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TGIF… Actually, for me, it’s more like, TGIH,  Thank God/dess I’m Here.  Let’s have a big ‘YIPEE’ for breathing?

And then a calm moment for a little sippy.  aaaahhh.  What a nice way to begin the day. Let’s breathing another big one, shall we.  More thrift shop poetry.  I have lots of photos.  Taking them was a bunch of fun.  Love Value World.




Poised there for the taking in the tumble

of abandoned bounty whispering

Her prayer of compassion and kindness

I could feel her outreach with no care

for where she stood or laid her weary head

Or who might take her home for the mantle


She is an altar unto herself, full of self

All trinkets are sacred in the notion of things

Down the aisles of the forgotten, useless,

discarded; the recycle of hope’s heap glorified

A treasure trove for a lonely wanderer

finding comfort in lost things found


Mother Mary posses there waiting

Home is everywhere in this jumble

of the anywhere to lay the habit of things

In the give away of the unneeded

or in the abundance of the heap

On the shelves of the lost to be found again

She IS.


TODAYS…Daily invitation to tarot and numerology.. thanks for taking a look…


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25 oct 2011     >  3/12/21   >   Empress/hangedone/The Universe


What kind of creative play might you indulge yourself in?

Can you name 3 things that you might consider looking at differently?

How would your define; your earthiness, your airiness, your wateriness, your fire?

~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   *** 

I want to be just like Alice

Writing a poem every day

I want to be just like Diane

All nice and considerate

I want to be just like Ann

Creative beyond measure

I want to be just like Mother Mary

birthing out love and compassion

I want to be just like Sophia Loren

Deliciously sexy for a life time

I want to be just like Jung

Famously brilliant psychologist

I want to be just like my dog

Gentle and kind every moment

I want to be a Three Musketeer 

And duel away all the evil

I want to be just like the Seasons

Embodying all the elements

I want to deny all fear

I want to embrace our Oneness

I want to love unconditionally

I want Peace on Earth

I want kindness to live in your heart

I want to be a brilliant moment


I want … 

            I want… 

                                 I want…


The truth is…. 

    Love wants for nothing






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