is that, right?  Well, what it is is using the entire alphabet , where A-Z is what starts each line.   And here it goes.

One way in.. or out

Avoiding the chatter of ‘who’s got it right’

Basically preferring to not get involved

Choosing words carefully can be exhausting

Deciding to remove any chance of that possibility

Even when the pull to let it have me is strong

Feeling into the timing, when not being noticed

Gives me the opportunity to exit without a dive in

Honestly, I haven’t the energy to make good this banter

Joining in has yet to prove itself a worthwhile decision

“Keep it real’ is my inner dialogue repeat

Likely my ‘real’ will not be welcome in the messy 

Mix of whose Righteous shit is the best righteous shit

Nobody wins in the this kind of back n’ forth

Oblivious to each other’s opinion the rants escalate 

Power hungry for the last word drags them all on

Quietly, I let myself grow small and unseen

Relaxing into the wall like I’m the wall itself

Slip out the back door into the flickering night sky

Taking in the fresh clean darkness in silence

Urgency slides into the shadowed light

Vision becomes clear with each step into the night

While I feel the tug of my own rightness dissipate

‘X’  marked in glitter nail polish marks the top of the gate

Youth has a way of finding a way out of places

Zeroing in on the ‘x’, I make my final get away.


Ownership, jeanne adwani


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18 April 2019

The Gilded Tarot


Have we talked yet 

about the hard conversations

  when your body refuses you

  when loneliness consumes you

  when every which way is no way

  when abandonment keeps you victim

  when you feel not enough or

    maybe too much

  when nothing will Ever be perfect

  when death takes a beloved

  when aging lies to you

  when youth betrays you

  when loves leave you

  when dis-ease eats away at you

  when death stalks you


Have we talked yet

 about the way love finds us

   in the sudden heart opening

   in a flirt of an eye

   at the coffee shop

   in remembrance of what was

   in the feeling of what Is

   at that wedding

   in the gentle caress

   in the hard fuck

   at a spiritual retreat

   in an unexpected moment

   in the radiance of another light

  at the corner from your house


Have we talked yet 

  about our closeness to the Earth

  about the way a walk in a 

     a forest clears the busy mind

  about how trees and plants

    desire our communion

  about the dance of the clouds

  about the rain’s heart beats

  about the way the river calls you

  about a murmuration

  about how the fey entities know you

  about moss and leaves and dirt

  about noticing the song of dragonflies

  about the seasons greetings

  about rolling in the leaves

  about swimming naked in the sea


Have we talked yet

  about the Infinite Universe

  about the magnificence of Being

  about the Truth of Love

  about sin and evil

  about rage and joy

  about the wonder of breathing

  about feelings and emotions

  about the Holy grail

  about the nothingness and 

     the Everything

  about how we care for each other

  about kindness and grace

  about the transparency of honesty


Have we talked yet

  Because, I’d like to know you


Day 18, NaPoWriMo

  cc… jeanne adwani

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It’s so good it’s bad, it’s so bad it’s good.

16 April 2019.  


There is rarely a knowing to what I lay down here in poems n’ Prose.  There is no plan ahead, little if any editing.  Writing a poem a day for whatever length of days chosen is, for me and act of Living in the Moment, the Be Here Now.  

It’s a ‘drop-in’ to the ethers, the liminal space between worlds and dimensions.  it gets me out of a ‘have-to’, an obligation to preform well, it switches off a perfectionistic something-or-other and I feel into that release, that freedom that comes with  letting go of the outcome.

If I please YOU, the reader, then dang, lucky me and you.  

And so you know, I Do wish to please you, stir you up, invite you into some thinking, feeling inspiration that might shift a stuck place, or stimulate your creative life force to take action on your own behalf.  

So today… in this moment, what rises in me to write is:

It’s so bad it’s good.  It’s so good it’s bad.


Bad to swim with sharks

So good to feel the deep, wet freedom


Good to behave the Fool

So bad when you’re just stupid


Bad to forget simple kindnesses

Good that you finally get that awareness


Good that you stepped in to being honest

Bad that you made it all about you


Good that there is 24 hours to a day

Badish that we are caught in a time continuum

Bad that there is violence and war

Good for those that challenge it

Bad that so many of us disregard the Earth’s needs

Good that there are those that take action on behalf of the Earth

Good that you engage the wonder of living

Bad that you disrespect your own life force

Good that you care for others

Bad that you are care-less with yourself

Bad that you assume someone ‘should’ be like you

Good that you get your ass kicked for believing that

Bad that you don’t take responsibility for your actions

Good that you get some therapy to figure that shit out

Good that you do not make judgements on others differences

Bad when you go into the gossip of it

Good that see yourself in All humans and animals

Bad that you go into forgetfulness

Good is Bad and Good gets Bad to get to Good

The polarity is held to the hold of separation

And separation makes it easy to disregard

our sameness, our equality. 

Get your shit together and figure it out

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Queen of Whispering Darkness

15 April 2019.  napowrimo

Facebook brings interesting offerings. This is a shareable one for a little ‘poeming’

What’s Your Tarot Card Name? mmmmm?


you are all That

Queen of Whispering Darkness

Give of your secrets on a wisp of dark

Dwell in the quietude of soft words

All hail to the absence of Light


Eyes closed to receive the gratitudes

Life dispenses the latitudes in moments

Fill me with the bounty of shadows

So that I might know my brilliance


In the silence infinity is remembered

In full surrender this open heart

In sovereignty I receive  wisdom’s gifts

To the whisper I give myself fully


And in the name that I now claim

I am the same and different

on a  whisper, in the dark

All is known and soon forgot


In choice all comes to repeat

Love is the great retreat waiting

Close to your heart ears listen

Timeless in this message


Queen of Whispering Darkness

remains in shadow’s keep

Out Loud she reigns in all her Light

Both Shadow and Light hold The answers


~ cc jeanne adwani

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There is No Poem today


14 April 2019.  napowrimo.

There is no poem today

Only questions for your


Only ponderings that 

 might tease at your edges

 remind you of what matters



A deeper invitation to collect your

 idle thoughts that need collecting

To sift out all the busy of

 that brain you overwork

 to settle into your best self

Your true self that hungers for

  peace and joy

To let you feel more than



There is no poem today

Only these questions :


What lights you up and gets you going?

What do you thirst for?

When did you last share yourself in love?

Are you enough as you are?

What brings you joy?

What do you keep hanging on to?


How many times a day are you grateful?

Did you know that you can make a difference?

What is the one thing you can do to 

  make the Earth healthy?

How would you make better what you do?

Who do you think you are?


There is no poem today

Just these questions

just because


~ cc jeanne adwani

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Her Magic


day 13… Ok so the prompt from NaPoWriMo.net.  is about magic.  Could be good, bad, ugly, or any combo of all that and then some.

                The thing is for me Is, I’m pretty much thinking’ it’s all magical in around me and thus, whether it seems so,  I’m busy feeling and writing about everyday magic anyway.  There’s magic, mystery, wonder, phenom, grooving around us all the time.    It takes noticing it.  It takes feeling it and moving with it. 

                 I suppose, it depends on your definition of ‘magic’.  There are as many definitions as there are people who want to define it.  The ‘taking for granted’ of breathing, speaking, and your heart beating, your mind grasping the roll of words strung together in some sort of sense, doesn’t seem magical, doesn’t seem much of a wonder.  And, there it is… incredibly awesome, stunningly wondrous.

Her Magic

Her breath is a sweet caress on my skin

The press of her nakedness to mine

speeds our heart’s beat together

Stirs my every cell

Awakens me to the mystery of Love


I feel a gasp, a desire with her finger tips

soft, slow, hard, deep, tender, aching

I pray her whispers of Love will never

cease, and that the breath of her will

be of my soul’s infinity


I fill my senses with her scent

The taste of her is honey and frangipani

Swimming in her eyes is a deep

dive, into the  darkest emerald sea

Oh, to let her Siren call have all of me


What else can it be call but magic

A wonder, a mystery, a phenom

stirred together in the cauldron

of my womb and heart

A witches brew of elements


A perfect blend of love’s desire

This creative brew of Alchemy

The unlikely, stirred into the

improbable, a mystery held

in the heart of Infinity

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