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Kris has a one liner for me to prompt this 1st of November and her departure to Kansas



Where is that Damn old crow that lead us to the lake?

Cawed us out from under high school’s umbrella of memory

To lay our feet to the beach and surf gathering stoney stories

Pulled deep from the lake’s bottom like the history of us


Hard and polished by decades of feelings washed by life

In the over and over again sheen of living in the tides

To roll up on the beach of our togetherness and plucked up

For our telling of today from way back then.


When youth had us tangled up and giddy

And the shore of us was empty and waiting

for life to deepen and repeat, wash and cleanse

We are blues and agates, and petoskey, and shell on white grit


Called to the beach by that damn trickster’s caw

Picking up where we left ourselves to be found again

Together, to remember our rawness and lust

Now polished soft and smooth to be gather and shared









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On a globe so vast in a Milky Way of

spiraled light within Infinity’s night

every speed of breath, every nature

of Nature is in the give and take in

the drown and the blaze, the wind and

the dirt of life and death


There is a steady breath to my EArth

in the sparkle of my spiral dance here

when ease lays itself across my land

and the busy of natures creatures

is welcome in the seasons of change

in green or spice, or winter white.


When the body of me welcomes change

inevitable to the breath and pulse of living

in the vast elements of all that shifts

to find its’ place next to you in the unexpected

rove of summer heat and the wait for moisture

in a draught waiting for the Spring to come


On a globe so vast

in a Milky Way

of spiraled Light

within Infinity’s night

Nature awakens.

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Not portage lake… could be. pretend.

Laziness in this morning’s waking

Early mind invasion muffled with

deep breathing, that saves the a.m.

Seeking a deeper layer of REMs


Calling dreams to attention

for a sub-conscious slip in.

Always looking for the lucid

symbols in disconnection.


Sorting what didn’t get sorted

on that lazy boat ride anchored

in Portage Lake with a gaggle

of chirp and fluffed up feathers


Letting the sun and the big drink

hold to the peace of the day in the float

Intersecting minds lay gentle

a breeze of tender connection


Remembering what matters and

what doesn’t in the mix of lettuce

and bright red tomatoes in the

lemon zest of slick oil salted


It didn’t matter that the slide back

into deep sleep held no dreaming.

Of the tell of fortunes on a lazy lake

held in the vast Stargate of heaven.


Planets align as they may to say

what they will if we’re listening

to the heart beat of our Milky Way

ever ready to share it’s mystery


Living the dream in the float

of the big drink, under the sky

scape being the Sun’s companion

letting life hold me just right

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