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sippy the coffee…  may even need more of the brew this a.m.  

How is everyone doing in these days that fly by like lightening strikes?  How are you staying centered and balanced?

Mercury is retrograde in Leo.  Geez …. what does all that mean anyway?  Read this article for a pretty good idea of what it ‘all’ means.  Or just google it.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/larry-schwimmer/mercury-retrograde_b_1671936.html

I say, a little mindful, living and steady even breathing is a good way…


One way in.. or out

Backwards is no way to go

What passed by is gone as it came

if in it’s return it shows differently

in the circle unbroken.


I have no tail to swallow in my 

serpent ways only skin to shed

as transformation has it’s way

with me


And the path back is really

a path forward in the around, over, 

through of my orbit of living and 

dreaming the dream into being


Saturn has nothing on all my rings

with Mercury busy wording herself

backwards in tongues of fire

and spittle laughing


Out of my head and into the heart

of what matters in the go around

and the back to of the forward

motions of it.


I let the retrograde pause be a

meditation in the be here now

when taking action is motion

lead by love and light


To be present within the center

of the back and forth teasing

chaos into action cause it can



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