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Rain… glorious nurturing rain on a dry zone.  More please.  I let the rain bring deep sleep once the little dog made calm and my body sunk into the cozy of the bed. 



I wake with the thoughts of Light and dark.  

Right n’ wrong,  Joy n’ sorrow, Love n’ hate.

Again the duality of our world closes in on me.  

I find it limiting and I try to chase it away

with my breath,  with the letting in of more Love 

and more Lightness; heart centered joy

Images of a world filled with peace and

harmony, with the end of duality.   

Push aside fearfulness that sends me 

back into the darker shadows of my being 

while I try to amp up the light force inside of me 

to shine a little brighter, be a little lighter

Surrender the constraints  of limited thinking

In a vast Universe beyond understanding 

An Earth at a critical thresh hold changing

And we are all together witnessing


To believe is to see.  

Everything around us is

Thoughts made manifest


Thoughts are powerful

What will you think into BE?

What will you believe?  


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