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Light, Lightness, Lightly

Lighten up, Be the Light

Light the way, Go Lightly


Light up the room,

Hold the Light

Follow the light

Go to the light

Turn the light on

Turn the light off

Your inner light

Lightness of being


Shine effortlessly

Beam joyfully

Illuminate delicately

Blaze noiselessly

Brighten Buoyantly

Radiate softly

Spark fun

Beam cheerfully

Glow frivolously

Ignite amusement


Light, Lightness, Lightly


What lights you up?

How do you lighten up?


jeanne Adwani. @copyright

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Mind-fullness in Storyland

Every moment holds a story or two or three or… We cast our eyes, our ears, our minds and hearts out THere, and reel in all kinds of refuse from the sea of life.  Some beautiful, some horrifying.  And ooooo how the  stories we give charge to become some magnified truth of something we have no idea of.  Made up cause we can, because we are compelled to answer what it is we see, and feel even when we have no idea of any of it.  Merely our perceptions.  What stories will you make up today and HOW do they service your loving heart and life?

fire and hands

Go condemnation

Release to the heavens free

The angels must sing


No bitter smeared heart

when fear is washed in love’s light

A new dance begins


It is your story

Make it up with Care-fullness

Truth is perceptions


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29 days to a Limerick or two.

29th day… napowrimo  One more day of Poetry month.  as life is these day… zooooooomm

Gonna make up a limerick or two.  Why not?  Right?


botanical gardenspire1

There’s this gal from Ann Arbor

She’s a hairdresser not a barber

She snips n’ clips on your head,

shampoos away demons from dreams bed

Count on this gal to be a salve

When you’re needing


Who says there are no extra-terrestials?

Living here, way up there in the celestial

Look to your neighbor for one

With 4 fingers and one thumb

Don’t be fooled to think

They’ve not come


Me thinks that words are for playin’

Across pages maybe not sayin’

All the pooh inside you

with nothing else but to do

Spill your guts it’s a must

I’m just sayin’


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Faces of Faith, Zion Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor, MI.  2-4pm  TODAY….

This event, which I am participating in, is about the gathering and sharing of various, religious and spiritual practices with the public.  It is an opportunity to find out a little bit about the diversity of faiths that you might be interested in knowing and understanding a bit better.

I represent the ‘pagans’.  I’m sorry that paganism get such bad press because really all it means in it’s many many ways of getting expressed, is the thought/feeling/faith/belief, that nature, the seasons, the cycles of the moon and planets embrace Deity.  There are many expression of Paganism, many ways to ritualize all of the above.

I have my way, and I will be sharing that publicly, this afternoon.

Here is some Haiku that rises in me this morning ….



Earth, Fire, Air, Water One

In patterns and cycle praise

Nature speaks her Truth

It’s elemental

Fire heats it up, lights the heart

Lead  you to passion

It’s elemental

Earth is the bones, hug the tree

Make manifest dreams

It’s elemental

Water gives the flow compassion

Fill and pour again

It’s elemental

Air is your breath in the Now

Inhale winds of change

It’s elemental

All of you are united

Light, bones, flow, breath One

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winter white


There is peace in snow.  All white and soft, delicate to the tongue.  There’s quiet to snow.  Sometimes I hear a deep silence that gives my breath a pause as I take it in with a slow inhale, feeling the chill grab at my nose as it fills me up.

The Earth calls it down in sparkle and intricate design to shelter the green for Spring.  Deepening the silence and inner time needed to rest, and hold still to the far reach of roots in the harbor of energy held to the core.

I imagine the winter of me held to my core’s fire. The red flow of blood pumping through all of me. That warm flame within nestled deep, holding energy in the quietude of my dreams and awaking.

Holding the awareness of vulnerability that is exposed in just Being naked and vulnerable to the elements as I let steep the fire of creation within me.  Waiting.

It is the snow that shelters the vulnerable.  All the white cold layers of protection in an illusion of austerity. For that is what the eyes perceive when life slows down to what seems a trickle and the fire within gives to a season of rest.

Snow gives completion to my season of quiet and peace.  Wrapped in layers that guard me from over exposure.  That remind me of the need to go within and find my solitude quietly brewing at my core of creative force.

I smell it coming.  I feel my body ready for winter white.


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I’m a bit of a poet slacker… that’s what happens when I don’t feel well.  I”M BACK..


Breaking the chain of days of words

Finding the string that binds in my hands

Letters that call out stories in lines

That lay me in sentences across the page


Inner critic ties me in knots 

suffocates poetic structure’s dally

It’s all good if I believe it to be 

No day is lost in timelessness


Crawl out of the dreary dally

of snot and cough, of head throbbing

Words to far away a to gather here


Give to the perfect moment 

Never lost to dis-ease’s clutch

Begin again and again 

Every moment is a new beginning



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Again, I followed a prompt for my ‘Writing Club’ and decided to share it here as well this morning.

The prompt invite us into imagining; literally or metaphorically, what is behind us and what is ahead of us.   This is one of those prompts I could have gone on and on and on about.  So, I let all that go, letting the ‘muse’ find me at my deepest place and take me as she will.




Love, loss, joy, sorrow, intention, redemption

Nights and days of tossed sheets, and hungry kisses

The numb of use to shelter fears empty hand

Enchanted rapture of fiery risings and settings

The peace and storm of what I made to Matter

The clench of death’s last breath for release home

Where I’ve been is Illusion’s vibrant history

My Grail pulses in the center of my soul everlasting


Done that wearing the T-sheet that says so

Stripped naked to burn it in the fire of celebration

Whole again from out of my ashes

Washed cleaned in Illumination by Wholy Light

There is no place I have not been nor where I am going

All is ab-soul-lute where I stand ready

I am in my yesterdays and tomorrows

Be Here Now is all I am



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Mornin’… and today the morning sounds give to the garbage trucks making their way through the neighborhood.  Thank the Goddess that I threw out my ‘messy business’ and they are taking it away.  I put some emotional crap in that big old blue bin; betrayal, hurt feelings, expectations, old hurts, and dumped some more of my low self esteem and aging body issues in there to fill it right to the top.  “Take that too!”  I say I say.

I hear them taking it away and I’m feeling glad about it.  How crazy it that to be full of joy with the bang and clatter of the dump trucks?  “Begone you nasty negative thinking. Git you’re butt outta here.”


Betrayal gives a gift to

open arms with the heart

exposed in the wait for

loves flourish to enter


If not that it is a reminder

to remain open in that

state of care and sweetness

in welcome to the next possibility


Ward off the hard hit of

withdrawal to the sting of

perfidy that holds to amazement

the ache of yesterday’s wound


Allow the heart to hold to

the goodness felt before the

rupture bleeds out in wasted

longing unrequited


The feel good far out weights

the bruise of ego’s treacherous

mind games that lays raw

the glow of vulnerability.


When in the vulnerable tender

lives the open heart’s purity

of unconditional love struck

by the light ever lasting.


There is no betrayal there

Awash in the glow of pleasure

and care-fullness given freely.

Fear has no place in this place


Standing where you are

tingling with the gift of the

heart being open in the truth

that you are perfect love












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Sippy a new kind of coffee.  The dark brew settles nicely into my blood stream, of course, first filling my mouth with all kinds of bitter goodness.  mmmmm…

Somethings coming it’s an Earth evolve

A shift, a change, caught in the air

filled in the scent of early blooms

given to the seasons, rolled deep

beneath the surface of the unseen

There can be no more taking


Time seems to be in a hurry

in infinite space of no time at all

Of Light finding the right shadow

Revealing ancient truths of

Stars that have stories to tell

Of who we have always been


Duality has had it purpose

Shown the light and dark

for what it can only be

In this scheme of living

Loving the dark equally

as the Light


the breathe of us


I inhale deeply

for the Oneness

to fill me up

and pray for

the evolution

to take me home

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23 dec 2011  >  3/12/21  >   Empress/HangedOne/Universe


I invite you to give yourself a quiet moment.  Imagine a circle around you.  You sit in the center of this circle th’s work, or family, or your passion or fun.   Maybe it’s Earth, Fire, Air, Water.  Whatever comes quickly to your mind that you can imagine/see/feel.

What are these four elements of your life?

Do they feed you life, your soul, your heart’s desire?

How would you change them, rearrange them, expand on them?


Rotating light catches one little mirrored ball

among all the ornaments that hang

on the little feathered tree in my window

A point of light that is so sharp, so exact

It spears my eyes with brilliance

pulls me into the spark of it.

Demands my attention


I move my head. Not to avoid it

but to feel it’s presence cast a point

of radiance deeper into me

Wondering why of all these days

this first day after Solstice where 

I have sat exactly here writing every day

that today, this day with one minute 

more of Sun It choose now


It is the perfect now as there is no other

As is my custom to give to imagining

give to the messages held in the nature 

of things poignantly presented

I listen for the quiet gift held

in that one little mirrored ball that 

beams it’s blinding sparkle to me


“You are light everlasting. Shine on”









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