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In the grey sky, tinged with morning pink
Vulnerable are the trees in silhouette
Naked against Winter’s austerity
Leafless against the bitter cold

Roots buried deep in the frozen earth
The life blood slowed in the quietude
Staunch in the willingness to wait
For the tilt of the Earth to call to Spring

Humans know none of this at their root
Such vulnerability to Winter’s quest
For silence and the slow beat of living
Wrapped in layers of cotton and wool

Skin is not like bark to a tree
No leaves for us to lose in wait to return
Nor does our root bury itself deep
No such attachment to one place

We are of stars and wander-lust
Held to gravity and ancient stories
Held to search for what settles our root
To this short stay on this blue marble

That for today, awakens to a grey sky
With a tinge of pink in sunrise
As this season of bitter cold cycles
in the reminder of vulnerable silence

by    jeanne adwani


Just riding 
by the cornfields
Seven crows 
in a silver tree

A.M. Salt

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art work by... Melissa Cabigao

art work by… Melissa Cabigao

The curtains remain shut this morning

A limited view of her in her grey hooded dress coat

Shuffling along in the rain, chill, and drizzle


I can hear her out there humming

Oddly cheery, waving at the mini-vans

And sedans spraying puddles to her ankles.


Giving her cloudy grey to a warm hello

The Sun having a bad hair day and spotty

Sends his favorite gloom out dressed accordingly


She’s all about it, in her favorite shade of grey

It’s always suited the mist and fog of her

The flat, dull cloak she’s made her favorite


She’s out there at the windows tapping

Her happy gloom and drizzle inviting

The day to be a creative search for


Just the right rainbow to compliment

Her outfit because a girl always likes the

Right accessory.





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