Gerald Jampolsky is one of my mentors; one of my spiritual leaders.  Though I only shared a few brief moments within in workshops in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I found his work deeply compelling.  It moved my heart and shifted my view of life, and All relationships. 

  HIs first book, Love Is Letting Go of The Fear, was an AHHa moment for me.  It resonated deep.  It made my soul remember, and for all these decades, I unflinchingly hold to the premise that: There is Love and Fear, and when I am in fear I am in the absence of Love.  And when I am In Love, there is no Fear.  NO FEAR.  Fear and Love can not happen simultaneously. For me, I choose Love.  Love in the ‘Be Here NOw’;  a perfect synchronicity.  It is my ‘practice’ amidst the challenges and paradox of living Here, in the Be Now.




Todays message:  ‘All that I give Is given to myself’.


There is not selfish content in the embrace of the give and receive

A heart open without expectation, gives.

The receive is the pleasure of giving


Duality finds center in the heart beat

Rare are the moments of perfect peacefulness

Free at last from separation in the Dark and Light of it


Give.  Receive perfect peace, perfect Love.  Give





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When you ‘stand between the worlds’, what does that look like and how does that feel?

What luster in your life needs a good buff?

Can you be the peace you wish to see?


The austerity of winter has kissed the land.  Leaves gone, laid in piles and in tall bags in front the neighborhood houses.

It’s still outside this morning. The winds of yesterday have blown through and the morning in it’s grey gift keeps calm and silent.  The squirrely squirrels have yet to race their madness across the roof and fly into the trees to scamper up and down the old oak, gathering and torturing my cat.  Their time for nesting is here. Quiet is easing on to the land, sleep is slipping into the dirt; Winter has given his promise and arrives soon.


Gerald Jampolsky, wrote a book, Love is Letting Go of the Fear, (and several others), and he began the community which he called The Center for Attitudinal Healing in the mid to late 7o’s.  I became involved with this group in the late 70’s.

The idea is that your attitude, moment to moment makes the difference in how you see, feel, imagine the world to be.

Shifting your attitude to one of love rather than fear releases the inner negativity and allows you to see the world with love and forgiveness in your heart.  I supports peace and inner calm.  I have much I could say of all this.  And in many ways my poetry and thoughts here reflect that journey that began for me over 30 years ago.   http://www.jerryjampolsky.com/Attitudinal.Healing.html  Take a visit and give it a read.  


Fear pushes love away

Feeds the anguish of negative thinking

Tempts the pain of regret and betrayal

Lays the victim of life on your inner surfaces


Love holds you cradled in the sacred


Fear is the absence of love

It feeds on the belief that it’s all about you

It suckles on yesterdays woes

wallows in tomorrows that hold pain the same


Love caresses the darkness away


Fear is a carrion of gloom and doom

Lays waste to a life of joy and pleasure

Sees through the grey lens of forbidden goodness

Fear will keep you in the belief that you are unworthy


Love sees the divine in everything


What holds you to your fear?  

Can you, for a few seconds, release the fear and know

that you are love’s servant and always a gift of joy?










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