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day 14… prompt from NaPoWriMo…   a ‘san san’ . a san san is a 7 line poem that repeats 3 different images and has a rhyme pattern that goes like this.  a,b,c,b,d,c,d.  New to me.  and here it goes.

nude sleeping

You are here in your soft presence.

Even in the angles and edges of you

There is comfort in how your curves find me

I settle in to the soft presence of what you do

Angles and edges are puzzle pieces that fit mine

Curves that silken what my touch sees

We become one of a magical kind

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I trace her lips with my fingers

The sky of her meets the earth of me

Then the soft drift of her stare

brings on the night


And my earth let the tremble rise up

with the soft conjunction of skin to skin

Of finger tips to wanting lips


A slow, ease of motion in one  heart shaped line

That needs, wants to feel lips to lips


We kiss


The tenderness finds the race of the heart

In slow persistence we find our way

of how the tongue scribes the hunger

and the body yields as one


Desire’s moments pulsing flesh to flesh

Melting the two to one as lips become fingers

That trace the curves and shallows.


Making moist the place of want

How  together sets us free


We  kiss


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day 7.. napowrimo..

woman on butterfly

Come slide into me

Ease your presence all over me

Quicken heart’s hunger


Quicken heart’s hunger

In want of naked longing

Lips tracing moist curves


Lips tracing moist curves

Hidden places open wide

Be my greatest dive


Be my greatest dive

Long gone are the shallows keep

Come slide into me

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