Be The Tender Heart

Don’t shelter away your tender heart

The wide expanse of your care-fullness

is needed in these times of confusion

These times when all that matters is in the

beauty of a generous heart in full surrender

A generous heart in full forgiveness

A generous heart that moves from the moment

to the next moment without judgment

unsheltered from the apocalypse

of disease, opinions, perceptions

regards and disregards, chaos unbound

For we are in a pivotal shift of humanity

a paradigm on the edge of magnificent change

You are all in it, part of it, moved by it, the One Heart

shattered by it, rising out of it like the phoenix

Don’t shelter away your tender heart

You were born for this time


jeanne adwani @copyright



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Making words adequate, enough

as they flow across the page

Word to word linked to thought

linked to what is seen or not


No word left behind in the saying.

A jumble to be heard for who is to see.

Take it to the feeling place for

disregard or a heart in need


There’s no knowing the impact

What is known is for the one giving

and even then the ramble takes

charge of following the Light


Or opening the passage beyond

what is thought dark and forbidden

In the reminder that All is at One

Linked in to the forever after


We’ve all been here before

shuffling through fallen words

held to so many yesterdays

linking to possible tomorrows


When in this moment heart

is at it best listening, in the

feel of these word being in flow

In the I will love your eternally


Making words the best they can

be, linked to this moment of give

and take in the dark and Light

of who we all are in the receiving


I can tell you this with certainty

with the angels sitting here on my

shoulders and the dark ones aching

for a crack of light in their black sky


“We are the Ones we have been waiting for.”




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