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I give myself to the music, I am the music


Ludovico Einaudi, Pianist.


I give myself to the music
The tenderness fills me
rolls in caress over my body
I yearn for the home of it
with windows wide open
and the standing pine caught
to the breeze filling my inhale
Wide is the blue with the fluff
of scattered clouds that look like
starships calling me home

I didn’t want to let it give me tears
With the sprinkle of the spring rain
that can not be held back to nurture
the land finding my flower nearly ready
How many times I have bloomed in
these decades of living from tears laid
to my fertile land or when life opens
and pours down on me with such giving.
Of wishes and wants, desires, and magic
filled and not ever unfull-filling
no matter the harmony the keys tap
to this life giving rhythm

I give myself to the music to be the music
I am the dancing fingers to the ivory,
the taunt sing of the strings
the drummers heart beat
the pelt of rain on the roof
the blow of the horn in the fog
the string of bells caught to wind
the crack and split of the clouds pouring
I am the choir, the orchestra, the soloist
I give myself to the music
I am the music

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In Memory of Jean Mullen… Green Bean Jean

green bean jean

 In memory of Jean Mullen.  It was 1975, hard to even remember
why she ended up spending a few weeks with me in L.A. back then.
She and her young, fresh-faced husband, Ted from Illinois
coming to the La la land to make her fame.  Her voice was
amazing.  I long to find her album  ‘Green Bean Jean’.  So..
this poem is for you honey.  I don’t know why you danced in my
mind this morning and here you be.

Green Bean Jean

Decades ago give a mind flash
To a time back
when a girl was yet woman

Traveling to the LAland
hoping for the right
band to get her music

Lived in my place
Rocked with amazing grace
Hope was hers to share

Into the heart space
Laid her music straight
Sang melody sweet and pure

She was on the right track
Gave her music back
To all who cared

On her way to gig out
let her songs shout
Found her death on the highway

Filled with those days
L.A. crazed days
I ponder Jean

Listening to her songs
as I sang along
to Winter Moon

In my heart space
feel her songs trace
sweet memory pure

A day to the Green Bean
in namesake us Jean’s
today with you.

7 may 2011    Chariot


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