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Resting back in the Center of me.

Settling into my breath

Letting the wholeness fill me up

The Universe is unfolding



History makes her weaving ways into my present.

Suckles on my fears and weakness.

I have rocked this baby before.

I can’t drowned her, or smother her

I can’t shake the pictures out of her head


I remove her from her cradle of lies

I raise her to the Sun and Moon

in an ‘All Hail great Universe’

lay her on a bed of mossy green

under the bluest sky there ever is

and chant her stories of beauty and grace

of life that has no death and love that knows

no darkness in the forever after.


I let her suckle on the breath of love

In a world of kindness and joy

I sing her to sleep in the dream

scape of infinite possibilities of

great goodness made manifest.

I remind her that there is only Love

in the eternal Oneness of Spirit


She is her own spirit

on a human path

finding her moments






BELTANE… seed yourself

This link is a lovely voice to this time of season, the invitation to feel the nature of your nature stir.  To allow yourself to really feel the elements within and around you awaken.  What do you notice?



Dance the Maypole

Dance the Maypole


Wide is the meadow of green

Lush is the carpet to barefoot dance

Beneath the Sun and Moon to

celebrate in the give of light in love

as you find the illumination made to

Brilliance into midnight’s smoky shadows

In the whirls with the twirls

in the greeting of renewal


Green smells new and mossy fresh

The body shivers in the Spring

breeze on the rise in ripple soft

waves on flesh, ready to feel

Nature’s nature from within

to the hungry naked roll on

the meadow’s carpet green

where a seed is planted for

summer’s bloom.


It is the swell of the seed within

from this seasoned land that calls for

life’s renewal in the chant and the

dance.  In the remembering of

life’s cycles starting here on this

May day for what may give to

birthing from what you dream

into being.


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A BALLAD… 25th day

day 25 of NaPoWriMo…

Todays invite is to write a ballad.  Ballads come in different forms, always lyrical, and with lines that rhyme.  The line pace is often 8/9 syllables for the first line, 6/7 for the alternating lines.    Always there is a story to be told; often some lament.  And, of course it can be anyway ya want it.  It’s about the story.

woman n butterfly purple

We knew what made her walk away

No tears rolled down her face

She had a smile that fateful day

She disappeared without a trace


She took with her just skin and bones

Wrapped in a blue velvet cloak

Her faithful dog at her side alone

She was gone before he awoke


His search was reckless full of woe

She was his and his forever

Who was she to think she could go

He told her never ever


Away from never ever land

Free from his vile breath

She found comfort in woman’s hand

A sweet love for her till death


We knew what made her walk away

Little did we know her fate

Into the arms of a woman she stays

Forever is never too late







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Love is free from shelter

It’s haven is vast with the heavens

A heart open in a sea of stars

A night sky of a billion Milky Ways

Making the Way of love a spiral

Dance across the Universe


Love is it’s own shelter

It shares the full and empty

Of the Infinite beyond imagination

As we imagine Love into Being

It rushes to meet us as we are

Children of this limitless Creation


Love is your shelter

It rests in the Cosmos of your heart

As it sweeps you off your feet

So does it cradle your soul’s quest

In love there is no place for fear to hide

Love’s light fills your every corner







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SHadow on Dunes, California


Unfolding within

Selfless the take and receive

Laughing on the way


Hold the paradox

Illusion gives it’s side show

Light and Dark are One




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When I was little, 4 to 5, I was obsessed with prayer and thankfulness at bedtime.  My mother would kneel beside me at my lower bunk bed.  I would press my hands together, squeeze my eyes closed, and I would fervently bless and give thanks for every single family member, neighbor, friends, pet, trees; anyone and thing I could think of that moved me that day.  It took some time to pray with me.  There was no rushing me because I was determined to speak out-loud everyone’s name.  My mother over the years reminded me of my ardent behavior, and told the tale of my devotion and obsession to others with a sense of pride as my connection to God and faith was incredibly important to her.

She lamented that I stopped  all that,  stopped going to church in my middle teens, and stopped believing in God.  The thing is, is that my God took on a new face, a new experience, a wider inclusiveness that I searched for for decades in other spiritual practices, other ways of living in goodness and care for others .  I was reclaiming my ‘God’ as Spirit, Source, Oneness, Goddess, All, Infinity Love, The Divine; many names define my sense of what it is to experience my deep connection to Infinite Love and the Oneness of All that IS.

On this day of Thanksgiving, I thank my mother first and foremost, for bringing the opportunity for me to first find a Path to my spiritual quest, my Holy/wholly Grail.  She opened the door and I stepped in.

My prayer of Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for: Kindness, Mom, and Jack, Dad, and Jere.  And, Bridget and Alan, and Diane, Ann and Derek, and Dorje, and Bebz and Cate, and Katie, and Charley and Pam, and Pine trees, and big sky, and grass and snow, all the Seasons, the wind, and breath, all my cousins and aunts and uncles, Jeanie, and Jean, and Brian and Sarah, The Great Lakes, and Kriss, and thunder and lightening, Cleo, and Samantha, and David, and Billy, the Ocean, and food, and good wine, Robin and John, thrift shops and Antiques, cameras, and music, and the Interfaith Center, and my home, my car, Samantha and Cat, and Kay and Susan, and Jack, and Eileen, and Sally, books, and magic, mystery, and learning, Flowers and seeds, and dirt and mountains, open heartedness, good health, showers and shampoo, and my work, and Art, and Art.  And the magnificence of this Planet Earth, and Rob and Marty and JoAnn, and words and Open spaces, and cuddly corners, and you who visit me here, and Librarys and Justice, freedom and Laughter.  Opportunities, and challenges, Joy, and Peace, forgiveness, and each moment and each moment, In the Be here Now.

I am thankful for every opportunity to fully engage in living and finding myself more deeply committed to experiencing Joy, Love, Peace, and kindness, and being a witness to the Awakening of Love, joy, peace, and kindness, in Us All.

And so it is.


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A contemplative morning.  Holding the awareness of letting the busy mind not take over too much of my peace.  Gathering to my highest good, the joy of noticing without judgement or correction.   I have my fingers crossed.

Time chants illusion

yesterdays and tomorrows

Gone, not here, Be now

Gaia gives rumble

Tidal waves of sweat and tears

She births a new Way

The the nature of you

Joyful, volatile, seasoned

Is being natural

You are all ready

Here, there, and now

You forgot yourself

In stillness you know

Beyond the inner mind noise

Peace is Loves way home

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