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This is from a prompt I was invited to do via my Creativity Coach teacher, Jill Badonsky.

We were to pick a quote from this website that gathers many quotes, and select the last five or so words at the end of the quote.

Steven and I may not agree on how to come to ‘a blank page’, and then again, is there really a wrong way?    How might you come to a ‘blank page’?SHadow on Dunes, California

“you must not come lightly to the blank page.”  Steven King


Come lightly to the blank page

Take in the sense of emptiness

The thrill of possibilities.

The taste of what wonder is on the tip

of your pen, waiting.


Come lightly to the blank page

Give quiet pause to the hungry story

That yearns for the telling.

Tease it like you would a lover

Feeling passion’s aching


Come lightly to the blank page

Let the bright light of empty spaciousness

Find that sacred resurrection.

Lay down one word at time

Make generous your heart’s longing


Come lightly to the blank page


copy rights… jeanne adwani

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This a summer of…

Wholy Grail.

Wholy Grail.

This is a summer of gathering

letting go, remembering,

moving, finding a new groove


This is summer of fear found

fear release, surrendering.

making space for new possibilities


This is a summer of edges

pushed, hanging on for dear life.

standing in the Center.


This is a summer of startled resistance

Deepening into the forever after of

when Oneness calls to the let it all go


This is a summer when angst

outgrew herself for peaceful resolution

On fresh pages freed for a new story


This is a summer when what needed 

to get together got to together in the 

seamless love given by others.


This is a summer of gratitudes fruition

When to give is to receive and to

receive fills the giving cup


This is a summer when the heart prism 

finds the clarity in the crystal

Catching all light in her opening


This is a summer still happening

in the calm of moments accepted 

In the trust of how the Infinite unfolds




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day 24..  napowrimo.

This poem comes from my Creativity Coach, Jill Badonsky.  She asked; “Where do your ideas come for writing.”  Somewhere in her dialogue she mentioned Dr. Seuss.  That’s where this all took me and now here it is.  Prompts are funny thing.

Feeling Seuss-ish



Sometimes it’s out the window that they come

Sometimes it comes from feeling gloom

Sometimes it comes because they come

There’s nothing really gloom in

the all around of all the fun


That font wants a way and place to romp

That font out my brain those words do jump

That font goes just as they want to clump

They dump and clump when I pull them

from that lump


Oh Goodness me how it all does flow

Oh goodness me when I let all those words go

Oh goodness me the words arrow from my bow

How so all those words go when I’m on

that wordy roll


So there’s wonder from whence it all comes

So there’s wonder in the fontin’ sum

So there’s wonder how the hell I gets it done

It’s done cause it must get done else die

with no fontin’ fun


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Small steps and the big picture

Outcome will find it’s way in the process

And what’s the end of it in the sight

That holds your view in the distance?

From here to there may feel vast

So much space and doing in the

In between when you know that

Spring will get to Winter.

It is the way of the cycle in the pattern

The end is assured, the destination

Will always be granted whether it’s

in your liking or not in the get there

Nature has her surprises and the ride

has plenty of dreary days in the mix

Of blue, and green, and sun light.

Be guaranteed of the stand off

The overwhelm of the get-there-fast

takes the pleasure of the journey

in gasps and rapid heart beats

Willing a slow down in one step at a time

Mistakes, procrastination, perfection

Give enjoy to the path of creation

In the unexpected wonder of Fabulous

When wrong is so very right

There is as much time as you need

Fear is your ally in reminder of

The vast courage you have to take this

Creative life and live it fully

Slow it down, take it easy, breathe

Summer is right around the corner

And the poems of yesterday are the

Pages of how you get there,

One small step at a time

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