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Wishing Well

It was a long slow drink from the well of wishfull-ness

Where people flipped their words of want and longing

Like pennies to a fountain for dreams to come true

Down into the deep darkness where water waits to receive


There is old loam in the rising wood bucket mixed with swill

Of a diary of many lost yesterdays spoken out loud

Echoing, bouncing on the stone and moss holding the memories

Tumbling in love, in yearning, in hopefulness as if some magic


Comes up to be taken in from the very mouths that poured

Sentences down the old cavity that once replenished thirst

Now we hang over the edge, watch the bucket rise with

It’s murky offering needing to be brought up to the light


To be heard, to be seen, to let the wind catch whispers

We dip our hands in to capture the word-soaked waters

Bring the smell of the wet earth mixed with stories

To our open hearts as we sip them in feeling the wishes


Tumbled desires flowing down into us as we as vessels

Receiving it all to hold it in the living chalice of our beings

Taking it all in sacred communion of mythic proportions

Remembering it all, knowing it all, wishing it all well


jeanne adwani@ copyright

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Her Magic


day 13… Ok so the prompt from NaPoWriMo.net.  is about magic.  Could be good, bad, ugly, or any combo of all that and then some.

                The thing is for me Is, I’m pretty much thinking’ it’s all magical in around me and thus, whether it seems so,  I’m busy feeling and writing about everyday magic anyway.  There’s magic, mystery, wonder, phenom, grooving around us all the time.    It takes noticing it.  It takes feeling it and moving with it. 

                 I suppose, it depends on your definition of ‘magic’.  There are as many definitions as there are people who want to define it.  The ‘taking for granted’ of breathing, speaking, and your heart beating, your mind grasping the roll of words strung together in some sort of sense, doesn’t seem magical, doesn’t seem much of a wonder.  And, there it is… incredibly awesome, stunningly wondrous.

Her Magic

Her breath is a sweet caress on my skin

The press of her nakedness to mine

speeds our heart’s beat together

Stirs my every cell

Awakens me to the mystery of Love


I feel a gasp, a desire with her finger tips

soft, slow, hard, deep, tender, aching

I pray her whispers of Love will never

cease, and that the breath of her will

be of my soul’s infinity


I fill my senses with her scent

The taste of her is honey and frangipani

Swimming in her eyes is a deep

dive, into the  darkest emerald sea

Oh, to let her Siren call have all of me


What else can it be call but magic

A wonder, a mystery, a phenom

stirred together in the cauldron

of my womb and heart

A witches brew of elements


A perfect blend of love’s desire

This creative brew of Alchemy

The unlikely, stirred into the

improbable, a mystery held

in the heart of Infinity

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Tarot, Numbers and The Magician’s Sun

Day 8, NaPoWriMo


8 April 2014… 8+4+2+1+4= 19=1


A little number brew

makes for a rhyming poem to do

In the nineteen of this day

The Sun comes out to play


Totals out to one

In the beginning of this fun

Calls the Magician to wave her wand

For all the elements to respond


For in the golden Orb

Is the power of light to absorb

In radiance expanse

Life rises to meet life’s dance


In elemental glory

The magician casts a story

In the beginning there is no end

In this illusion that gives pretend


Whatever maybe the story

Of Sun light magic glory

All is Now there ever will be

All are One when you believe you see


In this day of nineteen to One

Of the Magician and the warming Sun

Call to magic’s ever presence

Radiate your Light as your essence














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This morning there was a relatively strong earthquake off the coast of California near Avalon, a southern, small city in California.

As a lover of The Autherian tale, of Avalon, The Lady of The Lake, the Knights of the Round Table, and Morgana Le Fey;  I for some reason felt a little jolt in myself.  The symbolism just sort of flooded my consciousness for a moment.  The magic of Avalon, is awakening, quaking.  The isle and lake that forged the magic in Excalibur gifted by the Lady of the Lake: what wonders great myths give symbol to.  And today, an Avalon quakes.

I thinks to me self:  What story rises again to reveal more mystery to the noticing observer?  What ‘sword’ rises up for the taking to fight fear away and give clarity to what needs to be known?  Who will lead the way?

glastonbury-tor. Avalon

This is a site that will give you a very general story of the Isle of Avalon and the celtic tale.



Hidden long by disbelief in magic that once was steeped

In tales of joust and warrior feats

An Isle of Glass, a Lady rose from the deep


In the fog the isle disappeared no ears could listen or hear

The veil be drawn tho very near

To be seen and felt with release of fear


Magic is as magic does. Tis ever present ever was

When in the quest belief does pause

The Grail still waits it must because


Tis in this quest a warrior finds beyond the fears that bind

A knowing that the heart reveals

To boat the waters where the deep can heal


A helping hand lifts from the deep awaking you from the sleep

Forgotten power to fears defeat

A sword to clear away what needs release


Oh Avalon rise again, give your magic from where you’ve always been

HIdden from our fear that we

Might be more powerful and at last we see


Beyond the veil of fog and mist to know the joy and what is our bliss

The Wholy Grail may at last be found

We are the mystery at last unbound.




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Love’s whisper rests on my tongue

it tastes of pear and shimmer

It lingers, wet and moist

waiting for my heart’s rise

in rapid pulse to beat for you


Love knows me well

When the whisper bellowed

and all my moist fruit

was an offering to Venus

naked and vulnerable


The race of my heart

wide open in my giving

The luster of us a magic

pulled from life’s cauldron

of bubble and brew


There is never a time

When Love is not welcome

When moist and whisper

is food enough for days on end

And I am Love and its vessel


I am a whisper waiting

I am the succulent fruit

I taste of shimmer and pear

I am the magic in the brew

I am Love and its vessel

My heart is open for you



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The meadow is snow laden

a circle that glistens in the noon sun

sparks of light dance on my eyes

A fireworks of white meadow

hidden deep in the forest’s silhouette  


Seasons call me to this place

where silence is never silent

and peace is ever present

Sun finds a place to rest here

with no interruption 


The circle is smooth white

The austerity is clean and bright

Doe eyes turn their heads in unison

I am seen in the quietude

before tracks have laid a path


I want to be first, first to lay

my angel form in the white sparkle

There is no race and race I do

to the center, to the center standing

alone with the forest and the deer


I raise my hands to the heavens in salutation

a soft spray of glisten swirls up my legs

The rush of winter chill caresses my face

I lay my body down in the cold white flock

I see my breath a cloud of whisper


My wings  pull up from my sides 

My legs spread wide in similar motion

Again and again I press my form

Lay my angel self to this white meadow

Imagine the heavens split wide in sacred song


I let the full cold of winter fill me

The whisper cloud of breath surround me

I am celestial, a being of heaven on earth

A meadow to the busy of the world around me

A quiet bed of snow to lay my angel down.


28 DEC 2011   >   8/17   >  Adjustment/balance/The Star


How will you imagine heaven on earth?

What is it to feel balance and centeredness?

How will you shine in the night sky?









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24 sept 2011   >   19/10/1   >   sun/wheel of fortune/magician


When you shine, how big is your light?

When the wheel of life turns are you centered in it?

How will you see the magic in this day?


RACHEL and ANDY’s wedding day.  Helen’s birthday.  And it has stopped raining.. YiPeE…  The land in ‘cottage country’ in upper Ontario is almost in full colour.  SPEctaCulAr… wow.  Incredible reds.  Dazzling golds, deep pine greens.  I want that SUN to shine alllll over it for this day of celebration.

~~~   ***   ~~~ 

give to life yourself

body, heart, soul celebration

be a joy-rider


shake off discontent

cast away the garb of drab

bloom because you can


relation-ships sail

on seas of vast emotions

choose your harbor well


Wed your life to love

hold sacred love’s everything

be your best self now 


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25 august  2011   >  19/10/1   >   Sun/Wheel of fortune/ magician

 How bright are you willing to shine?

Where on the ‘wheel of life’ do you stand?

How can you make magic happen?


This is MY day…19*!0*1…I’m just gonna let it shine, stand it the center of myself… ANd put all my magical tools in action.  Yep.. that’s what I’m a gonna do.  How bout chu?


Magic is in the breath

the light, the sound, the taste,

the land of living.


Magic is everywhere…


it is the kiss of mother’s love

on the booboo of collision

it is a singular snow flake

held in brief to the sun


Magic is in everything…


It is in a whisper of love

it is fear unleashed

it is breathless beauty

it can taste of skunk and dirt


Magic is everywhere…


it is in the miracle of your birth

it is your last breath to everlasting

It dances on the tips of grace

smolders in the fire of disillusion


Magic is in everything..


It is what you imagine it to be

It is what you dream it into being

It will happen without you

It will happen cause it can


Magic is…


in your breath, your light, 

your sound, your taste

It is in your land of living

Make sacred your magic wand












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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * **
* ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** yikes * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

yep.. the days are getting shorter. I KNOW. Summer does that. It does not mean you inner light in anyway diminishes. As a matter of interest, you might look to that light as one that expands and acts as a beacon to others. I KNOW… doesn’t that make you want to break into song?
You light up my life, you give me hooooopppe to carry ooooon… you light up my Daaaays and fill my Liiiife withhhh….. OK OK.. I’ll stop.

This is an experiment of Haiku. It follows the 5/7/5 thing and… it doesn’t follow the nature rules. I break the rules..


Grace came for dinner
It was a pot luck to share
We all felt lucky

She brought friends with her
Generosity, Kindness
We gobbled them up

Trust was a lil late
We knew she’d come, she promised
Her dessert rocked it

Honesty laughed loud
Truth was so hilarious
Dinner was magic

Night came starry eyed
Hugs and kisses all around
Till next time my friends



22 july 2011 > 5/14 > hierophant/art

What keeps you stuck in the box of your life?
What will you do creatively to make that box more interesting?
Did you know that you have everything you need to be all of who you are?

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