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5 April 2022

NaPoWriMo. day 5

The numerology of today is ‘6’.  In Tarot, that is the card of the Lovers.




Extend your heart’s tenderness

Let the wind catch it softly

Dance it with the Sun radiance

Let it be whispered under the celestial


Stary night of how lover’s stroll

Within silence speaking everything

That rises to be known and held

In each joined heartbeat sweetly


Love doesn’t wait as it simply IS

Ever present for the noticing

For the falling into the pulse

Of another heart in perfect resonance


Beat to beat in a symphony that

Calls you to be song,

to be danced

to be written

to be loved


Jeanne Adwani. cc

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1 Jan 2020… 6


In numerology, at least the way I do it, today, this first new day of 2020, is a 6. We start the year with a number that speaks to relationships not only with other, with yourself.
In the Tarot, 6/VI is the number of the Lovers. As I feel into this card, into this day, we begin this turn of the wheel with Love as our first breath, our first inhale. I let myself take that in, fill up on that breath and move Love through my body. I tap into the many things that give rise for me when I let Love wake my heart up, open it wide, let it call me to that place of devotion. I find I tear up a little, a little smile traces across my face, a loss pushes at my edges, all sorts of feelings and thoughts rise up, and there is also this expanded feeling all over and in me that gets my heart to pump a little faster. My entire body lights up, I feel a connection to my surrounds, a noticing of the light around me, and I feel Joy in the ability to have this moment. And what I also know, is I can call up this moment at any time I want, cause I just did, which means for me that it is ever available.
For me, Love is the One Truth, it is the place where we all can connect and feel the greatness, the magnificence of what it feels to Love with out expectation, or return, or anything other than the sublime pleasure of Loving.
Might you take a moment to feel/breathe into your heart and let someone, something, that fills you up with so much Love and tenderness, you can do nothing but succumb to it, can you let that in? Can you feel that pure, unabashed, uncensored Love. How does it move in you? Can you feel it without trying to stop it or let your busy mind run over it?
Maybe, it’s easy to fill up on unconditional Love, or maybe it feels hard, or scary, we all have issues on the topic of love. Whatever it might or might not be for you, it needs no analysis, cause that is brain stuff, not heart stuff. Love does not need analyzing, even tho’ that is one of our ‘go to’ processes cause most of us want to understand the Why, of just about everything. When I drop out of my busy little mind and breathe into my heart, let go of that need to know and understand, image how Love lights me up, I can feel it rather than think it. A whole new glow starts to radiate in me.


Make resolute the quest of an open heart
The ever present Wholy Grail within
Filling and pouring,
Filling and pouring
Filling and spilling

All through the blood red radiance of Being
Pumping in a syncopated melody of
A song never having been sung over and over
Pouring the joyous music of the heart
Like an out breath sigh of tenderness

From the Wholy Grail, the heart chalice
That only needs the quest of letting Love
Be on your every inhale and exhale
Always resting on the tip of your tongue
Plumping your lips for the sweet kiss

Breathing out into the air around you
Only Love



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Love, A Full Moon, and Alchemy

A Full Moon and a Happy Love Fest day to you.  Really, let’s make everyday a Love Fest day.

The number for this day is ’14’ and for the numerology purists, it’s a ‘5’ day.  I’m holding to the ’14’ with the influence of that ‘5’ because as a Tarot Card enthusiast, I like to be able to include all the Major Arcana cards when they give their call to be heard.

’14’, in the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite deck  is called Temperance while some other decks call this card ‘Art’, ‘Alchemy’.  Whatever you choose, what I feel and know of this card, among the many stories that live in it, is that it is an invitation into the magic of mixing the unlikely with the impossible and making something amazing.  Finding out that what you didn’t think would work works or that what you thought might work doesn’t and you try again.  There is beauty and information in the creation of mistakes.  There is beauty and magic in the information of experimentation.

On this Full Moon, Valentines day, I invite you to open your heart and feel the flow of Love enter your day/week/life  to the possibility that what you thought/believe was impossible, really is an opportunity to mix it up and find the wonder and creative beauty in the unlikely.  Love may be right there waiting for you to notice.


full moon on the Dease

full moon on the Dease




Mix the unlikely in the pot of love

Let the impossible find the heart’s center

Give temper to the knelling in the heat of it

Passion calls and will you listen to the deep


Let the impossible find the heart’s center

There is not a time that love is not waiting for you

Passion calls and will you listen to the Deep

Fire and water will find their match


There is not a time that love is not waiting for you

All corners of the Universe seek Love’s light

Fire and water will find their match

Burn and flow with the improbable


All corners of the Universe seek Love’s light

Give temper to the knelling in the heat of it

Burn and flow with the improbable

Mix the unlikely in the pot of love.






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yesterday got away from my poetry blogging, at least in the sharing of it here.  I sent out two ‘Love’ poems that I diligently reworked late into the night and early morning to be published here >>>> at Dancing Horse Group Media.

Mikhail Feldman nude small

I present one of them to you…


Breath’s Moist Hunger


I inhaled his air as he passed

It tasted of yesterday’s yearning

And last night’s lonely


I didn’t want that in my lungs

I didn’t want that through my body

My exhale didn’t rid the breath of him


It’s what we do when breathing

The wind holds us in whirls and swirls

Wisps of exhale caught in the inhale


For a moment I gasped in the clean fresh of trees

Even out my breath to morning dew and green

To open sky and the call of crows


Out goes the lonely yearning

In with the verdant and open sky

Fills me wide and clean as a bird flies


I linger here with the trees

With the flow of air caught to flight

And azure blue becomes my breath.


The wander of lovers draped in lust

Pass me with desire’s breath

Of poems and sweat on rumpled sheets


I give them my breath of wings and blue

I gulp in deep their moist hunger

I let it fill my body.








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Love’s whisper rests on my tongue

it tastes of pear and shimmer

It lingers, wet and moist

waiting for my heart’s rise

in rapid pulse to beat for you


Love knows me well

When the whisper bellowed

and all my moist fruit

was an offering to Venus

naked and vulnerable


The race of my heart

wide open in my giving

The luster of us a magic

pulled from life’s cauldron

of bubble and brew


There is never a time

When Love is not welcome

When moist and whisper

is food enough for days on end

And I am Love and its vessel


I am a whisper waiting

I am the succulent fruit

I taste of shimmer and pear

I am the magic in the brew

I am Love and its vessel

My heart is open for you



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